(by God's Appointment, for as he gave himself á Sacrifice for Sin, God laid upon him all the Iniquity of his Bride) and they clothed him with Purple (which our Sins had dyed) and platted a Crown of Thorns, which our Sins had occasioned, and put it on his Head : which Crown of Thorns, of Sorrow and Pain, the just Desert of our Sins, he bore for us. He wore our purple Robe of Difobedience, that we might wear his white unspotted Robe of Innocency: He wore our shameful thorny Crown of Sin, that we might be entitled to a glorious Crown of Righteousness, 2 Tim. iv. 8. They smote Christ on the Head, and spat in his Face, which Blows ftill bruise the Serpent's Head, and when Christ appears in Glory, that Reproach and Spitting will cover his Enemies with Shame to all Eternity. By that Spittle also which was a Shame that Christ should receive, the Church's Eyes (his Bride's) like the blind Man's, are anointed, and opened to see clearly that by fier Husband's Stripes she is healed of all the Bruises of Sin. They mocked him too before Men, by the Instigation of the Devil, and fet him at nought, that we might without Shame appear with Boldness before God, Then they led him without the Gates of the City of the old Jerusalem, and lifted him up before an Afsembly of wicked Men, in that Hour and Power of Darkness where the grand Adversary the Devil was President, and murder'd him there : but they could have no Power against him, had it not been given from above : therefore the Bride reaps the Benefit, knowing that the Just died for the Unjust, and she shall appear with Joy in the general Affembly and Church of the First-born, and shall lift up her Head comfortably before God the Judge of all, in the holy City, within the Gates of the new Jerusalem above for ever. Thus the slaughter'd


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Lamb died in our stead, a shameful Death, that we
might live a glorious Life eternal, Mark xv. 15,
17, 19, 20, 21. Matt. xxvi. 67. Ifa. liii. Come
hither my fellow Sinners, and let us behold our
suffering Redeemer bleeding to Death on the Cross
for our Sins, to quench the Wrath of an angry
God. And hear Divine Justice confequently pro-
claim, My Wrath is appeased. View this glorious
Christ that came to deliver his Church out of their
temporal and spiritual Distresses: Behold him in
his Power as well as in his Goodness, and hear the
grand enquiry, " Who is this that cometh from
Edum, with died Garments from Bozra ? This Per-
fon that is so glorious in his Apparel, travelling in
the Greatness of his Strength ? 'Tis I, saith Chrift,
that speak in Righteousneis, mighty to save, even
to save loft Souls. Alas! wherefore art thou red
in thine Apparel, and thy Garments like him that
treadeth in the Wine-fat? and thy Vesture dipt in
Blood? I have troden the Wine Prefs (of God's
Wrath) alone, and of the People (even of the
Disciples) there was none with me;" for they all
forsook me and Aed. And I will tread down the
Works of the Devil, which is in the Hearts of my
People in mine Anger, and crample them in my
Fury, and their Blood shall stain all my Raiment;
If Christ bled literally, they shall bleed mystically :
Christ's Death was a Death unto Sin, and a new
Birth unto Righteousness; fo that Christ's Day of
Vengeance is the Day of the Church's Peace; and
his Blood-staining is her Blood-cleansing Day. The
Day of Vengeance, faith he, is in my Heart, (and
has been from Eternity) and now the Year of my
Redeemed is come, the glorious Day of Deliverance
to Israel out of Captivity, and especially to deliver
the Christian Church from the Slavery of the Devil
and Sin.
" And I looked, and there was nonę to




