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Communion of Saints ....

Certain Crowns, by Romaine

Christian Experience of Mrs. Anne

.41, 58, 76
Christian Experience of Mr. R.

Cruttenden ....105, 124, 139, 149
Christ's Touch

Controversy, by C. I. Yorke

Christ and Adam, by Saltmarsh 53
Christ in the Psalms, by Hawker 53

Confessions of a Free-thinker

Christian Compassion...

Canaan's Grapes, by G. L.

Chamber Pencillings, by Anna 127, 146

Drops from the Fountain, Dr.Hawker 11
Deity and Humanity of Christ, by
Pierre Du Bose

Death, by Toplady

Death of a Believer


Liberty and Bondage, by Luther .. 8
Lives of Living Men, by J. F. H. 151
Love, by Dr. Owen

Letter to a Friend, J. C. Alexander 94
Letter to a Friend, by H. Wardley. 111
Letter to one Bereaved, by W. T... 119
Letter from an Old Divine

Letter, by Watts Wilkinson

Letter, by John Ryland, Sen. 101
Letter to the Editor, by S. D.
Lessons from the East ......57, 104


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Ministerial Keys, by Hutchinson .. 57
Music, (a Covenant Sonnet,) by W.
H. Ramsey

120 Manna, by Josiah

57 Manna, by J. A.

104 Man by Nature, by S. Ponsford 143 Musings in Smithfield

47 N. New Covenant Blessings

105 0. Our King..

152 Our High Priest, by S. E. Pierce.. 2 On Psalm ii. 1-3, by Luther

7 P. Pulpit Pieces, by Romaine

39 Preservation from Evil, by J. Rees. 73 Peace, by W. T.

93 Praise, by Josiah

145 Prayer

122 Prayer, by J. Howell

137 Patience, by W. Bidder.


Come Unto Me, by Robert Bird. 154
Divine Dew, by J. C......

Departed Saints, Rev. R. Luckin 144
Grace and Sin, by N. Biggs . 32
Hint for our Poets

46 How Amiable are thy Tabernacles 112 Humility.

136 Longing for Home.

64 Mercy Magnified, by J. Stenson . 153 Mortality.

154 On Mark xvi. 1 and 4, N. Biggs. 48 Preceptive Truth

96 Precious Jesus

128 Rest

153 Supernatural Comfort, W. H. B. 80 Salvation, by John Kent

121 Shepherds' Songs, C. Drawbridge 136 The Bosom Friend, by E. Mote. 91 The Lord's Table

153 The Peace of Jerusalem..

128 The Sabbath, G. C.

96 The Cross

32 Verses in the Cottage Hymn Book 112 What is this World ? ..

144 R. Ripe Fruit, by Luther

1 Royal Food, by J. C. Hillman 29 Review of Modern Experience 113

S. Strong Drink, by W. Bidder...... 5

PAGE Scraps, various

135 Soul Prosperity, by E. S.

93 SERMONSSubstance of a Sermon, J. Bunyan 9 do.

do. J. Irons.. 89 do.

do. A. Triggs 61 do.

do. J. Wells.. 67 do.

do. J Foreman 137 do.

do. J.Kershaw 83 The Saints' Ark, by Dr. R. Sibbs, 20,81 The Fulness of the Mediator.... 33

Farewell Sermon, by J. Hamblin 51 SACRED SCRIBES

John Berridge ...... 27
Watts Wilkinson.... 100

47 Rutherford

75 Savoury Sayings, 16, 31, 48, 64, 80, 96,

112, 128, 144, 154

T. Truth, by Watson

71 Trees of Righteousness, by Flavel.. 40 Thoughts on Marriage, W. G. 13, 30, 85 The Branch, by Josiah

87 The Best Resolve, by Beveridge 102 The Covenant, by Mather

13 The Church's Tower, by R. Bowles 54 The Critic

111, 126 The Child's Desire, by J. C. Hillman 133 The Doxology:

46 The Desired Haven

89 The Fall of Man, by Charnock..

25 The Family Footstool, by J. W. 53 The Fixed Eye of Faith..

88 The Great Exhibition..

40 The Heavenly Spring, W. Garwood 147 The Heart, by Hallyburton

19 The Indelible Record, by M. M. 56 The Invaluable Fountain

46 The Lord's Prayer, by Dr. Hawker 103 The Little Captive Maid

135 The Luminary of God

41 The Man of Sorrows

56 The New Covenant..

27 The Peculiar Path, by S. S.

100 The Robe of Righteousness

45 The Reformation

91 The Resurrection

126 The Saint's Song, by R. Bowles 142 The Samaritan Woman's Question 123 The Trinity

88 The World's Exhibition, by J. C... 94

W. Was not Esau Jacob's Brother?.... 88

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And may be ordered of any Bookseller in the Kingdom.

