The Porphyrin Handbook: Chlorophylls and Bilins: Biosynthesis, Synthesis and Degradation

Karl Kadish, Kevin M. Smith, Roger Guilard
Elsevier, 2000 - 318 pagina's
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The Porphyrin Handbook, Volume 13: Chlorophylls and Bilins: Biosynthesis, Synthesis, and Degradation provides information pertinent to every aspect of the chemistry, synthesis, spectroscopy, and structure of phthalocyanines. This book examines the biology and medical implications of porphyrin systems.

Organized into eight chapters, this volume begins with an overview of magnesium chelatase as a complex enzyme involved in the biosynthesis of chlorophyll and bacteriochlorophyll. This text then provides an accurate historical review of the two enzymes involved in photosynthetic pigment production. Other chapters consider the processes that take place in darkness in all plants including angiosperms as the early steps of chlorophyll biosynthesis. This book discusses as well the reactivity and structures of the known chlorophyll catabolites from vascular plants, synthetic sources, and microorganisms. The final chapter deals with the methodologies used for the synthesis of bile pigments.

This book is a valuable resource for research scientists, engineers, and clinicians.

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Chapter 77 Mechanism Structure and Regulation of Magnesium Chelatase
Methylation and Cyclization
Chapter 79 The Last Steps of Chlorophyll Synthesis
A NitrogenaseLike Enzyme Catalyzing a Key Reaction for Greening in the Dark
Structures Partial Syntheses and Biosynthetic Proposals
Chapter 82 Chlorophyll Breakdown and Chlorophyll Catabolites
Chapter 83 Biosynthesis and Biological Functions of Bilins
Chapter 84 Synthesis of Bilins

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