help; and I wondered that there was none to uphold mor afist me a little) therefore my own Arm brought forth Salvation" (ior my Bride) and my Fury againit Sin upheld me in prosecuting this glorious Victory. And I will always tread down the Spirit of Opposition in the lingodly People, in mine Anger (who would not that I should reign over them) and make them drunk with their own Folly in my Fury, and I will bring down their Strength to the Earth, when I arite from the Dead, Ifa. Ixiii. 1, &c. Rev. xix. 13. Luke xix. 27. Here Christ is a Man of War, as is reprelented ailo by his casting Pharaoh's Chariots and his Hoft into the Sea, Exod. xv. 3, 4. And all impenitent Sinners. shall be drowned in the Sea of Hell Fire. Here we might view the fierce Wrath of an offended God, and his burning Ånger against Sin, when nothing but the Death of his dear and well-beloved Son, in whom his Soul always delighted could expiate and make an Atonement for the same. No doubt but his fiery Indignation will devour his Adversaries, i. e. all impenitent Sinners, For our God is a consuming Fire, Heb. xii. 29. O Lord my God, if thy Sword of stern Justice, did execute this bloody Act on thy dear Child, a green Tree, which always budded, blossom’d and brought forth plezsant Fruit, What shall be done to the dry (Bone) Tree? Luke xxiii. 31. Unless rooted in Christ, the Answer is plain, viz. That without an Intereit in thy meritorious redeeming Blood, and clothed with the Wedding Garment of thy Righteousness, the Soul must perish in the second Death. But blessed be God who hath redeemed his Church by that Christ who prayéd, not only for his fainthearted Disciples, (who forlock him in the Hour of Danger) but for as many as should believe in him through their Word, John. xvii. 20.



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mong those' last mentioned was comprehended, I trust, unworthy me, (thro' glorious Grace) weak as I am, and prone to turn my Back in the Day of Battle. But God has promised " that all Things shall work together for good unto them that love God, even to them who are the Called according to his Purpose," Rom. viii. 28. For by that Timidity and Inconstancy of theirs, God humbled the raw Warriors, his Disciples, to the Dust, and prepared them against the Day of Pentecoft, when they received Power from Heaven, which their Captain gain’d for them when by Death he conquered him that had the Power of Death, even the Devil: and it came like a rushing, mighty, breathing Wind, and filled their Souls with God! Axt. ii. 1, 2, 4. And from thenceforth they became great and successful Warriors, like their heavenly Master. And the same Peter who was baffled by a Damsel when he denied his Lord, Luke xxii. 55,56. being now filled with the Holy Ghost, not only restored a lame Beggar to leap and praise God, but boldly confessed Christ before the grand Sanhedrim at Jerusalem, and told them as follows; “ Ye Rulers of the People, and Elders of Israel, be it known unto you all, that by the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by him doth this Man stand here before you whole. This is the Stone which was set at nought by you Builders, which is becoine the Head of the Corner: neither is there Salvation in any other; for there is none other Name under Heaven given among Men whereby we must be saved," A&t. jii. 2, 7, 8. Also see Act. iv. 8, 10, 11, 12. Fear not therefore you weak Believers the Faithfulness of your well contriving Father, for they whom he loveth he chafteneth; he exerciseth you every Day, and makes you


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first little Warriors, he feeds you first with Milk,
and after that with strong Meat, I Cor. iii. 2.
And when you have past your Day of Pentecoft,
i. e. when you are sealed with the Holy Spirit of
Promise, unto the Day of Redemption, which I
believe the Heirs of Glory have sooner or latter a
sealing Day before they die, Eph. iv. 30. Then
you shall become in a Measure like your Captain,
Christ, viz. expert in War, every Man with his
Sword (of the Holy Spirit) on his Thigh, and in
his Heart, because of the Fear in the Night, or
falling into Sin, Cant. iii

. 8. For some Times God
permits the Devil to sift the Church for wise Ends,
to bring about some gracious Purposes, and to
shew the Church her Weakness without Chrift,
and this is called Satan's Hour, and the Power of
Darkness, Luke xxii. 53. But forasmuch as she
hath waited for Christ her Salvation, altho' a Troop
from the wicked One might seem to overcome her,
yet, like Gad, she shall overcome at the last, Gen.

God will remember them that fear and think on his Name: the Sun of Righteousness shall arise on their Souls, with healing in his Wings, and they shall grow up in Grace, as a fatted Calf of the Stall : and by Faith shall be able to tread down the wicked One and his Troops, like Ashes, under the Soles of their Feet, Mal. iv. 2, 3. And she. being clothed in Christ's Armour, might well appear like the Morning Star, “ fair as the Moon, clear as the Sun, and terrible as an Army with Banners," Cant. vi. 10. Now when the Enemy comes into the Field of Battle, i. e. attacks the Sout by a strong Torrent or Flood of Temptations, " the Spirit of the Lord lifteth up a Standard against him,” Isa. lix. 19. woe to him that is alone (viz. without Christ) for when he falls, there is none to help him," Ecclef. iv. 10. By the


xlix. 18, 19.

But u

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