green in Che Kiang, Kiang-nang, and Kiang. The Maiden of Midstrath, the oldest inha. si, some of which districts are 1,000 miles bitant of the parish of Birse, perished in the from Canton. late gales. There is no authentic record of the Maiden's birth ; but tradition refers it

The Sketch-Book. to the end of the 16th century. The following are the dimensions of this venerable ashtree, probably one of the most remarkable in

(Concluded from page 221.) the north of Scotland :- Girth of the trunk, I REMAINED in this miserable state only a at the root, 21 feet; ditto ditto, 9 feet from short time before I discovered that a six the ground, 18 feet. Here it divided into years' drilling between the tropics (for I had four branches. Girth of the largest, 10 feet; only recently returned from abroad) had rensecond, 8 feet 10 inches; third, 7 feet; fourth, dered me a very unfit person to remain dry. 6 feet; containing 500 cubic feet at the ing on a rock half a winter's night, near the lowest estimate.- Edinburgh Advertiser. “ Chops of the Channel ;" for my shirt

clung with icy coldness to my body, and,

notwithstanding we huddled together as close A short time ago a cat, at Tatworth, brought as possible, my shivering frame plainly told forth several kittens, which it was found me I was rapidly losing the little warmth I necessary to destroy. About the same time had acquired through my late exertion,-in a bitch, living near, whelped a litter of young. fact, I felt assured that, if I remained where The cat robbed of her offspring, walked forth I was, daylight would find me a corpse. on the scent, and having found the puppies, What, therefore, was to be done? To rein the absence of their mother, stole one of main was certain death!—Death appeared them away, with which, a fortnight after- equally certain should I attempt to leave the wards, she was found in an empty hogshead, rock! still, however, by adopting the latter where she had suckled it during that time. — course, there was a chance in my favour; Sherborne Journal.

and drowning I knew from experience on one or two occasions (for when a man has lost

his senses I presume he has known the A hen, and fourteen ducklings she had worst) could not be worse than dying by

inches where I was. hatched, having been put into a garden near Rossdroit, where there were three bee- sink in the attempt; but on making my

I therefore resolved to gain the main, or hives, were attacked and killed by the swarms. The bees settled on the hen first, and subse- and on asking him whether he would accom

determination known to my fellow-sufferer, quently on the ducks.Wexford Paper.

pany me, the poor fellow appeared so thunderstruck at the proposal, so earnestly pointed

out the danger of the attempt and his own Ar Stanhope Castle was lately cut a scarlet weakness, and, clinging to me, so pathetically Brazilian pine, weighing 5 lb. 4oz. the first entreated that I would remain where I was, of that variety fruited in the north of Eng. that we might at least have the consolation land.—Newcastle Chronicle. There has been lately cut in a field at from urging him, but appeared to give up

of dying together, that I not only ceased Coleshill, a stalk of barley, having on it seven the idea of leaving the rock myself. This, ears of corn. The smallest contained ten however, was only done to elude his grasp ; grains, the largest twenty-four.— Birming for a few minutes after, under the pretence ham Journal.

of looking for a more sheltered place, I left Near Chesterfield, an apple-tree has pro- him, and descending the rock, reached the duced forty-eight pecks of apples.

edge of the channel that separated me from the main.

There a scene presented itself that plainly A LARGE body of fire was lately discovered pointed out the desperation of the underin one of the ruble hills, on Rock Farm, taking. The distance across, indeed was not Southmolton. It is of a mineral and par- very great; but the whole channel was one ticularly sulphureous nature, and strongly im. sheet of yeasty foam, along the edges of pregnates the air to a considerable distance.— which appeared the long, black tangle that Western Times.

adhered to the rocks, except when a heavy black sea, rolling through the passage, drove

the one before it, and Howed over the other; TEA of various descriptions grows over a an apparently perpendicular cliff hung lowlarge portion of China ; but that which suits ering over the whole. It was an awful sight! the English market, grows chiefly in the For a moment my heart failed me. There four eastern provinces, between the latitudes was, however, no alternative ; for my own of 25° and 35°; the black in Folkien ; the fate and the fate of the poor man above me






