The History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V.

W. and W. Strahan, 1769 - 958 pagina's

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Pagina 70 - to philofophy a fpirit of metaphyfical and frivolous fubtlety. Mifled by thefe guides, the perfons who firft applied to fcience were involved in a maze of intricate inquiries. Inftead of allowing their fancy to take its natural range, and to produce fuch works of invention as might have improved their tafte, and refined their
Pagina 194 - other parts of Europe, was almoft entirely broke off, and the papyrus was no longer in ufe among them. They were obliged, on that account, to write all their books upon parchment, and as the price of that was high, books became extremely rare and of great value.
Pagina 67 - Perhaps, the humanity which accompanies all the operations of war, the refinements of gallantry, and the point of honour, the three chief circumftances which diftinguifh modern from ancient , manners, may be afcribed in a great meafure to this
Pagina 69 - from commerce, from public order, and from perfonal fecurity, the human mind became confcious of powers which it did not formerly perceive, and fond of occupations or purfuits of which it was formerly incapable. Towards the beginning of the twelfth century, we difcern the firft fymptoms of its awakening from that lethargy in which it had long been
Pagina 20 - the redemption of mankind. As this diftant pilgrimage could not be performed without confiderable expence, fatigue, and danger, it appeared the more meritorious, and came to be confidered as an expiation for almoft every crime. An opinion which fpread with rapidity over Europe about the clofe
Pagina 195 - pledge a confiderable quantity of plate, but was obliged to procure a nobleman to join with him as furety in a deed, binding himfelf under a great forfeiture to reftore it.
Pagina 119 - obedience to your government, if you maintain our rights and liberties ; but if not, not." Conformably to this oath, they eftablifhed it as a fundamental article in their conftitution, that if the King fhould violate their
Pagina 196 - while you have the means in your power; offer prefents and tythes to churchmen; come more frequently to church; humbly implore the patronage of the faints; for if you obferve thefe things, you may come with fecurity in the day
Pagina 211 - The perfon to be fet free was led round the great altar with a torch in his hand, he took hold of the horns of the altar, and there the folemn words conferring liberty were pronounced. Du Cange, Ib. voL iv. p. 467. I
Pagina 72 - occafioned a fermentation of mind which put ingenuity and invention in motion, and gave them vigour. It led men to a new employment of their faculties, which they found to be agreeable as well as interefting. It accuftomed them to exercifes and occupations

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