Macmillan and Company, Limited, 1895 - 240 pagina's

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Pagina 99 - An officer desires to return thanks to Almighty God for his perfect recovery from a severe wound, and also for the many mercies bestowed on him.
Pagina 124 - By attacking the Enemy's van and centre, the wind blowing directly along their Line, I was enabled to throw what force I pleased on a few Ships.
Pagina 119 - Almighty God having blessed his majesty's arms with victory, the admiral intends returning public thanksgiving for the same at two o'clock this day ; and he recommends every ship doing the same as soon as convenient.
Pagina 27 - I can ask of him : nor is my situation with Prince William less flattering. Lord Hood was so kind as to tell him (indeed I cannot make use of expressions strong enough to describe what I felt), that if he wished to ask questions relative to Naval Tactics, I could give him as much information as any Officer in the Fleet.
Pagina 45 - The Admiralty so smile upon me, that really I am as much surprised as when they frowned. Lord Chatham yesterday made many apologies for not having given me a Ship before this time...
Pagina 221 - Secondly, the British fleet under my command could never have returned the second time to Egypt, had not Lady Hamilton's influence with the Queen of Naples caused letters to be wrote to...
Pagina 114 - Ships, are nearly dismasted : and those two, with two Frigates, I am sorry to say, made their escape ; nor was it, I assure you, in my power to prevent them. Captain Hood most handsomely endeavoured to do it, but I had no Ship in a condition to support the Zealous, and I was obliged to call her in.
Pagina 27 - My situation in Lord Hood's fleet must be in the highest degree flattering to any young man. He treats me as if I was his son, and will, I am convinced, give me anything I can ask of him ; nor is my situation with Prince William less flattering.
Pagina 89 - It added very much to the satisfaction which I felt in thumping the Spaniards, that I released you a little. The highest rewards are due to you and Culloden : you formed the plan of attack, — we were only accessories to the Don's ruin ; for, had they got on the other tack, they would have been sooner joined, and the business would have been less complete.
Pagina 16 - This little incident has often occurred to my mind ; and I know it is my disposition, that difficulties and dangers do but increase my desire of attempting them.

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