A History of England from the First Invasion by the Romans, Volume 3

J. Mawman, 1825
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Pagina 16 - And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church : but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican.
Pagina 16 - He first transcribes the following passage from the gospel : " if thy brother " trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault, between him and " thee alone .... and if he will not hear thee, then take with thee
Pagina 465 - ... once king of England, the homage and fealty of the persons named in my procuracy; and acquit and discharge them thereof, in the best manner that law and custom will give. And I now make protestation in their name that they will no longer be in your fealty or allegiance, nor claim to hold anything of you as king, but will account you hereafter as a private person, without any manner of royal dignity.
Pagina 72 - ... towards our other barons of England, unless it ought to be otherwise, according to the charters which we hold from William, his father, the former King of the Scots.
Pagina 91 - He stands before us polluted with meanness, cruelty, perjury, and murder; uniting with an ambition, which rushed through every crime to the attainment of its object, a pusillanimity which often, at the sole appearance of opposition, sank into despondency. Arrogant in prosperity, abject in adversity, he neither conciliated affection in the one, nor excited esteem in the other.
Pagina 214 - GENTLE and credulous, warm in his attachments, and forgiving in his enmities, without vices, but also without energy, he was a good man, and a weak monarch. In a more peaceful age, when the empire of the laws had been strengthened by habits of obedience, he might have filled the throne with decency, perhaps with honour : but his lot cast him into one of the most turbulent periods of our history, without the talents to command respect, or the authority to enforce submission. Yet his incapacity was...
Pagina 397 - There the chiefs of the party sat in council over the fate of their prisoner. To a proposal to save his life, a voice replied, " You have caught the fox ; if you let him go, you will have to hunt him again...
Pagina 347 - I am going to expose myself to danger for you. If I return, receive me again, and I will make you amends; if I fall, here is my son ; place him on the throne, and his gratitude shall reward your fidelity.
Pagina 92 - Wrapped in this ponderous habit, with his head only at liberty, the unhappy man remained without food or assistance till he expired. On another occasion he demanded a present of ten thousand marks from an opulent Jew at Bristol, and ordered one of his teeth to be drawn every morning till he should pay the money.
Pagina 441 - At the same time the petitions of the Spensers were heard and granted; and the award against them was ordered to be struck out of the rolls, as contrary to the king's oath, and the provisions of Magna Charta.

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