Normandy Green Guide Michelin 2012-2013

Michelin Travel & Lifestyle, 2012 - 464 pagina's
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This eBook version of the Green Guide Normandy by Michelin features the celebrated star-rating system and respected maps, which make sure you see the best that Normandy has to offer. Michelin’s Green Guide Normandy features an easy-to-use organization, top attractions, detailed color maps, regional introductions, most interesting towns, shopping hot spots and suggested places to eat and stay for a variety of budgets, allowing travelers to plan their trip carefully or to be spontaneous during the journey. Choose one of the many driving tours through serene landscapes, explore the Normandy landing beaches, hike through the Mayenne countryside, or sip Calvados among the apple orchards. Description: The perfect travel companion, Michelin’s Green Guide series has offered comprehensive, up-to-date information to discerning domestic and international travelers for generations. Whether cruising the wine regions of France, or hoofing it through NYC, Michelin’s world-famous star-rating system helps you to craft trips of a lifetime. Download to a Kindle, Nook, Android-based or Apple tablet or smartphone, and you are ready to go. Use the guide to orient yourself at any time with detailed maps showing the exact location of each establishment, even if you’re offline with no WiFi or mobile connection. With the interactive navigation, it’s an easy click within the guide from any link in the table of contents or index to review the related pages. On line, click on the web addresses to do everything from simply gathering more information to making on-line dinner reservations. Optimized to be read with iBooks for Apple, the Kindle KF8, Nook, and Mantano Reader Premium for Android owners. No matter what you use, with the e-version of the Michelin Green Guide Normandy you have what you need to enjoy a great experience.

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