Messianic Judaism: A Rabbi's Journey Through Religious Change in America

Beacon Press, 31 dec. 1998 - 218 pagina's
This book examines how Messianic Judaism is organized and how it sustains itself and its adherents. the author traces its history from the efforts of Evangelical Christians to convert Jews, to the Jesus movement of the sixties, to the.

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Messianic Judaism: a rabbi's journey through religious change in America

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In this ethnography, Harris-Shapiro (Temple Univ.) describes her research into Messianic Judaism--something she shows that both Protestantism and Judaism view as taboo. Messianic Judaism wants Jews to ... Volledige review lezen


Studying the Messianic Jews
What Is Messianic Judaism?
The Messianic Jewish Self

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Over de auteur (1998)

Rabbi Carol Harris-Shapiro is the author of the controversial book Messianic Judaism: A Rabbi's Journey through Religious Change in America, which examines the validity of Messianic Judaism as a form of Judaism. Rabbi Harris-Shapiro has taught courses at several major universities and currently serves as an assistant professor of contemporary Jewish studies at Gratz College in Melrose Park, Pennsylvainia.

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