Callings: Twenty Centuries of Christian Wisdom on Vocation

William C. Placher
Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing, 26 jul 2005 - 468 pagina's
What am I going to do with my life? is a question that young people commonly face, while many not-so-young people continue to wonder about finding direction and purpose in their lives. Whether such purpose has to do with what job to take, whether to get married, or how to incorporate religious faith into the texture of their lives, Christians down the centuries have believed that God has plans for them. This unprecedented anthology gathers select passages on work and vocation from the greatest writers in Christian history. William Placher has written insightful introductions to accompany the selections — an introduction to each of the four main historical sections and a brief introduction to each reading. While the vocational questions faced by Christians have changed through the centuries, this book demonstrates how the distilled wisdom of these saints, preachers, theologians, and teachers remains relevant to Christians today. This rich resource is to be followed by a companion volume, edited by Mark R. Schwehn and Dorothy C. Bass, featuring texts drawn mainly from fiction, memoir, poetry, and other forms of literature. A study guide is available from Programs for the Theological Exploration of Vocation (PTEV) on their website:

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Benedict of Nursia e Rule of St Benedict
Bernard of Clairvaux Letters
John de Joinville Chronicle of the Crusade of St Louis
Mechthild of Magdeburg e Flowing Light of the Godhead
omas Aquinas Summa eologiae
Christine de Pisan e Treasure of the City of Ladies
e Mission of Joan of
omas Kempis e Imitation of Christ

Athanasius e Life of Antony
Gregory of Nyssa e Life of Macrina
Palladius e Lausiac History
Sayings of the Desert Fathers
Vocations in the Middle Ages 500
John Cassian Institutes
Sulpicius Severus Life of St Martin
Martin Luther To the Christian Nobility of the German
Martin Luther Trade and Usury
Martin Luther A Sermon on Keeping Children in School
Ulrich Stadler Cherished Instructions on Sin
John Calvin Institutes of the Christian Religion
Ignatius Loyola e Spiritual Exercises

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Over de auteur (2005)

William C. Placher was the Charles D. and Elizabeth S. LaFollette Distinguished Professor in the Humanities at Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Indiana, and the author or editor of eleven books. He passed away in November of 2008.

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