Nomination of Charles H. Dallara, Hollis S. McLoughlin, Roger Bolton, and Kay C. James: Hearing Before the Committee on Finance, United States Senate, One Hundred First Congress, First Session, on the Nomination of Charles H. Dallara ... Hollis S. McLoughlin ... Roger Bolton ... Treasury; and Kay C. James ... Health and Human Services, May 9, 1989, Volume 4

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1989 - 30 pages

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Page 20 - I would be pleased to answer any questions you or any other members of the Committee may have.
Page 12 - We are prepared to negotiate in good faith, in a bi-partisan spirit — to work day and night, if that's what it takes, to reach a constructive agreement . In that spirit, I would be pleased to try to respond to your questions.
Page 19 - ... the President for Public Liaison and Director of the Economic Division at the White House in Washington. DC Mr Bolton has also served as Assistant US Trade Representative for Public Affairs and Private Sector Liaison for the Office of the US Trade Representative. July iy*.~>-l'.)V.
Page 19 - Alabama, to be Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Public Affairs and Public Liaison, John FW Rogers, of New York, to be Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Management, and Samuel B.
Page 26 - James served as Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at the US Department of Health and Human Resources.
Page 6 - He graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing.
Page 6 - Dallara entered the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University where he received a Master of Arts in International Economics, and Law and Diplomacy.
Page 3 - It is indeed a pleasure to appear before you and your committee on behalf of the Marine Corps and the Marine Corps Reserve.
Page 1 - Special Assistant to the President for Public Liaison and Director of the Economic Division at the White House.
Page 20 - Bolton was graduated from Ohio State University (BA, 1972). He is married to the former Lynne Melillo. He was born June 12, 19aO, is a native of Cincinnati.

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