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“It is a thing searcely believable how much, and how boldly, as well the
*** writers that from time to time have copied out his works, as also
* that have thought themselves liable to control and emend all men's
o have taken upon them in this author; who ought with all reverence
.****en handled of them, and with all fear to have been preserved from
*ing, depraving, or corru pting.”
Udall's Preface to Erasmus's Apophthegms (applied there to Plutarch).

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Printed by WILLIAM Clowes and Sons,
Stamford Street.

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The present edition of the Poems of Shakspere comprises the VENUS AND ADoNIs, THE RAPE of LucRECE, THE PAssionATE Pilghin, The Loven's CoMPLAINT, and the SoNNETs. The Songs from the Plays of Shakspere are necessarily excluded from this edition, it being sufficient to make a reference to the Dramas

to which they respectively belong.

Vol. XII. B

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