THE Secretary of the Treasury has transmitted to Congress, a statement of goods, wares, and merchandise, exported from the United States for one year, prior to the first day of October, 1803. The goods, wares and merchandise of domestic growth or manufacture, included in the statement, are estimated at forty-two misions two hundred and five thousand nine hundred and sixty-one thousand dollars; and of those of foreign growth or manufactures at thirteen millions five hundred and ninety-four thousand and seventy-two dollars.

The exports to Great Britain and her colonies, it appears, has increased immensely for the last year. It is stated, that eleven millions six hundred and two thousand four hundred and fifty-seven dollars of domestic produce of America, has been exported to England, Man, and Berwick alone. While the exports to all France, and her colonies, amount only to four millions nine hundred and thirty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-three dollars.

It will also be observed that the exports from the state of New-York exceed that of any other state in the union by upwards of two millions. The following is a summary of the value of the exports from each

[blocks in formation]

The Secretary of State....Five Thousand Dollars.

The Secretary of the Treasury....Five Thousand Dollars.

The Secretary of War....Four Thousand Five Hundred Dollars.
The Secretary of the Navy....Four Thousand Five Hundred Dollars.

The Attorney-General....Three Thousand Dollars.

The Comptroller of the Treasury....Three Thousand Five Hundred Dollars. The Treasurer.... Three Thousand Dollars.

The Auditor of the Treasury....Three Thousand Dollars.

The Register of the Treasury....Two Thousand Four Hundred Dollars. The Accountant of the War Department.... Two Thousand Dollars. The Accountant of the Navy Department....Two Thousand Dollars. The Post-Master General....Three Thousand Dollars.

The Assistant Post-Master General...One Thousand Seven Hundred Dollars.

Payable continue for three years from January 1, 1804.

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