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of Scpt. and the 20th of Oct. 1821, extracted from the London Gazette. Arnold, J. H. Lanblethian, near Cowbridge, cattle Inman, I. K. Blackman-street, brazier. jobber.

Knowles, J. and Co. Salford, machine-makers Barby, I. New Malton, dealer.

Lavender, J. Leominster, mercer. Barton, J. Blachburn, upholsterer.

Llewellyn, J. and Co. Old Jewry, insurance-bro Deeston, J. Drayton in Males, Salop, mercer.

kers. Bolcher, I. Enfield, stone-mason.

Lownd, W. Sloane-strect, Chelsea, linen-drapet. Bower, J. Tothill-streei, Westninster, grocer. Mead, T. Sandwich, victualler. Bursey, 1. jun. Goodge-street, Tottenham-court Mercer, H. Liverpool, merehant. road, stationer.

Moody, S. Frome Selwood, mealman. Butt, 1. Tewkesbury, miller.

Richardson, I. Manchester, dealer in cotton. Clayton, J. Bury, Lancaster, undertaker.

Rost', R. N. Holborn, bookseller. Colyer, W. Broad-street, St Giles's boot-maker. Rowbotham, W. Oldham, Lancashire, machineDubuis, J. and E. Copthall-street, merchants.

maker. Dunderdale, N. Holbeck, Leeds, clothier.

Rowley, M. Bear-street, Leicester-square, dealer. Evans, T. B. Stand, wine-Inerchant.

Spear, J. Sheffield, merchant. Gardiner, B. Leigh, Worcester, maltster.

sieel, W. Charlotte-street, Fitzroy-square, baker, Gibson, T. jun. Liverpool, ship-bread-baker. Stuart, H. Worecster, wine-merchant, Gilbert, R. T. Stockbridge, Hauts, coal-merchant. Surrey, I. and J. Mark-lane, mealmen. Gird, H. Park-lane, saddler.

Tate, R. Market Weighton, shopkeeper. Green, T. Alfreton, Derby, grocer.

Thompson, T. I. Long Acre, coach-joiner. Hailsione, W. Mildenhall, Swolk, grocer.

Thompson, P. and C. A. Cornhill, wine-merchants Hamelin, Petei, Belmont-place, near Vauxhall, Travis, J. Oldham, Lancaster, grocer. plasterer.

Walker, F. Rippon, money-scrivener. · Hancock, S. Judd Place, St Pancras, hardware Ward, T. Seamer, York, maltster.

Wells, S. Middleton Terrace, Pentonville, greenHole, W. M. Kingskerwell, Deron, tanner.

grocer. Harrox, W. Liverpool, dealer in com.

Whitehead, R. Withnell, Lancashire, corn-metJackson, J. Lustid Farm, Kent, farmer.

chant. Jones, T. St John-street, West Smithfield, rag Williams, H. Lombard-street, merchant.



ALTIABETICAL List of SCOTCH BANKRUPTCIes, announced between the 1st and

S0th October, 1821, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette. Anderson, M'Culloch, and Co. merchants and Clink, Robert, merchant, Perth; a dividend oth dealers in Glasgow.

November, Alkinson, John, currier and leather merchant, Galbraith, Wm. and Co. merchants, Greenock : Glasgow.

od dividend 19th November. Balfour, Ebenezer, merchant in Stirling.

Laird, John, and Co. merchants in Greenock, and Black, John, grazier and cattle-dealer, ai Waltown Laird, Wm. and Co. merchants in Liverpoot: of Crochies, Perth.

an equalizing dividend to those creditors who ('averhill, Walter, merchant, Galnshiels.

have not received payment of the first. Crawford, Win. and James, coal-masters, Loch Laird, James, jun. and Co. mill-spinners at Murtwinnoch.

hill; a final dividend 16th November. Graham, Thomas, of Eastwood Park, writer, Moodie, James, merchant, Dunfermline ; a diri merchant, and builder, in Glasgow.

dend of 6s. 61. per pound on 10th December, i Ouller, James, grazier and cattledealer, at Memus, no objections are offered before that day, county of Forfar.

Rae, John, merchant, Aberdeen ; a dividend 6th Rankin, Robert, merchant and grocer in Edin December. burgh.

Robertson, James, merchant, Anstruther; a ist Skinner, Thomas, merchant in Collinsburgh, now dividend 9th November. residing in Edinburgh.

Scott, Ilugh, haberdasher, Greenock ; a 2d divi. Stenhouse, Andrew and George, merchants, dend oth December. agents, wharfingers, and ship-owners, Leith. Scott and Balmanno, merchants, Glasgow ; a diriDIVIDENDS.

dend 16th November. idamr, Alex. tanner, Falkirk; a final dividend Smith, Ishunael, some time merchant, Aberden: Ist December.

a dividend 26th December. Anderson and Brown, tanners, Glasgow ; a final Young, and Co. merchants and general agents in dividend 11th Deceinber.