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depended on my reaching the opposite side ; me, I appeared for an instant air-borne-my so, watching a “smouth," and commending heart sickened-my brain whirled—and my my spirit to the Almighty, should it part eyesight failed me! The idea of my dread. company with my body on the passage, I ful elevation flashed across my mind, and I sprang forward, and found myself nearly in made a convulsive effort to throw myself forthe middle of the channel. A few strokes wards ;--my legs sank under me, and I fell brought me to the cliff's foot; but neither rapidly, head foremost, I knew not where ! holding nor footing could I gain, except what I believe I shrieked.- My senses left me! the tangle afforded. Again, and again, Cid I seize the pendant slippery weeds, and as How long I lay insensible, I, of course, often did the drawback of the sea and my know not; suffice it to say, that on opening own weight drag me with a giant's force my eyes I was agreeably surprised to find from my hold, and rolling down the face of myself in the centre of a furze-bush ; and, at the rock, I sank several feet under water. the same time, so overcome with sleep, that,

Bruised, battered, and nearly exhausted, on being assured of my situation, I immewith the sea whizzing in my ears and rattling diately closed them again, with the intention in my throat, I thought my last moment had of taking a nap. Fortunately, however, I at length arrived. Once more I rose to the had but very recently read an account of the surface, and digging my nails into the rock, Russian campaign written by a French I seized the sea-weed with my teeth, and officer; and to that beautiful work I may clung in the agonies of death. The sea left say I am indebted for my life ;-for his des me, and my death-grasp kept me suspended scription

the drowsiness that seized the above it. Another sea rose, it was a tremen- soldiers, and which, if indulged, was always dous one, and as it violently rushed over me, followed by death, immediately recured to I was forced to quit my hold, and I rose on me; and I saw, as if in a dream, poor Napoits surface along the face of the rock. It leon's pride lying frozen around me; and, at reached its greatest height; and in the act the same time, if I ever heard anything in of descending, I caught a projecting point my life, a small silvery sounding voice whisabove the weeds, and at the same instant my pered in my ear,—" If you sleep, you wake left leg was thrown over another. The sea no more !” This aroused me from my lethargy, again left me, and, gasping for life, I now and awoke me to a sense of my real situation: hung over the sparkling abyss once more.

but the spirit alone was awake-my body Successive seas followed, but only lashed the was almost as lifeless as if in the grave! rock beneath me, as if enraged at having lost The ground beneath me fortunately had a their prey. I once more breathed free; hope rapid descent from the sea (which had occa. revived; the dread of being again torn away sioned my heavy fall, and led me to bestimulated me to make an almost superhuman lieve I was falling down the cliff,) and effort. I gained a footing; and, climbing with some struggling, I worked myself upwards, in a short time even the spray fell out of the furze-bush, and rolled downwards short of me. God be praised! I was safe. some distance. This, in some degree, broke

Having ascended about thirty or forty feet, the spell that appeared to bind me to the I ventured to stop and rest. There I remain- spot--and taking the precaution to keep my ed a short time, and between the roar of the head in-shore, I kept tumbling about till the breakers, occasionally distinctly heard the blood began to circulate ; and shortly after, shrill shrieks of the poor isolated wretch be- I began to feel that acute pain, that none neath me; and the frantic, and oft-repeated but persons who have been frost-bitten can exclamation of “ Mr. for the love of form

any idea of. At length, I also felt the God, don't leave me!" I endeavoured to prickles of the furze-bush, with which I was console him, by telling him, that if I suc- covered all over like a porcupine; and, I can ceeded in getting up the cliff

, I would pro- with truth say, that that moment was about cure him immediate assistance; but, as the one of the happiest of my life! cries still continued as shrill and frantic as Directing my course inland, I went, somebefore, I presume I was neither seen nor times on my feet, and sometimes on my heard, and again commenced my ascent. knees, through two or three fields, and got Panting, and almost breathless—sometimes as many heavy falls over the gates that sepawith tolerable ease, and at others clinging to rated them. At length, I caught sight of a the perpendicular face of the cliff, and hang- barn before me, and shortly after found mying over the pitch-black, and apparently fire- self close to a good warm dunghill; while bound ocean, I continued ascending, till not the smell of cows assured me a cowhouse was only the cries of the man were lost, but even

not far distant. The sight of a gallooner the roar of the sea was only faintly heard, could not have given me greater pleasure !and at length reached the summit of the and the warmth and the warm smell were cliff. At that critical moment exhausted delightful! For a moment I stood doubtful nature sank under the fatigues of the night! which of the two snug berths I should occupy; On suddenly seeing the heavens all around but the thoughts of the unfortunate fellow


