Exposing Satan's Devices

Christ Unlimited Ministries, 2003 - 126 pagina's
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EXPOSING SATAN'S DEVICES is a spiritual tool chest of the many devices Satan uses to keep people under his lies and deceptions which eventually destroys them. It's very broad and yet specific in it's coverage of exposing Satan's devices. Some of the topics covered deal with things we all face in our day with the devil on the rampage. As long as Satan stays covered he is able to continue his evil works, but when the light of God's Word shines on his deeds, he can no longer use his deceptions. We certainly don't want to allow the devil to get an advantage over us by our ignorance of the devices he uses (2 Corinthians 2:11). This book is an expose of Satan and his methods and how to overcome him through spiritual warfare. As overcomers we have the victory!

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Who Is Satan?
Two Powers in the Earth
Satans Way Is Selfishness
Dont Ignore the Devil
Gods Way Is Narrow

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