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I want to thank you for the opportunity to appear before
this Subcommittee along with my fellow Alabamians in support of
continued navigation of the Alabama-Coosa River Waterway.
specifically, we endorse the request of the Coosa-Alabama River
Improvement Association and its supporters for continued funding
of the full-time operation and the necessary maintenance of the
Alabama-Coosa River Waterway and of Mobile Harbor during FY

The existing navigation project on the Alabama River is
proving to be, even in these continuing economically-depressed
times in Alabama, a cost-effective method of commercial
transportation. Official tonnage for 1984 was 2,977,000 tons
with a 1985 estimate of over 3 million tons. It has provided
for numerous new opportunities and jobs in central and south
Alabama. Several new industries have located in the area based
on the availability of waterway transportation. In several
instances, the waterway has provided for the opportunity to
develop resources which are vital to the future of the area,
but could not have been developed without the navigation
project. The existing project, in addition to commercial
navigation, provides for hydroelectric generation, fish and
wildlife enhancement and recreational opportunities, all in
harmony with sound environmental policy.

3465 Norman Bridge Road epo. Box 2939 • Montgomery, Alabama 36105-0939 •(205) 284-8700

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We support the Association's request for a FY 87 funding

level of $10,343,000 for the Alabama-Coosa River Project. This funding level is $5,419,000 above the President's request, and would provide adequate funding for regular Operation and Maintenance expenditures, as well as extra funds needed for completion of rehabilitation work to improve the reliability of the 9-foot channel during dry seasons. Even though this work was begun in FY 85, delays have prevented completion. We believe the Association's requested level of funding would enable the Corps to finish the work on schedule in FY 87. We also support the Association's request for funding Millers Ferry Lock and Dam ($4,336,000), and Robert F. Henry Lock and Dam ($3,448,000). At the appropriate time, we request your support for the resumption of design and engineering work on the Coosa River Navigation Project. This project is vitally important to Alabama and to the entire region. When it is completed, this project will benefit the regional development potential of the area.

Also, we support adequate funding for the operation and maintenance of Mobile Harbor. Mobile Harbor is vital to the ongoing operations of the Port of Mobile and the Alabama-Coosa River Waterway. Over the past eight years the State of Alabama has invested over $250 million in expanded and improved Port facilities. The Alabama State Docks' facilities now offer the most advanced coal-handling technology available in this country. Similar improvements have been made for grain handling and bulk materials. These investments demonstrate the State of Alabama's long-term commitment to the Port of Mobile and the Alabama-Coosa River Waterway.

In closing, I would pledge my support and that of the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs in assisting the State of Alabama to meet its responsibilities and obligations for the Alabama-Coosa River project as defined by Congress. I appreciate the support and assistance which you and all the members of the Subcommittee have given us over the years, and for insuring adequate funding is provided for the operation and maintenance of the existing Alabama-Coosa River

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GEORGE c. wallace JAMIE *RED" ETHEREDGE Governor April 14, 1986 director

Honorable Tom Bevill, Chairman
House Subcommittee on Appropriations
for Energy and water Development
U.S. House of Representatives
washington, DC 20515

Dear Congressman Bevill:

I am pleased to support the testimony of the Coosa-Alabama River Improvement Association in requesting appropriations for Fiscal Year 1987.

This nation’s waterways are essential to realizing an efficient and Progressive increase in the national economy. The continued maintenance and improvement of our river systems requires a vision of tomorrow’s growth. To discontinue or impair this investment in our future would restrict future growth of manufacturing, mining and agricultural industries, particularly those located in the Coosa and Alabama river basin.

Our state is well served by rail and truck transportation networks. The only mode remaining to be fully developed is Alabama’s waterways. With continued maintenance of the Alabama River’s three locks and dams and upgrade of Mobile Harbor, we can bank on providing competitive transportation from Montgomery to Mobile. Additionally, the Coosa River Navigation Project, although on hold, should maintain the potential for use to Gadsden and Rome, Georgia. With that in mind, the project should be actively supported as a future public work.

Your consideration and support in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Jamie Etheredge


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We strongly approve efforts of the Coosa-Alabama River
Improvement Association, Inc. to secure necessary funding
for Fiscal l987 to continue to maintain and extend our river

Funding is essential to continue federal maintenance and operation of the Alabama River Waterway from Mobile to Montgomery and to maintain and improve the Mobile Harbor.

* , If we are to effectively compete with the other nations
of the free world we must continue to maintain, develop and
expand our waterway system. The waterways of Alabama offer
an excellent opportunity for this development in the years
ahead. We must not allow this excellent system to stagnate
for lack of funding.

We appreciate your efforts in past years and your continued assistance and support will be greatly appreciated.

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