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In taking our annual farewell of our readers, the Editors of this Periodical beg to tender to them, not cnly the compliments of the season, but also their hearty prayers for their spiritual prosperity and well-being.

It is hoped that the pages of this Miscellany may have contributed in time past to the interest, entertainment, and spiritual improvement of many who are journeying to the better land ; and if any of these ends have not been so fully attained as might be desired, our readers are solicited to attribute this deficiency to the want of power, rather than to the absence of will and purpose.

In future, as most of our readers are aware, the task of editing this Periodical will devolve on one Editor, who is anxious, while he tenders his cordial thanks to all contributors and friends for their past favours, to enlist their more enlarged sympathies and assistance in time to come. Original Essays, well-digested Sermons delivered on special occasions, Biblical Criticisms, Theological Gems, Selections, as well as Obituaries, intelligence of Baptisms, Anniversaries, Openings of Chapels, &c., will ever be welcome, and will receive careful attention. Our junior ministers especially are solicited to benefit their brethren by their pen, and our reading friends by their choicest selections, and all by their sympathy and help, that the GENERAL BAPTIST MAGAZINE (the name we propose to bear in future) may indeed be a compilation of their best thoughts, and various reading and reflection; and that it may be equal to the wishes and aspirations of its most ardent friends.

Loughborough, Nov. 23, 1853.

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