behind me again spured me forward, and I telescope, than I watched the lately closed shortly found myself at the foot of a wall in lattice through the rails of the gate. In a the rear of a house. There I called lustily short time, repeated flashes, accompanied by some short time, but getting no answer í as many click-clicks, told me there was a scrambled round to the front, where I found desperate squabble between the flint and a high wooden gate, railed on the upper part, steel; and I sympathized with the tinder, for which separated me from a very respectable- every spark appeared to warm me. Presently, looking house, a few yards distant, and find. I saw a pale, flickering light for a few seconds, ing the gate secured, I clung to the rails, and and again all was darkness : the blower apagain commenced calling for assistance as peared furried or asthmatic, I wished him loud as I was alle. “ My stars !” thought I, in better wind with all my heart! Again, how people on shore do sleep!

and again, did I observe the same phenoI called till I could hardly call any longer; menon !—“ Confound the match !” said I to and I was just thinking of taking a berth" till myself—" there's no brimstone on it;" and daylight on the dunghill, or in the cowhouse, I blew involuntarily, as if the tinder-box had if I could get into it, when one of the upper been under my nose. Shortly after, how. lattices slowly opened, and I heard the gruff ever, a bright, steady light assured me all was interrogatories—“ Who the devil's that ?- right;—it vanished-again appeared through what the devil do you want ?” Aware that a lower lattice-bolts grated- the door openthe duty I had been employed on was not ed—and I saw, to my great delight, a respectvery popular alongshore, and not knowing able-looking, middle-aged gentlemen, in his my man, I thought it might not be exactly shirt and " inexpressibles.” Holding the prudent to answer the first of the two; so light above him, to prevent its glare from merely said in reply, in as doleful a strain as dazzling his eyes, he at first cautiously poked possible--and, indeed, there was little occa- his head out, and at the same time looked sion to sham,) “ That I was a poor cast-away warily around; when, observing nothing to seaman, and wanted shelter for the night.” excite suspicion, he advanced slowly towards “ Cast away, eh! where were you wrecked?” the gate, and thrusting his arm through the said he, in a milder tone. “ Under the rails, felt my wet shirt, and at the same time cliffs, in the direction of the barn." “ Did looked me anxiously in the face. Now, you get up there?”

“ Yes.”

“ Ha, ha, whether, my pretty, honest countenance, as young fellow, that story won't do, -a cat aforesaid, or my wet shirt worked the charm, could not get up there! Get out of that, or I know not; but certain I am that suspicion I'll soon settle you ;” and here my inter- thawed in an instant, and a look of the rogator chuckled at the ingenious manner in warmest benevolence beamed in its place, which he thought he had caught me tripping. while, with the exclamation, “ Well, dang In short, to top all my misfortunes, I was now it, poore vellow, you are in a bad way zure taken for a thief!!!

enough !" the gate flew open. This moveI remained for some time, anxiously ex- ment, however, nearly upset everything for & pecting to be warmed with a dose of small second or two—at any rate it nearly upset shot; till the lattice—that appeared hinged me, who had been hanging on it for support on my heart-grated on its hinges in the act-for the good gentleman, seeing me, as he of being closed; when, with chattering thought, spring forward, and thinking, I teeth, I again struck up on a mighty low suppose, that I wished to make a grab at key :-" I assure you, sir, I am not a thief; him, very naturally sprang back in the oppoindeed, indeed, I'm not a thief! but if you site direction, and appeared very much inwon't let me in, will you have the goodness clined to try the weight of the candlestick on to tell me where I can procure shelter?” “Go my braincase. Seeing, therefore, on my to Kingsware.” “ How far off is it?" “ A recovering myself, that he was again rather mile and a half.” He might as well have dubersome (as Jack would say) of his visiter, said-go to New South Wales !—" I cannot 1 assured him the accident proceeded from walk twenty yards farther; so if you wont weakness alone, and begged him not to be give me shelter, you will find my corpse at alarmed; and he, perceiving the truth of your gate in the morning!” This pathetic the assertion, with " Oh, dang it! I bean't wind-up had no sooner escaped my lips, than at all afraid of you, young vellow," kindly I heard a feminine voice say—“My dear, do gave me his arm, and we toddled up to the go down and see who it is !” Never before house as cozily together, as if we had sailed or since did lovely woman's voice sound round the world in company, and I shortly sweeter to my ears !

