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ON presenting to the public a new edition of works so well known and so highly celebrated, it may appear necessary to offer some reason for the undertaking. The productions of Goldsmith, though written so very recently, have gone through innumerable editions; but it has happened, that each succeeding editor has copied from the last publication, especially if it were issued on fine paper and beautifully hot-pressed; and he also added his own suggestions in the way of amendations, till the result has been a very considerable deviation, in many passages, from the text of the author. Many and glaring instances of this kind might be pointed out; but it is not necessary, and it would be truly invidious, while such copies are yet unsold. It is sufficient for the present editor, that he has succeeded, after much minute labour, in detecting those interpolations and deviations, and that he can now confidently present to the friends of elegant literature, a correct and pure edition of the Poems and Essays of the amiable and deservedly esteemed Dr. Oliver Goldsmith.


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