so highly esteemed for its originality of pious thought, that it is unnecessary to say anything in its favor.

13. HELP to ZION’S TRAVELLERS. By ROBERT HALL, late of Arnsby. With a Preface by Dr. Ryland. Edited by Rev. Mr. WARNE, of Brookline.

The editor of this well known work says, “ that it stands in no need of a recommendation from the pen of any man living.” The work will be found to be much improved by its division into chapters, &c.

WINCHELL'S WATTS-England. Being an arrangement of all the Psalms and Hymns of Dr. Watts, with a Supplement of additional Hymns, adapted to Prayer Meetings, Missionary Meetings, &c.

The work is printed in 12, 18, and 32mo size, on good paper, and from handsome stereotype plates.

The Arrangement contains 687 Hymns, and the Supplement, 533; making in all 1220 Hymns, including a variety of almost every metre now in use.

It has been highly recommended by the Baptist Associations, and by the following Clergymen : Doctors, Chaplin, late Pres. of Waterville College.

Chaplin, Pres. Columbian College.
L. BOLLES, Sec. Bap. Board For. Miss.
D. SHARP, Pastor 3d Bap. Church, Boston.

J. Going, Sec. Bap. Home Mission, N. Y.
Professors, IRA CHASE, Newton Inst.

Solomon Peck, late of Amherst College.

John Pratt, Granville Institution.
Rev. Messrs. BELA Jacobs, East Cambridge.-D.
BENEDICT, Pawtucket.-T. B. RIPI EY, Woburn.-H.
Malcom, Federal Street Church, Boston,-B. Srow, 2d

Bap. Church, Boston.-W. HAGTE, 1st Bap. Churcú, Boston.-H. Jackson, Charlestown.-W. LEVERETT, Roxbury.-G. F. Davis, Hartford, Ct.-J. A. WARNE, Brookline, Mass.-N. W. Williams, Newburyport.-J. 0. Chocles, New Bedford-B. F. FARNSWORTH, Providence, R. I.-E. W. FREEMAN, Lowell, Mass.-J. N. Brown, Exeter, N. H.

The work is generally introduced into the Baptist Churches throughout New England.


MALCOM'S BIBLE DICTIONARY.Stereotyped and Enlarged. A Dictionary of the most important Names, Objects, and Terms found in the Holy Scriptures. Intended principally for Sunday School Teachers and Bible Classes. By HowARD Malcom, A. M. Illustrated by thirty-nine engravings on wood, a map of Palestine, and an elegant copperplate frontispiece.

Every thing has been extracted from Paxton, Brown, Gurney, Wood, Newton, Calmet, Whitby, Wells, Carpenter, Harmer, Harris, Horne, Jones, and Jahn, which was thought pertinent. Gazetteers, Voyages, Travels, Missionary Reports, Natural Histories, Commentaries, and Critical works, have been consulted, and the statistics brought down to the present time; by which numerous errors, which time had created even in standard works, are rectified. In fine, no pains, or expense has been spared to render the work complete. The work has been reprinted in London, and is extensively circulating.

From the Minutes of the Vermont State Condention. “ Your Committee earnestly recommend Malcom's Bible Dictionary, a new work, the worth of which every

lover of the Bible will feel, and the low price of which places it within the reach of the poorest.'

From the Minutes of the Boston Association. Believing that the advantages of Sabbath School and Bible Class instruction depend greatly on the intelligence of their teachers, and that the extended circulation of Malcom's Bible Dictionary would conduce to their better qualification, Resolved, That this work be recommended to the patronage of the friends of early religious instruction.

LINCOLN'S SABBATH SCHOOL CLASS Book. “ The Sabbath School Class Book, comprising copious exercises on the Sacred Scriptures. By E. LINCOLN.–Revised and improved by an eminent clergyman and a superintendant.

The present edition has been thoroughly revised and enlarged by gentlemen well qualified for the task. The book in its present shape, is one of the cheapest and most complete of the kind now in use. Among the many recommendations of the work we select the following, which have been received within a few days.

From Rev. Dr. Going of New York, A careful examination of the Sabbath School Class Book convinced me of its high excellence, and observation of its utility in practice has strengthened the conviction. I therefore fully recommend it as being the best work for Sabbath Schools now in use.


Gentlemen :--Having examined your Sabbath School Class Book, it gives us pleasure to express our satisfaction with its design and execution. The great benefit which a good class book accomplishes, consists in guiding the mind of the scholar in the study of his lesson, and in suggesting topics of conversation to the teacher.

To this end we think your work is well adapted, having avoided in a great degree the evils of extreme redundance or conciseness. W. HAGUE,



A GUIDE TO CONVERSATION ON the New Testament, designed for the use of Bible Classes and Sabbath Schools. By Rev. WILLIAM HAGUE. *Vol. I.—Containing the Gospel according to St Matthew.

The object of this work is two-fold.-1st. To facilitate the efforts of the teachers in communicating instruction to their classes. 2d. To excite a spirit of inquiry amongst the classes themselves. To this end, such questions are asked, as are adapted to lead the mind to think, and only such as the scholar, with the Bible in his hand, may be expected to answer, by the aid of his own reflecting power. The questions are interspersed with familiar remarks, which are designed to convey to the scholar, such information as may not be within his reach, and also to keep up a continuous conversation between the teacher and the class.

LINCOLN'S SCRIPTURE QUESTIONS, with the Answer annexed, giving in the language of the Sacred Volume, interesting portions of the History, and a concise view of the Doctrines and Duties exhibited in the Bible.

Where Bibles cannot be furnished to each scholar, the Scripture Questions may be used with convenience, as the answers are printed.

JUVENILE HARMONY, containing Appropriate Hymns and Music, for Sabbath Schools,

Sabbath School Anniversaries and family Devotion. By N. D. Gould.

This little work contains the Rudiments of Music, set forth in a plain familiar manner, so that persons little versed in the science of music may understand, so as to be able to teach Children and Youth in this interesting and increasingly popular branch of education. The music, which is mostly original, is simple, yet chaste; the words are appropriate, and the form and execution of the work such, as to render it attractive.-Its remarkable cheapness too, we think must recommend it to every one desiring such a work. It contains thirty-one Tunes and sixty-three Hymns, and is sold at the very low price of $10 per hundred or 12 1-2 cts single.

The NATIONAL CHURCH HARMONY, Containing tunes calculated for public worship, Anthems and Select Pieces, for Fasts, Thanksgivings, Christmasts, Missionary Meetings, Ordinations, Dedications, Anniversaries, &c. &c. &c., by N. D. Gould, new stereotyped edition, enlarged.

The publishers have been induced, in consequence of the very liberal patronage bestowed upon this work, to add to it fourteen pages of new music, in addition tó the former supplement, without increase of price.

The work now contains 250 psalm tunes, giving a large variety, adapted to every metre of sacred poetry found in books used in any of our churches. It also contains 80 Anthems and select pieces, including the compositions of more than one hundred different authors.

The new plan adopted for this work of placing the full harmony on the Bass and Treble staff, in small notes, has been highly commended, and will readily be acknowledged of important advantage to all those who play the Organ and Piano Forte.

The conciseness and clearness of the Rudimentsthe adaptation of additional words to the common tunes, to give variety, and prevent the scholar from learning Time, Accent, Tune-words, &c. by note too, must also

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