found myself on the right side of the thresh. This humane expression was immediately old. followed by—“ Well! I will come down, and Having effected a " lodgment,” (as I besee who you are.” The lattice then closed. lieve our friends in the army call it,) my first I think" Dr. Herschel never watched the thoughts were about the poor fellow on the growth of a cauliflower in the moon with rock. I accordingly immediately made greater solicitude, through his great, long known who I was, and related everything

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that had taken place, and requested that looked like a bundle, and which, on nearing, men might be sent to remain on the cliffs they found to be myunfortunatelate companion. with lights during the remainder of the He was almost lifeless, and the sea was too night; for, although I was well aware that heavy to allow of their landing. They had they could render him no assistance, yet I no alternative, therefore, but to throw him a thought the bare sight of the lights, and the rope, with a long bowline knot at the end of noise of their shouts, would cheer up his it, which he had barely sufficient strength to spirits, and enable him to hold out till day, put under his arms, and he was then hauled light. My request was instantly complied into the sea, and afterwards into the boat. On with; and from the kind attention of all being taken on board he was confined to his around me, I found I had lost nothing by hammock many days, and it was three weeks the communication, for everything the house before he resumed duty. Had I remained afforded was eagerly pressed on me.

with him, neither of us, in all human proThe good lady, who I may say was the bability, would have been found alive. first cause of my admittance, immediately I have already said that not a splinter of proceeded to brew her hyson and gunpowder, the boat was ever picked up that I know of; while the plump: kind-hearted maid piled some of the gear, however, was ; for a day or such a heap of faggots on the fire, that in a two after, the crew of a Torbay boat were few minutes the house was in a blaze, and a rather surprised at seeing a spar floating an looker-on would have been led to believe it end in the water near them. On sending was insured above its value, and that she their punt to pick it up, it was discovered to wished to make a bonfire of it for the amuse- be a boat's mast, with a corpse hanging to ment of the underwriters. The kind owner the end of it by one hand firmly clenched of the mansion was as busy as the rest, for round the tie! The body was buried in he shortly appeared with dry clothes and the Brixham churchyard. brandy bottle; the latter received strong Another remarkable circumstance was, proofs of affection, and I also shipped a dry that of the other five hands who were

drowned, shirt and a shooting-jacket, after I had dis- two were Maltese, who swam like fishes; to posed to my satisfaction of some of the which I may add that report said the poor bristles with which I had been accommodated marine had been upset but a little time beby the furze-hush; but, as my worthy friend fore, and had been the only survivor of eleven had nothing but inexpressibles, an article of hands! Surely he was our Jonah ! rigging which I had never sported in my Having thus feebly related the way in life, and which I feared would disable me which, in the short space of less than three from reaching the vessel after daylight, I hours, I escaped drowning twice, breaking prefered drying my trousers by the fire, be- my neck twice, being frozen to death once fore which I consequently sat, smoking like (I'll say nothing about guns or candlesticks) a lime-kiln.

- I have only to add, that the rascally rock As soon as I had sufficiently recovered the that caused our misfortune (and which, as if use of my fingers to enable me to write, I ashamed to show its ugly face, only shoved dispatched a note to the commanding officer its peak above the surface at dead low water, of the vessel, acquainting him with the acci- and was consequently almost unknown, even dent, and directing him to hoist the cutter to the fishermen,) has since been called out, and send her alongshore for the relief of -'s rock, as I was informed some years the man; and having done all in my power, after, when I went into Dartmouth harbour I then, and not till then, (baring the brandy, in a “ copper-bottomed sarpent” that I then however,) quietly enjoyed all the good things commanded. was also informed, at the before me, to the infinite delight of my kind same time, that pic nic parties visited the host and hostess. May they meet their re- cliff in summer, and that the part I scaled ward, and be living to read this !

went by the name of

-'s pass; and both The people sent to the cliffs continued it and the rock will, in all probability, conshouting and showing lights during the re- tinue to bear the same when the melancholy mainder of the night; but, owing to the accident that occasioned their being so called height and steepness of the land, they were shall have been forgotten, and when the neither seen nor heard, as we afterwards dis- writer of this lies low in the grave.Abridged covered. At daylight, however, they saw a from the United Service Journal. boat pulling to the westward, which, on being waved into an adjoining cove, proved to be

Notes of a Reader. one we had spoken in Torbay during the night. The crew, being informed of what had taken place, continued pulling as close ABOUNDING as Paris has always been in to the land as prudence would admit, and at amusements, accessible at a cheap rate, a the same time narrowly watched the foot of fresh one has been devised this summer, and the cliff: but had not proceeded far before has taken exceedingly. Musard, whose name they discovered something on a rock that is familiar to all quadrille dancers, has, with

