But fill the cup, where'er, boy,

Our choice may fall, our choice may fall, We're sure to find love there, boy,

So drink them all! so drink them all!

Some looks there are, so holy,

They seem but giv'n, they seem but giv'n, As splendid beacons, solely,

To light to heav'n, to light to heav'n. While some-oh! ne'er believe themWith tempting ray, with tempting ray, Would lead us (God forgive them!)

The other way, the other way.

[blocks in formation]

In some, as in a mirror,

Love seems pourtray'd, Love seems pour


But shun the flattering error,

"Tis but his shade, 'tis but his shade.

Himself has fix'd his dwelling

In eyes we know, in eyes we know,

And lips-but this is telling,

So here they go! so here they go!
Fill up, fill up, etc.


AIR-The Lamentation of Aughrim.

FORGET not the field where they perish'd,
The truest, the last of the brave,
All gone-and the bright hope we cherish'd
Gone with them, and quench'd in their grave!

Oh! could we from death but recover
Those hearts, as they bounded before,.
In the face of high heav'n to fight over
That combat for Freedom once more;

Could the chain for an instant be riven
Which tyranny flung round us then,"
Oh! 'tis not in man nor in heaven,
To let tyranny bind it again!

But 'tis past—and, though blazon'd in story
The name of our victor may be,

Accurst is the march of that glory

Which treads o'er the hearts of the free.

Far dearer the grave or the prison,
Illumed by one patriot name,

Than the trophies of all, who have risen
On Liberty's ruins to fame!



AIR-Noch bonin shin doe.

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may ran at this life from the hour I began it,

I've found it a life full of kindness and bliss; And until they can shew me some happier planet, More social and bright, I'll content me with


As long as the world has such eloquent eyes,

As before me this moment enraptured I see, They may say what they will of their orbs in the skies,

But this earth is the planet for you, love, and


In Mercury's star where each minute can bring


New sunshine and wit from the fountain on


Though the nymphs may have livelier poets' to sing


They've none, even there, more enamour'd

than I.

And, as long as this harp can be waken'd to


And that eye its divine inspiration shall be, They may talk as they will of their Edens above, But this earth is the planet for you, love, and me.

In that star of the west, by whose shadowy splendour,

At twilight so often, we've roam'd through the


There are maidens, perhaps, who have bosoms as tender,

And look, in their twilights, 2 as lovely as you. But though they were even more bright than the


Of that isle they inhabit in heaven's blue sea, As I never these fair young celestials have seen, Why,this earth is the planet for you, love, and


Tous les habitans de Mercure sont vifs.

Pluralité des Mondes.

2 La Terre pourra être pour Vénus l'étoile du berger et la mère des amours, comme Vénus l'est pour nous.


As for those chilly orbs on the verge of creation, Where sunshine and smiles must be equally


Did they want a supply of cold hearts for that station,

Heav'n knows, we have plenty on earth we could spare.

Oh think what a world we should have of it


If the haters of peace, of affection, and glee, Were to fly up to Saturn's comfortless sphere, And leave earth to such spirits as you, love,

and me.


AIR-Name unknown.

Он, for the swords of former time !
Oh, for the men who bore them,
When, arm'd for right, they stood sublime,
And tyrants crouch'd before them!

When pure yet, ere courts began

With honours to enslave him,

The best honours worn by man

Were those which Virtue gave him.

Oh, for the swords of former time! etc.

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