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The Contents of this Book. REasons for publishing this Second Part of the New Week's pra

paration The generality of communicants labour ander the same doubts and fcruples concerning a worthy preparation for the Lord's

fappers fapper

5 The Second Partof the Old Week's Preparation is a dangerous book

to come into the hands of protestants, above one half of it being taken out of a popish book, which was condemned by authority of parliament, and burnt by the common HANGMAN 5 These authors to blame, who have made it their befinefs to raise and

inflame the devotion of their readers, but have taken no care about informing or settling their understandings

5 What the most considerable doubts are, which are apt to render the minds of communicants uneasy

6 Meditation is a noble exercise of the soul; and why

6 How the meditations are to be made use of

6 Concerning the hymns and their use

7 Concerning the prayers

7 Of the time to be spent in our preparation Those that lay too great stress upon habitual preparation deceive themselves

7 Of our duty after receiving All our prepara:ion will not avail us, if after the facrament we forget our holy resolutions

8 Of the care of our soul

8 Advice to, and an expoftulation with those who pretend they are kept from the Lord's fupper by worldly business

8 Some ac’ount of the method of this work This second part of the New week's Preparation will enable the de

vout communicant to lead a holy and godly life for the future 9 This second part of the New W cek's Preparation is perfectly ortho

dox, being grounded upon the church catechism and communion service

9 Concerning the plain and comprehensive explanation of that part

of the church catechism, which relates to the facrament of the Lord's fupper Part II.


A plain








A plain and comprehenfive explanation of that part of the church catechism, which relates to the jacramenis, especially that of the Lord's fupper, with the authorities from fcripture upon which this explanation is built

SUNDAY Evening.
Preparatory prayer, proper to begin your devotions, both

morning and evening The meditation

upon the fallen state of man, and the great and ? gracious work of bis redemption thro' Jesus Chrift 26 The hymn on the great blefings mankind received

their redemption through Jesus Chrift

33 Another hymn

34 Another hymn

35 The prayer for strength and grace in our fallen state A concluding prayer

39 prayer when you lie down in your bed

39 MONDAY Morning. When you go out of your chamber I be meditation upon the institution of the holy facrament of the Lord's fupper


40 The hymn, commemorating the institution of the Lord's fupper 44 The prayer to implore the continuance of God's grace beslowed upon us in this jacrament

46 MONDAY Evening. Before examination

49 Short heads of examination for the evening

49, 50 The finner's complaint A prayer for forgiveness of our fins

51 The meditation, Bercing that there can be no excuse sufficient 10

keep us froin receiving the holy facrament of the Lord's lupper 52 I he hymn, being a holy resolution to approach the Lord's table 58 The prayer for pardon and forgiveness of bofe fins which are apt 10 deter us from approaching the Lord's table.

59 TUESDAY Morning. The meditation upon the manner of preparing

ourselves to receive the holy facrament

92 The


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The hymn of fure trust in God's grace, thro? Jesus Chrift 68 Anotber hymn

69 The prayer for the obtaining God's grace and protection - 70

TUESDAY Evening, The first meditation of the great advantages of frequent communion

73 The fecond meditation - upon the true repentance of a worthy * communicant I be hymn, containing the true penitent's confession and petition 81 Ise prayer for the obtaining a true and sincere repentance : 82

WEDNESDAY Morning. The meditation on felf-examination!

85 The hymn, on confession of fins to God

89 Antot ber hymn

90 The prayer for refignation and affiftance

91 + WEDNESDAY Evening The meditation upon a firm purpose of amendment, and 10wards leading a new life

94 The hymn, being the character of a worthy communicant, who

has made reftitution, in order to a new life The prayer for a full purpose of amendment, and to lead a new life.


THURSDAY Morning. The meditation, being the second part of the meditation upon a

firm purpose of amendment, and to lead a new life The hymn, in which the pénitent communicant resolves to as mend his future life

105 The prayer for Ged's bleffing on the amendment of our lives 106



THURSD A Y Evening. The meditation upon a lively faith in God's mercy through Chrift, and a quiet conscience

109 The hymn to be repeated by a quiet conscience Another hymn


114 Tke prayer, for peace and quietness of conscience A 2


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FRIDAY Morning Fbe meditation on a thankful remembrance of Christ's death 117 I be hymn of banksgiving in remembrance of Christ's death 120 The prayer for a thankful remembrance of Christ's death - 122

FRIDAY Evening: I be meditation on universal charity

124 The hymn upon aniversal eharity

127 Another hymn

- 128 Another hymrs

129 The prayer for love and charity to all men

130 SATURDA Y Morning, The meditation upen fasting before receiving the bcl, facra. ment

133 The hymn

135 Another hymn

136 The prayer for obtaining fuch abftinence as is necessary to fubdue the fielb to the spirit

137 SATURDAY Evening. The meditation on presumptuous thoughts

149 The hymn Another hymn The prayer against presumptuous thoughts

144 Orders from the rubricks, articles, and canons relating to the adminiftration of the Lord's supper

148 Directions to proper collects and psalms

152 The whole book of pfalms digefted into prayers, meditations, thanksgivings, &c.

154 The seven PENITENTIAL Pfalms

156 Our Saviour's SERMOŇ upon the mount

156 The eight BEATITUDES

143 144

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