Horatio: The Loyal Friend of Prince Hamlet

AuthorHouse, 2006 - 164 pagina's

Welcome to the inner sanctum, a secret hiding place, where we often dare not tread. Come with me to a journey of the human heart, mind and soul. Enter the realm of the relative experiences, subjective perceptions and wondrous possibilities. Escape for but a moment into the other dimension. Let us travel the path together.

Poetry has always been a not so secret passion of mine as much as much as I've tried to deny it. In my heart of hearts, roses have always been red and violets are forever blue; and so it began. I've always had this notion that we are all in some way poets waiting to be liberated. But I could just be weird that way. From a very young age I was drawn into the art of literary creative expressions much of which was suppressed but that's another tale altogether. Ideas raced in and out of mind like lighting. Words spew from my brain profusely. From time to time I become so obsessed so overwhelmed with these concepts that I have to put them into words before they drive me mad. Yeah, it's that serious.

I've heard it said that there's no market for poetry anymore. Some say that all our visionaries are long gone and that today's digital world is not receptive to the arts. But I say to you that poetry is more alive than it has ever been. You'll see it in the city streets during the morning hours, on the metros, and the rural lands. All these beautiful faces waiting declared their joys; hurts, pain, and passions are yearning to let go. Poetry is more alive then ever and it burns inside all of us. Some if they could, would climb to the highest mountain, and shout onto the world all their fears, hopes and dreams.

I hope that at least one these selections speak to you in some way. I hope that it touches your soul, connects you to your inner voice. Enclosed are my thoughts, exposed, unadulterated, and pure. See them as they are or not. Included in this collection are some very selections that pay homage to my birthplace, the mountainous land of Haiti. I respectfully present my apologies before hand, if I butchered the language, but there are some things that can only be fully expressed only in our native tongues. I openly present this intricate "tapestry in progress" to

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