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some of his confréres, got up a concert in the every nerve by degrees new strung; the open air in the Champs Elysées, every even- blood circulates rapidly; pulses quicken, ing from seven till ten o'clock, on the easy hearts throb, eyes brighten; and, as the terms of twenty sous for each gentleman, martial sound pervades their rustic frames, which gives him the liberty of introducing a the Cimons of the plough are converted, as lady, so that in fact the admission is only if by magic, into incipient heroes for the ten sous a-head. The enceint is inclosed by field ;-and all this is produced by beating a pallisade, and protected, as every French the skin of the most gentle, most harmless entertainment is, by the municipal guard. animal of creation.-Ibid. The orchestra is very strong, and the music well selected, so that probably two or three thousand persons have been present during The superficial jest against our partiality to the fine evenings.Metropolitan.

a newspaper tale of murder, or our passion for the spectacle of the gibbet, proves exactly

the reverse of what it asserts. It is the tender It appears the Chateau of Versailles has at who are the most susceptible to the excitation length drawn the attention of the government, of terror. It is the women who hang with and, if sanctioned by the Chambers as regards the deepest interest over a tale or a play of expense, it will, in a great measure, become gloomy and tragic interest. Robespierre

" Musée de Tableaux Nationaux.” The liked only stories of love. Nero was partial portraits of the naval and military heroes of to the mildest airs of music. Ali Pacha France are to be arranged in one gallery, and abhorred all accounts of atrocity. The treaa series of battles, ancient and modern, where cherous and bloody tribes of the South Sea the arms of France have triumphed, will islands prefer the calm strains of descriptive ornament other suites of rooms.-Ibid. poetry, even to those of victory and war. lf

you observe a ballad-vender hawking his

wares, it is the bloodiest murders that the Having some interest with the governors of women purchase. It is exactly from our a charity school near Brentford, Mr. Drum. unacquaintance with crime, viz. from the mond lost no time in procuring me admis. restless and mysterious curiosity it excites sion; and before I had quite spoiled my new that we feel a dread pleasure in marvelling at clothes, having worn them nearly three weeks, its details. This principle will suffice to I was suited afresh in a formal attire a long prove that the avidity with which we purcoat of pepper and salt, yellow leather breeches chase accounts of atrocity, is the reverse of a tied at the knees, a worsted cap with a tuft proof of our own cruelty of disposition, and on the top of it, stockings and shoes to match, retorts upon the heads of our shallow assailand a large pewter plate upon my breast ants. What is true in books is true in sights. marked with No. 63, which, as I was the What is true on the mimic stage is true on last entered boy, indicated the sum total of the real; and, if that which I have just said the school. I was conducted to the school be a legitimate vindication of our love for by Mr. Drummond, and before we arrived narratives of terror, it is also a vindication of met them all out walking. I was put in the our tendency to crowd round an execution. ranks, received a little good advice from my But as regards the last, I believe that the worthy patron, who then walked away one vulgar of all nations would be equally disway, while we walked another, looking like a posed to gaze at that dread solemnization of regiment of yellow-thighed fieldfares straight- death, ever an event so fraught with dark inteened into human perpendiculars. Behold, rest to the race that is born to die, if among then, the last scion of the Faithfuls, peppered, all nations the gloomy ceremonial were as salted, and plated, that all the world might public as it is with us, and the criminal were know that he was a charity-boy, and that rendered as notorious by the comments of there was charity in this world.

Ibid. journals, and the minute details of the session

court and the prison-house.—Bulwer. READER, did you ever witness the magic effects of a drum in a small village, when Who is this elderly gentleman, with a the recruiting party, with many-coloured portly figure? Hush! it is Mr. Warm," a ribbons, rouse it up with the spirit-stirring most respectable man." His most intimate tattoo ? Matrons leave their domestic cares friend failed in trade, and went to prison. and run to the cottage door ; peeping over Mr. Warm forswore his acquaintance; it was their shoulders, the maidens admire and fear. not respectable. Mr. Warm, in early life, The shuffling clowns raise up their heads seduced a young lady; she lived with him gradually, until they stand erect and proud; three years; he married, and turned her off the slouch in the back is taken out, their without a shilling - the connexion, for a heavy walk is changed to a firm, yet elastic married man, was not respectable. Mr. Warm tread; every muscle appears more braced, is a most respectable man; he pays his bills



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