BRIGHTLY shines the morning star :

That from sin and danger far
We the coming day may

live : That the tongue, to peace compelled,

May from sounds of strife refrain; That the eyes, from roving held,

Seek not sights corrupt or vain ;

That the heart, with pureness fraught,

May from folly turn aside ;
And the flesh, by temperance taught,

Mortify its lusts and pride :

That when he the day shall close,

And the night successive bring, We, triumphant o'er our foes,

May our hymn of glory sing.

Evermore, O Lord, to thee,

Father, and coequal Son, And the Spirit, glory be ;

One in Three, and Three in One. Amen. HYMN




O Li

VOME, my soul, thou must be waking :

Now is breaking
O’er the earth another day:
Come to him who made this splendour;
See thou render

All thy feeble strength can pay.
Gladly hail the light returning :
Ready burning

Be the incense of thy powers For the night is safely ended; God has tended

With his care thy helpless hours. Pray that he may prosper ever Each endeavour,

When thine aim is good and true : But that he may ever thwart thee, And convert thee,

When thou evil would'st pursue.


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Think that he thy ways beholdeth:
He unfoldeth

Every fault that lurks within ;
Every stain of shame glossed over
Can discover,

And discern each deed of sin.

Without sorrow

Pass away in slumber sweet; And for ever freed from sadness, Rise with gladness

That far brighter sun to greet. Only God's good gifts abuse not, Light refuse not,

But the Spirit's voice obey : Soon shall joy thy brow be wreathing, Splendour breathing,

Fairer than the fairest day.
Glory, honour, adoration,
And salvation,

Be to the eternal One:
To the Father, Son, and Spirit,
Praise and merit,
While unending ages run.



CHRIST, with each returning morn

Thine image to our hearts be borne;
And may we ever clearly see
Our God and Saviour, Lord, in thee.


All hallowed be our walk this day ;
May meekness form our early ray,
And faithful love our noontide light,
And hope our sunset calm and bright.
Let grace each idle thought controul,
And sanctify our wayward soul ;
Let guile depart, and envy cease,
And all within be joy and peace.
Our daily course, Lord Jesus, bless,
Make piain the way of holiness :
From sudden falls our feet defend,
And cheer at last our journey's end.

To thee, O Father, thee, O Son,
And thee, O Spirit, Three in One,
Thanksgiving with sweet melody
Be now and everlastingly. Amen.

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