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Publisher in Ordinary to Her Majesty,


Br 2123,519

15607. July 13.

Pitman Begunt



Bangor House, Shoe Lane.

To Sir Horace Mann, Feb. 28.-Alarming illness of Lord Orford.

Success of the coalition. Situation of the Pelhams. Masquerade

at the Venetian ambassadress's. Lady Townshend's ball. Mar-

shal Belleisle at Nottingham. Matrimonials on the tapis

To the same, March 29. — Death of Lord Orford. Inquiry into

the miscarriage of the feet in the action off Toulon. Matthews

and Lestock. Instability of the ministry. Thomson's Tancred

and Sigismunda. Glover's “ Leonidas.” “The Seasons.” Aken-

side's Odes. Quarrel between the Duchesses of Queensberry

and Richmond. Rage for conundrums

To the same, April 15.-Reflections on his father's death. Com-

pliments paid to his memory. Mediterranean miscarriages

To the same, April 29. — Disadvantages of a distant correspond-

Death of Mr. Francis Chute, and of poor Patapan.

Prospect of a battle in Flanders. Marshal Saxe

To the same, May 11.–Battle of Fontenoy. Bravery of the Duke

of Cumberland. Song, written after the news of the battle,

by the Prince of Wales

To George Montagu, Esq. May 18. — Condolence on the death of

Mr. Montagu's brother at Fontenoy

To Sir Horace Mann, May 24.- Popularity of the Duke of Cum-

berland. Lady Walpole. Story of Lord Bath's parsimony

To George Montagu, Esq. May 25.— Account of the family at

Englefield Green. Sir Edward Walpole. Dr. Styan Thirlby

To the Hon. H. S. Conway, May 27.-Despairs of seeing his friend

a perfect hero. The Why.

To Sir Horace Mann.—Recommendatory of Mr. Hobart, after-

wards Lord Buckinghamshire

To the same, June 24.-Expected arrival from Italy of Lady

Orford. Surrender of the citadel of Tournai. Defeat of

Charles of Lorrain. Revolution in the Prince of Wales's court.

Miss Neville. Lady Abergavenny

To George Montagu, Esq. June 25.- Mistley, the seat of Mr.

Rigby, described. Fashionable At Homes. Lady Brown's Sun-

day parties. Lady Archibald Hamilton. Miss Granville.

Jemmy Lumley's assembly

To the Hon. H. S. Conway, July 1. Tournai and Fontenoy.

Gaming act

To Sir Horace Mann, July 5.-Seizure of Ghent and Bruges by

the French

To the same, July 12

To George Montagu, Esq. July 13. Success of the French in

Flanders. Lord Baltimore. Mrs. Comyns

To Sir Horace Mann, July 15

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