which are enjoined on man, as a member of social society; to which this young man answered and said, "Master, all these have I observed from my youth. Then Jesus beholding him loved him, and said unto him, one thing thou lackest: go thy way, sell whatsoever thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven : and come take up thy cross and follow me. And he was sad at that saying, and went away grieved ; for he had great possessions. Thus he gave a decisive proof that he would rather retain his possessions than yield obedience to the supreme authority of the Redeemer, though his eternal happiness de pended on it."

“ But you must confess, my dear Maria, that this was rather a severe test; and therefore we ought not to be surprised, that he should have been unwilling to submit to it.”

“ But if he had loved God with all his heart, and had felt a supreme regard to the authority of Jesus Christ, he would not have shrunk from the test, by which these holy principles were to be made manifest. In his manners towards others, he was courteous,-in his dispositions, he was amiable, and such was the charm that was thrown over his person, that Jesus beholding him loved him ; but in his heart the spirit of rebellion against the authority of God reigned, in unsubdued force, and he kenew it not, because he had deceived himself.

“ And do you think that we are prone to selfdeception?”

“I do. The openly profane have such palpable evidences of the impurity of their hearts, that they cannot easily deceive themselves; but the more amiable and lovely, who scorn an act of meanness, and who cherish a high sense of honour and inte

grity, -against whom no criminal accusa be alleged, and who move about as the living. sonifications of virtue, often imagine that they have attained such a high degree of moral excellence, that they must be viewed with complacency by the Supreme Being, even though their virtuous actions are not regulated by his laws, nor performed out of respect to his authority.”

“ But if we are virtuous, is not that all that our Maker requires of us?"

** You perceive, my dear Maria, in the case which I have adduced, that something more than the most exemplary virtue was required by Jesus Christ who said to this interesting young man,

after he had avowed the perfection of his obedience to the commandments which had been enumerated, 6 ONE THING THOU LACKEST.”

I have lately," remarked Miss Hutchinson, 6 turned my attention, with a greater degree of seriousness to the duties of religion, but I confess that the more I think, the more I am bewildered. I read the Scripture, and am delighted with some of its historical passages, and some of its poetic beauties, but I cannot decipher the meaning of the greater part of the New Testament; but there is no one point that perplexes me more, than the expressions which the Apostles use, when speaking of the DESIGN of our Saviour's death. They say, be died for sinners--for the ungodly-for enemies --for the unjust-and that we have redemption through his blood, and that by grace we are saved through faith. These passages, and many others of a similar kind, I have transcribed and committed to memory,

but I cannot affix any meaning to them which affords me entire satisfaction. Did he die for sinners only ? if so, the virtuous part of man

kind will go to heaven without being indebted to him."

“ He certainly died for sinners only; and it is equally certain, that no one can go to heaven but through faith in the efficacy of his death.

66 Am I then to understand, that the virtuous part of mankind need a Saviour, as much as the more depraved and impure ?"

66 Yes."

5 Such an idea, I grant, has struck me when reading the New Testament, but I cannot admit it to be correct."

6. You may.”

“] have no doubt, my dear Miss Hutchinson, but you will."

“ Impossible! What, my dear friend! can I suppose that you need a Saviour, as much as an abandoned transgressor, who is a living disgrace to his own species ? a moral monster of impurity and deception, fashioned into the likeness of a man, a mere miscreant, whose death no one would deplore, except they expressed their regret that he had not been removed earlier.”

“ If, my dear, you do not suppose that I need a Saviour as much as the man whom you have described in such strong language, I can assure you, that I do. I am a sinner against God, though I have not to reproach myself with any crimes against the laws of society; and the Scriptures tell me, that he who offends only in ONE POINT, involves himself in guilt as certainly, as though he had violated every precept of the divine law.

Hence my hope of forgiveness and eternal life, is placed on the death and intercession of Jesus Christ; on whose

death and intercession the chief of sinners are

invited to depend."

“ Then if you need a Saviour, I must ; but I do not feel it. Why is this po

“ Because you have never felt yourself to be a sinner."

“ And I must confess, that my mind revolts at the charge.”

6. But why, if just ?" .66 But is it just ?”

“ Have I not quoted a passage from the sacred volume, which declares (if we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in usps And does not the Apostle state in his Epistle to the Romans, that all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God g? »

“ If, my dear Miss Winkworth, the statement which you have now given be correct, it is evident that I have been deceiving inyself, as I never conceived that I had offended my Maker by doing any thing to incur his displeasure. But the deception has been involuntary; and so subtle, that I have never been able to detect it. And even now, though I confess that the language of the Scripture is against me, yet I feel unwilling to yield to it. My perplexity increases upon me. What plan of inquiry shall I pursue, as it will be impossible for me to regain my composure, while involved in this labyrinth of mental difficulty ?”

“I would recommend you to read the Scriptures with still closer attention, to ascertain their testimony on the points which we have been discussing; but do not suppose that you will be able, by the unaided efforts of your own mind, to acquire those correct views of truth which will impress the heart while they enlighten the understanding. For if the

disciples who had sat under the public ministry of our Lord when he was on earth, needed the spirit OF TRUTH to guide them into all truth ; how much more do we require his assistance who have never enjoyed their advantages." The sun, whose

progress they had been watching while engaged in this interesting and important discussion, was now just sinking beneath the horizon, gilding the heavens with his brightest beams, and displaying a glory which appeared more resplendent than when shining in the greatness of his strength. “What a fine object!" said Miss Hutchinsor., repeating the following lines:

Say, did ye mark the sun to-day,

How, bursting through his shadowy cloud,
He chas'd the twilight gloom away,

And gilded all his sable shroud.
And then, methought, he lingering stood,

To gaze upon the world awhile;
And ere he sunk beneath the flood,

To bless it with a parting smile.''




Illume this showy soul of mine,

That still in darkness lies;
0, let the light in darkness shine,

And bid the day-star rise.-MISS J. TAILOR. The truths of revelation are stated with great precision in the Scriptures, and in a language the most appropriate and simple; and yet when a candid inquirer begins to investigate the sacred volume,

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