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Loddon: Printed by C. Roworth,

Bell Yard, Temple Bar.




Art. I. 1. Account of an Expedition from Pittsburgh to the

Rocky Mountains, performed in the Years 1819, 1820;
by Order of the Hon. J. C. Calhoun, Secretary of
War, under the command of Major S. H. Long, of
the U. S. Top. Engineers. Compiled from the Notes
of Major Long, Mr. T. Say, and other Gentlemen of
the party, by Edwin James, Botanist and Geologist to

the Expedition. In 3 Volumes.
2. Narrative Journal of Travels from Detroit Northwest,

through the Great Chain of American Lakes to the
Sources of the Mississippi River, in the Year 1820;
by Henry R. Schoolcraft. Performed as a Member

of the Expedition under General Cass.
3. A Journal of Travels into the Arkansa Territory,

during the Year 1819, with occasional Observations
on the Manners of the Aborigines. By Thomas Nut-

II. 1. Attila, Tragédie en cinq actes. Par Hyppolite Bis.

2. Regulus, Tragédie en cinq actes. Par M. Arnault,

3. Maccabees, Tragédie en cinq actes. Par Alexandre

4. Saul, Tragédie en cinq actes ; Clytemnestre, Tragédie

en cinq actes. Par Alexandre Soumet - -


III. History of the Peninsular War. By Robert Southey,

Esq. LL.D. Poet Laureate, Honorary Member of the
Royal Spanish Academy, &c. &c. Vol. S. -

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A Historical and Topographical Essay upon the Islands

of Corfu, Leucadia, Cephalonia, Ithaca and Zante;
with Remarks upon the Character, Manners and Cus-
toms of the Ionian Greeks; Descriptions of the Sce-
nery and Remains of Antiquity discovered therein ;


and Reflexions upon the Cyclopean Ruins. By Wil.
liam Goodisson, A. B. Assistant Surgeon in His Ma-
jesty's 75th Regiment - . . . . . .

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V. Notes relating to the Manners and Customs of the Crim

Tatars; written during a Four Years' Residence

among that People. By Mary Holderness. • • 116 VI. Reliquiæ Diluvianæ ; or Observations on the Organic

Remains contained in Caves, Fissures, and Diluvial
Gravel, and on other Geological Phenomena, attesting
the Action of an Universal Deluge. By the Rev.
William Buckland, F.R.S. &c. -

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- 138

VII. Bishop Burnet's History of his Own Time : with the

suppressed Passages of the First Volume, and Notes
by the Earls of Dartmouth and Hardwicke and
Speaker Onslow, hitherto unpublished. To which
are added the Cursory Remarks of Swift, and other
Observations - - - • • •

- 165


Thoughts and Details on the High and Low Prices of

the last Thirty Years. By Thomas Tooke, F.R.S. 214

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A Visit to Spain; detailing the Transactions which oc

curred during a Residence in that Country, in the latter Part of 1822, and the first Four Months of 1823 : with an Account of the Removal of the Court from Madrid to Seville; and general Notices of the Manners, Customs, Costumes and Music of the Country. - By Michael J. Quin, Barrister at Law, and Fellow of

the Royal Society of Literature - - - - 240 New Publications - - - - - - 277



ART. I.-1. Essai sur l'Éloquence de la Chairé. Par S. Em. le Car

dinal Maury. 2. For the Oracles of God, Four Orations; For Judgment to

Come, an Argument in Niné Parts. By the Rev. Edward

Irving, M.A. - . - - - - page 283 I'I.' Euvres complètes de Démosthène et d’Eschine, en Grec et

en François. Traduction de l'Abbé Auger, de l'Académie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres en Paris. Nouvelle Edition, revue et corrigée par J. Planche, Professeur de Rhétorique au Collège Royal de Bourbon. 1822. Tom. ii. vii.

- - - - - 313 HI. Memorable Days in America, being a Journal of a Tour to

the United States, principally undertaken to ascertain, by positive Evidence, the Condition and probable Prospects of British Emigrants; including Accounts of Mr. Birkbeck's Settlement in the Illinois. By.W. Faux, an English Far

mer - - - - - - - - 338 IV. Don Carlos, or Persecution, a Tragedy, in Five Acts. By

· Lord John Russell i - - - - - 370 V. A-Memoir of Central India, including Malwa and adjoining

Provinces ; with the History, and copious Illustrations, of the Past and Present Condition of that Country. By Ma

jor-General Sir John Malcolm, G.C.B. K.L.S. - 382 VI. 1. Orgueil et: Vanité, Comédie en 5' actess et en prose. Par

M.J. S. 2. La Fille d'Honneur, Comédie en 5 actes, en vers. Par M.

Alex. Duval, Membre de l'Institut Royal. 3. Le Folliculaire, Comédie en 5 actés, et en verš. Par M.

de la Ville de Mirmont. 4. Les Plaideurs sans Procès, Comédie en trois actes. Par

M. Etienne.
5. L'Amour et l'Ambition, Comédie en cinq actes. Par M.

6. Valérie, Comédie en cinq actes. Par M. Scribe.

7. Le Secrétaire et le Cuisinier, Comédie. Par M.Scribe 414 VII. 1. A Collection of rare and curious Tracts on Witchcraft, and

the Second Sight, or an original Essay on Witchcraft. . 2. The famous. History of Friar Bacon, containing the won

derful Things that he did in his Life, also the Manner of his Death ; with the Lives and Deaths of the two Conjurors, Bungay and Vandermast


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