Ideals, Interests, and U.S. Foreign Policy from George H. W. Bush to Donald Trump

Springer International Publishing, 24 sep. 2018 - 289 pagina's

This volume discusses the presidential foreign policies of the post–Cold War era, beginning with George H. W. Bush and ending with the first 17 months of Donald Trump’s presidency. During this period, the United States emerged from the Cold War as the world’s most powerful nation. Nevertheless, the presidents of this era faced a host of problems that tested their ability to successfully blend realism and idealism. Some were more successful than others.

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Over de auteur (2018)

Ronald Powaski is Adjunct Professor at Ashland University, USA, formerly teaching U.S. history at Cleveland State University. Among his published books are March to Armageddon: The United States, the Soviet Union, and the Nuclear Arms Race, The Cold War: The United States and the Soviet Union, and most recently, a two-volume study, American Presidential Statecraft.

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