A History of Ancient Greek Literature

D. Appleton, 1902 - 501 pagina's
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Pagina 454 - Buddha,' at the end of the fourth and beginning of the fifth century of our era. The Maha-vansa or ' history of the great families of Ceylon...
Pagina 462 - A HISTORY OF GREEK LITERATURE. From the Earliest Period to the Death of Demosthenes. BY FRANK BYRON JEVONS, MA, Tutor in the University of Durham.
Pagina 274 - Of the events of the war I have not ventured to speak from any chance information, nor according to any notion of my own ; I have described nothing but what I either saw myself, or learned from others of whom I made the most careful and particular inquiry.
Pagina 100 - Twas this deprived my soul of rest, And rais'd such tumults in my breast ; For while I gaz'd, in transport tost, My breath was gone, my voice was lost : My bosom glow'd ; the subtle flame Ran quick through all my vital frame ; O'er my dim eyes a darkness hung ; My ears with hollow murmurs rung.
Pagina 47 - Jove ; Fearfully heaven was shaken, and did move Beneath the might of the Cerulean-eyed; Earth dreadfully resounded, far and wide ; And, lifted from its depths, the sea swelled high In purple billows ; the tide suddenly Stood still, and great Hyperion's son long time Checked his swift steeds, till where she stood sublime, Pallas from her immortal shoulders threw The arms divine ; wise Jove rejoiced to view. Child of the ^Egis-bearer, hail to thee ! Nor thine nor others' praise shall unremembered...
Pagina 392 - Aphrodite would have raised his head; But all his thread was spun. So down the stream Went Daphnis: closed the waters o'er a head Dear to the Nine, of nymphs not unbeloved. Now give me goat and cup; that I may milk The one, and pour the other to the Muse. Fare ye well, Muses, o'er and o'er farewell!
Pagina 61 - Trochee trips from long to short ; From long to long in solemn sort Slow spondee stalks. ; strong foot ! yet ill able Eve'r to come up with Dactyl trisyllable.
Pagina 255 - AWAKE ! awake! Sleep no more, my gentle mate ! With your tiny tawny bill, Wake the tuneful echo shrill, On vale or hill; Or in her airy, rocky seat, Let her listen and repeat The tender ditty that you tell, The sad lament, The dire event, To luckless Itys that befell.
Pagina 56 - ... countries. Or ascend the stream of time still further to find, some centuries earlier, the most perfect picture of the whole of human life that was ever given in two poems, each of them short enough to be read through in a summer day. Think in particular of one passage of 130 lines, the description of the Shield of Achilles in the eighteenth book of the Iliad, where many scenes of peace and war, of labour and rejoicing, are presented with incomparable vigour and fidelity.
Pagina 391 - THYRSIS SWEET are the whispers of yon pine that makes Low music o'er the spring, and, Goatherd, sweet Thy piping; second thou to Pan alone. Is his the horned ram? then thine the goat. Is his the goat? to thee shall fall the kid; And toothsome is the flesh of unmilked kids. GOATHERD SHEPHERD, thy lay is as the noise of streams Falling and falling aye from yon tall crag. If for their meed the Muses claim the ewe, Be thine the stall-fed lamb; or if they choose The lamb, take thou the scarce less-valued...

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