The British Theater: Containing the Lives of the English Dramatic Poets : with an Account of Their Plays : Together with the Lives of Most Principal Actors, as Well as Poets : to which is Prefixed, A Short View of the Rise and Progress of the English Stage

R. Baldwin, 1752 - 200 pagina's

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Pagina iv - Romans' vetus comedia. For representing it they raise an earthen amphitheatre in some open field, having the diameter of his inclosed plain some forty or fifty foot. The country people flock from all sides, many miles off, to hear and see it ; for they have therein devils and devices to delight as well the eye as the ear...
Pagina 85 - I will say but one word more in general of his writings, which is, that what he has done in any one species, or distinct kind, would have been sufficient to have acquired him a great name. If he had written nothing but his prefaces, or nothing but his songs or his prologues, each of them would have entitled him to the preference and distinction of excelling in his kind.
Pagina xv - Mary, 1689, happening to touch upon the right of conquest, gave such offence to both houses of parliament, that it was ordered to be burnt by the hands of the common executioner.
Pagina ii - London, instead of common interludes, belonging to the theatre, has plays of a more holy subject ; representations of those miracles which the holy confessors wrought, or of the sufferings wherein the glorious constancy of the martyrs did appear.
Pagina 169 - D'Awtry, a member of the same society, living in Broad-street, being two of those Physicians that were presented by the College to the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen of the City of London...
Pagina 84 - His versification and his numbers he could learn of nobody ; for he first possessed those talents in perfection in our tongue. And they, who have best succeeded in them since his time, have been indebted to his example ; and the more they have been able to imitate him, the better have they succeeded.
Pagina 83 - I may say, of very pleasing access ; but something slow, and, as it were, diffident in his advances to others. He had something in his nature, that abhorred intrusion into any society whatsoever.
Pagina xi - That no playing be in the dark, nor continue any such time, but as any of the auditors may return to their dwellings in London before sunset, or at least before it be dark.
Pagina ix - Jobnjori's) and others, were firft acted by them. Nay, fo great was their Vogue and Eftimation, that the common Players, as may be gathered from a Scene in Hamlet, grew jealous of them. However, they ferved as an excellent Nurfery for the Theatres, many who afterwards became approved Actors being educated among them.
Pagina iii - This cuttom is ftill continued in many parts of England ; but it was formerly fo general, and drew the common people fo much from their bufinefs, that it was deemed a very pernicious cuftom ; and as thefe Mummers always went mafked and difguifed, they but too frequently encouraged themfelves to commit violent outrages, and were guilty of

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