No. 1.]

MARCH, 1851.




The gospel is the proper bell and organ for divine service.

God often gives a small measure of faith to a great saint, and great faith to a little Christian, that each may esteem the other above himself.

No stone, steel, or diamond; yea, nothing on earth is so hard as the heart of man,

As the stars do not make heaven, but only decorate and adorn it; even so works do not merit heaven, but adorn and decorate the faith which justifieth.

The heart is like a ship in a wild sea,

tossed to and fro by winds from the four corners of the earth.

If the law is rightly understood, it will cause trembling and despair; and if it is not, it will produce hypocrisy.

Faith and hope cannot be separated ; they are like the two cherubims over the Mercy seat.

Our enemies threaten us with death; but if they were as wise as they are foolish, they would thrcaten us with life.

If we would put on Christ as a garment, he will wash and cleans e us with

He will not allow a dirty dress. The Bible is my mirror, in which I see what I was in Adam, before the fall —what I became by the fall-what I am and should be in Christ now, and what I shall be through eternity.





How ineffably precious must the Lord Jesus Christ be to that soul, who by faith views him, as one who can have compassion on the ignorant, and on them that are out of the way.

I grant the words before us are not spoken of Christ, but of his type ; yet they most surely may serve to represent him to us. For if frail men, Messiah's types who officiated in the office of high priests, were to be qualified with this peculiar disposition to fit them for their office; to be such who could and were disposed to have compassion on the ignorant and those who were out of the way; surely the antitypical Aaron, infinitely transcends them in these qualifications! The person of Christ as God-man, mediator, is wonderful! “ The brightness of his Father's glory, and the express image of his person, ” in whom, and by whom, all the love, mercy, and grace of the essential Three was to be manifested to the very utmost. The essential Son of God became true and very man, God and man in one Christ, that the love of the Godhead might shine forth in its fullest splendour, and the highest instance and evidence be given of it to the elect in their fallen state and sinful circumstances. The love of Christ to his people is infinite! From everlasting to everlasting, it is one and the same invariable act. It admits of no increase, nor decrease. It is eternal, invariable love! That full vent might be given to the out-goings of it, the Son of God left his throne of majesty, the bosom of his Father, laid aside the glory he had with him before the world was, came down from heaven, and for us men, and for our salvation became incarnate, and was made flesh, and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth. The human nature of Christ was framed by the Holy Ghost, to be a proper instrument for God the Son to perform the work of obedience and suffering, and to express in it to his people, all the mercy and compassion of God. The heart of Christ was large enough to contain all the love of God, with the whole of its manifestative fulness to the whole body of the elect. The

bowels of Jesus were capable of containing the whole fulness of God's manifestative mercy, and from Christ, God-man, as the ordinance of grace and salvation, all the blessings thereof were to flow forth abundantly. O stupendous grace ! the Father's co-equal and co-eternal Son veiled his glory, clothed himself with flesh and blood, came into our world by his open and visible assumption of our nature, addressing his Father thus: “A body hast thou prepared me, lo, I come, I delight to do thy will, O God.” Well might all the angels in heaven start from their thrones, leave them, and descend to earth, beholding with inexpressible admiration their Creator and eternal King, wrapt up in the rags of our mortality ! No wonder they sung, “Glory to God in the highest, peace on earth, good will towards men,” when Immanuel, whose nature, personality, love, mercy, and salvation, is a confluence of holy wonders, was seen by them, in the likeness of sinful flesh! It is an essential truth, confirmed by the joint suffrage of the whole Bible, that Christ is Jehovah, self-existent, and all-sufficient, the true God, and eternal life. It is impossible for us to exalt him to high, he being “God over all, blessed for ever. Amen." Yet when we consider him in his Godhead, we must not overlook him as a suitable Saviour for us. If we would view him as the Christ of God, we must behold him as God-man, and consider him as God dwelling personally in our nature which he took into subsistence with himself. Then his being a partaker of our nature will encourage our approach to him, whilst his eternal Godhead will give us sufficient cause, and his immutable word sufficient warrant to trust in him, which we may do with safety, because it is written, “ blessed are all those who put their trust in him." And here let me intreat you to view this Prince of peace, his taking our nature, state, and condition, that therein he might in his own person undergo all the miseries of life, taste and experience all sorts and kinds of afflictions and temptations, and experience in his own body and soul the whole curse due to sin. Though our Lord did not represent us in his incarnation and birth, yet he became incarnate and was

