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Pagina 249 - Evil into the mind of God or man May come and go, so unapproved, and leave No spot or blame behind...
Pagina 290 - But should Providence determine otherwise, should you fall in this struggle, should the nation fall, you will have the satisfaction (the purest allotted to man) of having performed your part ; your names will be enrolled with the most illustrious dead, while posterity, to the end of time, as often as they revolve the events of this period (and they will incessantly revolve them), will turn to you a reverential eye, while they mourn over the freedom which is entombed in your sepulchre. I cannot but...
Pagina 290 - ... they will protect freedom in her last asylum, and never desert that cause which you sustained by your labours, and cemented with your blood. And thou, sole Ruler among the children of men, to whom the shields of the earth belong, gird on thy sword, thou Most Atirjlit'!: go forth with our hosts in the day of...
Pagina 61 - Gentlemen, I think I can observe that you are touched with this way of considering the subject ; and I can account for it. I have not been considering it through the cold medium of books, but have been speaking of man and his nature, and of human dominion, from what I have seen of them myself, amongst reluctant nations submitting to our authority. I know what they feel, and how such feelings can alone be suppressed.
Pagina 360 - It is commonly told of the steam engine, that an idle boy being employed to stop and open a valve, saw that he could save himself the trouble of attending and watching it. by fixing a plug upon a part of the machine which came to the place at the proper times, in consequence of the general movement.
Pagina 227 - ... complaining only of the excess as the immorality, considering her authority as a dispensation for breaking the commands of God, and the breach of them as only punishable when contrary to the ordinances of man. Such a proceeding, gentlemen, begets serious reflections.
Pagina 214 - ... but the inversion of all justice, by judging from consequences, instead of from causes and designs ?—what but the artful manner, in which the Crown has endeavoured to blend the petitioning in a body, and the zeal with which an animated disposition conducted it, with the melancholy crimes that followed ?-—crimes, which the shameful indolence of our...
Pagina 277 - Then said Jesus again unto them, I go my way, and ye shall seek me, and shall die in your sins: whither I go, ye cannot come.
Pagina 229 - Gospels of Heaven. If the general tenor of a man's conduct be such as I have represented it, he may walk through the shadow of death, with all his faults about him, with as much cheerfulness as in the common paths of life ; because he knows that, instead of a stern accuser to expose before the Author of his nature those frail passages which, like the scored matter in the book before you, chequers the volume of the brightest and best -spent life, his mercy will obscure them from the eye of his purity,...
Pagina 138 - ... pyramid ; — this indeed is a high calling, in which the most splendid talents and consummate virtue may well press onward, eager to bear a part.

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