Calvin Today: Reformed Theology and the Future of the Church

Michael Welker, Ulrich Möller, Michael Weinrich
Bloomsbury Academic, 23 mei 2013 - 240 pagina's

This inspiring collection of essays spells out the relevance of John Calvin's theology for today in three areas:

Faith ? Calvin's theology asks how God deals with the persistent presence of human sin. For Calvin, the chief end of life is to know God and devote our life to his glory. The still topical point is that we are freed from our fixation with ourselves, thereby recognising and living out our true reality in relation to God.

Ecumenism ? The unity of the Church in Christ is of central importance to Calvin. We must do our utmost to make it visible. In Calvin's view, if there is agreement in the understanding of God and grace, all other differences have no divisive importance. This still characterises Reformed understanding today.

Public responsibility ? Calvin posed the question about the church's public responsibility as no other Reformer did. Part 3 reveals the sources of the worldwide impact of Calvin's and Reformed theology on politics, the law, scholarship and the organising of life in society, including civil society.

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Over de auteur (2013)

Dr. theol., Oberkirchenrat and Head of the Department for Mission, Ecumenism and the Church's World-Responsibility in the Church Office of the Evangelical Church of Westfalia, Germany.

Dr. theol, Dr. theol. H.c., Professor of Systematic Theology, Dogmatics and Ecumenism, Director of the Ecumenical Institut at the Protestant-Theological Faculty of the Ruhr University Bochum, Germany.

Michael Welker, Dr. theol, Dr. phil., Dr. h.c., Professor for Systematic Theology and Director of the Center of International and Interdisciplinary Research at the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

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