Philosophy of the Teacher

Wiley, 9 jan. 2006 - 256 pagina's
This book brings various philosophical, social, religious and political perspectives to bear upon the work that teachers do, and to the often contradictory experiences they have in such work.

  • Introduces teachers to philosophical ways of understanding their work.
  • Intervenes in academic debates pertaining to the idea of the teacher.
  • Arguments are grounded in the everyday experiences that teachers have.
  • The material is carefully and deliberately organised around these experiences.

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Over de auteur (2006)

Nigel Tubbs is a Principal Lecturer at University College Winchester where he was Programme Director of the undergraduate education studies course from 1992-2004. Prior to this he was a teacher in several English comprehensive schools. His previous publications include The New Teacher (1996), Contradiction of Enlightenment: Hegel and the Broken Middle (1997) and Philosophy’s Higher Education (2004).

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