What the Twilight Says: Essays

Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 25 okt. 1999 - 256 pagina's

The first collection of essays by the Nobel laureate.

Derek Walcott has been publishing essays in The New York Review of Books, The New Republic, and elsewhere for more than twenty years. What the Twilight Says collects these pieces to form a volume of remarkable elegance, concision, and brilliance. It includes Walcott's moving and insightful examinations of the paradoxes of Caribbean culture, his Nobel lecture, and his reckoning of the work and significance of such poets as Robert Lowell, Joseph Brodsky, Robert Frost, Les Murray, and Ted Hughes, and of prose writers such as V. S. Naipaul and Patrick Chamoiseau. On every subject he takes up, Walcott the essayist brings to bear the lyric power and syncretic intelligence that have made him one of the major poetic voices of our time.

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A poet's (poetical) prose about poetry. Walcott's (The Bounty, etc.) humid rhetoric can overwhelm a subject, as when "I try to divert my concentration from that mesmeric gritted oyster of sputum on ... Volledige review lezen

Review: What The Twilight Says: Essays

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Derek Walcott's collection of essays What the Twilight Says is an eclectic mixture of reflections on the Caribbean, modern literary giants and an intriguing story set on Martinique. At time the text ... Volledige review lezen

Over de auteur (1999)

Derek Walcott (1930-2017) was born in St. Lucia, the West Indies, in 1930. His Collected Poems: 1948-1984 was published in 1986, and his subsequent works include a book-length poem, Omeros (1990); a collection of verse, The Bounty (1997); and, in an edition illustrated with his own paintings, the long poem Tiepolo's Hound (2000). His numerous plays include The Haitian Trilogy (2001) and Walker and The Ghost Dance (2002). Walcott received the Queen's Medal for Poetry in 1988 and the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1992.

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