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SECT. I. THE Necessity of the new Birth by the breathing

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Converted Souls are hated by the unregenerate World 6

Blind leading the Blind will both fall into the Ditch 8

The Blood of Christ converts the Soul. Some are comfort-

ed by the Spirit, 'till they experience David's Joy 9, &c.

Men by Nature are dead in Unbelief, and are obliged to

Itand naked before God

The Wicked are Agents for Satan, 'till converted

SECT. II. The Damn'd will curse blind Shepherds, who ad

vised them to gain Salvation by Works 21, 22, 23

Chrift hath an Inkhorn to mark Mourners-in Sion

30, 31

God's Love can't fail those who know Christ's Voice 39, 40

SECT. III. Justification by Faith. See Church Article XI. 45

Naaman by dipping seven Times is healed : in allution to the

seven Streans of Christ's Blood, which healeth the Church.

Chriít bore our Shame

48, 49, 52, 55.

Chrift the holy Seed in the Virgin's Womb, and the Ark

of the Covenant, wherein is the hidden Manna 60, 62

Sect. IV. Ifrael passed through the Red Sea, being a Type

of Christ's Blood, which faveth Believers

God puts Moles, a Type of the Church, into the Rock, a

Type of Christ


God's Elect are created for his Glory, and drink of the

Fountain of Life

77, 79

TheChurch compar'd to a Lily, the Glory of wise Shepherds 82

SECT. V. Angels at the Harvest of the World shall cast the

Wicked into Hell

84, 85

God's Chosen made joyful by Showers of Grace

Sect. VI. The Church shall receive the white Stone, viz.

Absolution, and fit in Judgment with Christ. They inust

Fight to the End

96, 104

The Holy Ghost overshadowed the Virgin, so he must a Be-

liever. As Adam's Wife was made of himself, so the Lamb's

Wife is produced of himself

104, 112

Sect.VII. The Covenant of Grace before Time began 114, 115

Names written in the Lamb's Book of Life 122, 123, 124

The Prodigal became penitent, and was received 126

SECT. VIII. Predestination vindicated


No Works are acceptable before Faith


Man should not trust to his own Works


The Joys of the Spouse when wedded to Christ 136

The King of Glory openeth the Door by Love

137, 138

The Tree of Life in each side of the River of God's Love 139

All who are not written in the Lamb's Book of Life from

the Foundation of the World, shall worship the Beast 144

A Letter to the Vicar of Gillingham


CA V E's

E PISTLE to Gillingham, His native Town,, near Shaftsbury,

in the County of Dorset.


A TOUCH-STONE for the SOUL, the

MARROW or QUINTESSENCE 'of the GOSPEL, and a Divine LOOKINGGLAȘs to the FAITHFUL, I Cor. xiii. 12.

BRETHREN suck the HONEY from the fol

lowing COMBS.


ÈMEMBER CHRIST. came unto his

own, and his own received him not. But as many as received him, to them


be Power to become the Sons of God: even to them that believe on bis Name, John i. 11, 12.

As many as received me (in the Name of Christ) among you, had also Power to become the Children of God, for those that receive the Word receive the Blessing. God has bound A


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up his Testimonies (the Doctrine of CHRIST)
among his Disciples : (secured it) from E-
verlasting to them, tho' hid from the World,
Accordingly, Christ has fulfilled the Law,
(in Time) and fealed the Salvation of his
Church, or select People with his Blood, ,
and reveal'd it by his Word and Spirit. Be-
hold Christ and the Children in every Age,
whom the LORD hath given him, are for
Signs and Wonders in the Church, (especially
to the unbelieving World) from the Lord,
according to his Counsel who dwelleth in
Mount Zion, Ifa. viii. 16, 17, 18. Those
that are taught of God should declare the
Things of God: “ As every one hath receive
ed the Gift, even so minister the same one
to another, as good Stewards of the manifold
Grace of God,” i Peter iv. 10. It is Wife
dom to do as CHRIST did, “ the Work of
him that sent him, while it is Day: when
Night or Death cometh, no Man can
work,” John ix. 4. Let thy Testimonies be
my counsellers, faith the Pfalmift, Pjal. cxix.
24. So shall thy Judgments be sweeter to me
than Hon’y, or ibe Honey-Comb, Pfal. xix.
9, 10. May the Language of my Soul be
like his, o Lord, quicken me in thy Righte-
oujnels, AMEN, Fjal. cxix. 40.

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EZEKIEL xxxvii. 9.
Then Jaid be unto me, Prophesy unto the Wind,

prophesy, Son of Man, and say to the Wind,
Thus faith the Lord God, Come from the
four Winds, O Breath, and breathe upon
these Slain, that they may live.

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All the Children of fallen Adam are spiritually and in

sensibly dead in the Valley of dry Bones ; and continue fo'till the Spirit of the Lord convinces them of their Misery.


COHEREAS the Almighty hath, i

trust, called me into his Vineyard, W Matt. XX.

And made me his willing Child in the Day of his Power, Psal. cx. 3. —

I am therefore not my own, but am bought with a Price, and ought to glorify God with my Body, and Spirit, which are God's, 1 Cor. vi. 19,

I was busy at my manual Employment on November 19th, 1752, when the Lord was pleased to engage my Thoughts on writing the following Discourse, on the above Portion of Scripture ; and I was persuaded that many a poor Soul in



A 2

my own Town, who being ashamed, like Nicodemus, would not come under the Doctrine of enlightened Ministers, might notwithstanding have the Curiosity to read it when published : I say, many a poor Soul, for whether they are high or low with regard to Wealth, if they have not felt the Efficacy of those breathing Winds, they will find in a little Time that they are poor, and blind, and naked, Rev. ii. 17. And now my dear and well-beloved Neighbours, may the God of all Grace help you to consider whom those Winds were to breathe upon, even upon the whole Houte of Israel, the peculiar People of God, who were all circumcised at that Time, and were in as fair a Prospect to be saved as we are now, being baptized. How little Danger did they see themselves in, when the Almighty saw them all dry Bones? Why, they saw no more Danger in that Condition than most of us, and the rest of the unconverted, unrenewed, baptized Heathens, in this and other Nations do. But, O my Beloved, if you cannot see your Danger, turn to our Saviour's Discourse to Nicodemus, John iii. 3. where you will find him declare, Verily, verily I say unto thee, Except a Man be born again, be cannot see the Kingdom of God. The same heavenly Wind must breathe on all our dead Souls, or we are loft and undone for

Our Lord fignified how those Winds operate on the new-born Soul: But his own Dirciples were ignorant of the Scriptures, 'till they themselves received the breathing Winds of God's Holy Spirit, which gives Life to the Soul. He therefore breathed on them, and said, Receive ye tbe Holy Ghost. Wholesoever Sins ye remit, they are remitted ; and whosesoever 'Sins ye retain, they are retained, John xx. 22, 23. Now they were become the spiritual Men who judge all Things ; 'though



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