IX. Portrait of Mrs. Thrale, afterwards Mrs. Piozzi. Now

first engraved, from a Picture painted by Sir
Joshua Reynolds, in the possession of Samuel
Boddington, Esq.

- 100

X. Fac Simile of Johnson's Hand-writing

• 115

XI. Fac Similes of Autographs Shenstone, Sacheverell,

Dr. Adams, Blackstone, George Whitfield, Guthrie,
Colson, R. and J. Dodsley, Colley Cibber, D. Mallet,
and Peter Garrick

- 121

XII. Portrait of Henry Thrale, Esq. Now first engraved,

from a Painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds


XIII. View of Mr. Thrale's House, Streatham. From a

Drawing by C. Stanfield, R. A.


[ocr errors]

XIV. Portrait of Johnson. From a Painting by Barry,

finished only as far as the shoulders, and copied
into one of the large pictures now in the room of
the Society of Arts in the Adelphi


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XV. View of the Residence of George Steevens, Esq.,

Hampstead Heath ; and Autograph Letter


XVI. View of the Residence of Kitty Clive, at Twicken. ham ; and Autograph Letter

- 177

XVII. View of the Residence of Mr. Thomas Davies, Russell

Street, Covent Garden, where Johnson and Boswell
first met; and Autograph Letter

- 214

XVIII. View of Lichfield Cathedral. From a Drawing taken on the spot by C. Stanfield, R.A.


XIX. View of the Grammar School, Lichfield, where

Johnson was educated ; and of Edial Hall, near

Lichfield, the Residence of Johnson in 1736 - 226 XX. Fac Simile of a Letter from Gilbert Walmesley, Esq.,

introducing Johnson and Garrick to the Rev. J.
Colson, in 1737

- 228

XXI. Portrait of James Boswell, Esq., at full Length. From

an original Sketch by the late George Langton, Esq. 266

XXII. View of Edinburgh. Drawn by C. Stanfield, R. A. 277
XXIII. View of Ashbourne, Derbyshire. From a Drawing by
C. Stanfield, R. A.


Page XXIV. View of Pembroke College, Oxford. From a Drawing by C. Stanfield, R. A.


XXV. Fac Simile of a Letter from Edmund Hector, Esq.,

of Birmingham, to Mr. Boswell, relating to Miss
Seward's Mistatements


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XXVI. Portrait of Flora Macdonald. From a Painting by

Allan Ramsay


XXVII. View of Johnson's House in Johnson's Court, Fleet

Street. From a Drawing by the late J. T. Smith 353

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XXVIII. Whole Length Portrait of Johnson. From the origi.

nal Painting in the possession of Mr. Archdeacon


XXIX. Portrait of Edward Cave, Projector and Publisher of the Gentleman's Magazine


XXX. Whole Length Portrait of General Oglethorpe. From

a Sketch taken, February 1785, by the late Samuel
Ireland, while the General was attending the Sale
of Dr. Johnson's Library at Christie's great-room
in Pall Mall


XXXI. Autograph Letter of Richard Savage

- 394

XXXII. View of St. John's Gate, Clerkenwell; and Fac
Simile of a Letter of Edward Cave

- 396

XXXIII. Head of Johnson.

From a Bust by Nollekens

- 400

XXXIV. Remarkable Characters who were with Richardson at

Tunbridge Wells in 1748. From a Drawing in his

possession, with references in his own hand-writing 408 XXXV. View of Dovedale (Reynard's Cave). From a Drawing by C. Stanfield, R. A.


XXXVI. View of Kettel Hall, Oxford ; and Autograph Letter of the Rev. Thomas Warton

- 430

XXXVII. View of Chester Walls.

Stanfield, R. A.

From a Drawing by C.


XXXVIII. View of the Residence of Francis Wise, at Ellsfield, near Oxford ; with Autograph Letter


XXXIX. View of Iona.

Drawn by C. Stanfield, R. A.

- 450

XL. Portrait of Michael Johnson of Lichfield, Father of

Samuel Johnson. From a Drawing in the pos-
session of Mr. Murray


XLI. Portrait of Richard Owen Cambridge, Esq. From

an original Painting by Ozias Humphry, R. A. 466

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XLII. View of St. Andrew's. From a Drawing by C. Stanfield, R. A.


XLIII. View of Loch Lomond. From a Drawing by C. Stanfield, R. A.


XLIV. Portrait of James Boswell, Esq. From a Painting

by Sir Joshua Reynolds



“ London, 7th June, 1785. « MY DEAR SIR, - The debts which I contracted in my

father's lifetime will not be cleared off by me for some

I therefore think it unconscientious to indulge
myself in any expensive article of elegant luxury.
But in the mean time, you may die, or I may die;
and I should regret very much that there should not
be at Auchinleck my portrait painted by Sir Joshua
Reynolds, with whom I have the felicity of living in

social intercourse.
“I have a proposal to make to you. I am for certain

to be called to the English bar next February. Will
you now do my picture, and the price shall be paid out
of the first fees which I receive as a barrister in West-
minster Hall. Or if that fund should fail, it shall be
paid at any rate in five years hence, by myself or my

“ If you are pleased to approve of this proposal, your

signifying your concurrence underneath, upon two
duplicates, one of which shall be kept by each of us,
will be a sufficient voucher of the obligation.

I ever
am, with very sincere regard, my dear Sir, your faith-
ful and affectionate humble servant,


I agree to the above conditions.


London, 10th Sept. 1785.”

XLV. Portrait of the Right Hon. Warren Hastings. From

an original Miniature Painting in the possession of
Mr. Upcott, by Ozias Humphry, R. A.



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