born for us. He took with our nature lasting life. Oh! what infinite compasall its sinless infirmities, and as he was sions, what depths of mercy, what boundbone of our bone, so he became like unto less grace, what matchless love is Jesus us in all things, sin only excepted. He Christ the subject of ! O, Christ is as was clothed with a body of frail mortal ready to forgive sin, as it is natural to flesh, and was the subject of all the sin- you to be sinful.

And oh! that ye less infirmities thereof; he passed through could but apprehend this blessed truth, our state, exposed to the very same trials, that Jesus Christ is just exactly what you afflictions, temptations, and miseries with as poor sinful people need him to be. us. He was the subject who was charged He can have compassion on the ignorant, with all the sins of his people. He felt on such as have lost their way to heaven, the weight and burden of them, he saw and know not their right hand from their clearly the venom and demerit contained left in scripture matters.

Some of you in them. His understanding had a clear it may be, though under some influence and full apprehension of each and every of the Holy Spirit, yet know not what one of them : and though he could not ye want. Ye think ye would fain be saved feel guilt in the way we do, yet he so far by Christ, yet you know not how to come experienced it as to be in this, as well as to him. Ye feel some emotions and dein other respects, tempted in all things sires after him, yet ye cannot tell, it may as we are, yet without sin. His whole be, how to express them to Christ, nor life was made up of a loss of his

per- to such as ye think belong to Christ. sonal glory, an eclipse of his person: he When ye would pray, it may be, you was a man of sorrows, and acquainted cannot utter your desires at the throne. with griefs. He sustained more misery When ye read the word, it may be, ye in his own person, than can ever befal complain ye cannot understand it. Be the whole creation. Nor did his people of good cheer, beloved ; Jesus, the comever experience any, but Christ drank of passionate Saviour esteems it his glory the same cup though he was never mise- to prove to a demonstration that he can rable under any of them, because his have compassion on the ignorant. Come being in a condition capable to experience and give up thyself to him, for teaching, them, was the fruit of his own voluntary pardon, salvation and life everlasting. engagements with his Father on the He saith, “ Ask and ye shall have, seek behalf of his chosen. He was tried with and


shall find, knock and it shall be temptations from the world and the devil opened unto you.” He teacheth and as his people are. Does Satan tempt any makes the simple wise unto salvation. of them to doubt their sonship? He

He is every way qualified for his office, assaulted Christ with, “If thou be the which is to preach the gospel to the poor, Son of God.” Does Satan tempt any of to bind up the broken-hearted, to comthem to murder ? Christ their Lord was fort all that mourn. tried with the same temptation.

Oh! that through the grace of the of them experience the hidings of their Holy Spirit, ye may each of you, let heavenly Father's countenance ? So did your cases be what they may, apply Christ to an inexpressible degree, so this day to Jesus, and find in your souls that he cried out, “My God, my God, by blessed experience, the power of the why hast thou forsaken me?” Are any Lord present to heal, that in him, the of them plunged in deep waters of soul fatherless and friendless, the sinful, distress?

Do they cry out of the low guilty, polluted, and undone, findeth dungeon ? Christ was in such a state and

mercy. “ All thy waves and storms Our Lord Jesus, as the high priest are gone over me. Thy fierce wrath over the house of God, hath not only comgoeth over me, thy terrors have cut me passion on the ignorant, but also on such off.” Must they pass through the grave as are out of the way. By such as are and gate of death? Christ hath passed out of the way are to be understood such through before them, and by his death as being left to themselves, have willingly he hath abolished death, and by his rising and wilfully forsaken the Lord the founto life again, hath restored to us ever- tain of living waters, by willingly and

Do any

case as to say,

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