Elinburgh; a 2d dividend on 29th November, Barr, Peter Allan, and Co. merchants and grocers, and an equalizing dividend to those who bare

Cuinburgh; a final dividend 19th November. reccived no share,

METEOROLOGICAL TABLE, extracted from the Register kept at Edinburgh, in the

Observatory, Calton-hill. N.B.-The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock, forenoon, and four o'clock, after

noon.—The second Observation in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register Thermometer.


18 SM.39



4 M.11


Rain morn. fair day.



6 M.42





Ther. Barom. Ther. Wind.

Ther. Barom. Ther. Wind.
Oct. 1

Rain morn,
M.13428.913 M.56

A.5529.506 A.54

Oct. 17M.38: 29.728 M.50 )

Dulland cld. fair day.


A. 50 .638 A.51s with rain.
.834 M.52

Dull and

.555 M.41
A. 50

Fair sunsh.
.721A. 52

A. 45 .633 A. 49

but cold.
.340 M.53
Cble. Rain.

M.39 .431 M.49

Fair, with JA.51 .331|A. 59

M.15 .101 A. 49

sunshine. .351 M.54 Fair, but

.211 A. 52

20$ A. 41 28.466 M.50,


M.19 .468 A. 18)
SM.103 .270 M.52

Dull and

A.34 .618 M.45)

Fair foren.
UA. 47
.566 A. 50

M.10 .695 A. 45 )

rain aftern. .411 M.53

Dull, with
A. 34 29.687 M.111

Dull foren.
•413 A. 54

M.41 28.755 A. 46 S

rain aftern.
.442 M.56

Dull, with

A.38 .908 M.46
101 A. 58 S showers.


M.45 .998A. 15
.141 M.55


A. 35 .999 M.44
VA. 51 .884A. 52

and showers.


A. 42 29.330A. 46
M.42 .865 M.53)

Fair, with sn.

SM.35 .426 M.46
A. 52

Dull, with
.798|A. 53
land warm.

UA. 44 •471 A. 49

.753 M.51

.652 M.47 A. 50

Ditto. .691 A. 54 S

Frost morn.


UA. 47 .603 A.52
M.403 .629 M.52

Dull, with

M.50 .603 M.581
A. 50 .590 A, 533

Very mild,

A.58 .603 A. 51

with sunsh. M.41 .562M.52

M.48 28

.905 M.51 A. 48 .852 A. 54 S

Dull, bu

A.48 •905 A.56)

.999 M.51
w. Dull, but

M.48 .950 M.561

29 A. 49 .711 A. 52

Fair, sunshi

A. 53 .962 A. 54

very mild. M.40 .895 M.54)


.676 M.53
.976 A.50 )
rain night.

SW. Ditto.

A. 51 .559 A. 52 )

Dull and cld.

M.40 31

.372 M.53 A. 49

Foren. shrs. .994 A. 49


A. 51 .415 A.52) fair aftern.

A. 44 .9991A. 50

land mild.
Average of Rain, 1.132 inches.

Rain morn. fair day Frost morn. dull day:





26 SM.0

dull day:

[blocks in formation]

APPOINTMENTS, PROMOTIONS, &c. 2 Life G. Assist. Surg. Broughton, to be Surg. Royal En. Ist Lieut. Lewis, h. p. 1st Lieut. vice Moore, ret. July 25, 1821

April 13, 1821.
E. Cutler, Assist. Surg.

20 Lt. Randolph,


do. 9 Dr. W. C. Smith, Cornet by purch. vice Lord G. Bentinck, prom.

Trevelyan, from h. p. 20 Lt. Sept. 12.

June 19. 10 Hon. J. Coventry, do. do. vice Lord J.

Capt. Hustler, from h. p. Capt. do.
Bentinck, prom.

do. 13.
1st Lt. Victor, 2d Capt.

do. 14 Lieut. Trevillian, from 1 Dr. Capt. by

Blackiston, from h. p. 1st Lt. do. purch. vice Townsend, prom. do. 19 E. W. Sewell, Cornet by purch. vice De

Lisle, ret.

do. 20. 33 Lieut. Forlong, Capt. do. vice Rist, 2d Lieut. Kennedy, 1st Lieut. June 19, 1821. ret.

Dixon, from h. p. 2d Lieut.

do. Ensign Halford, from 43 F. Lieut. by Bt. Maj. Moody, from h. p. Capt.

July 1. purch. do. 1st Lt. Grierson, 2d Capt.

do. 43 J. Hare, Ensign by purch. vice Halford, Beague, from h. p. 1st Lieut.

do. 33 F. do. 20 Lt. Hope, Ist Lt.

do. Larcom, from h. p. 2d Lt.

do, Ordnance Department.

Exchanges. Royal Ar. 2d Lieut. Mathias, from h. p. 2d Lieut

Qua. Mast. Stewart, from 91 F. with Qua. Mast. vice Jellis, res. July, 1, 1821.

Manley, h. p. 36 F.
Capt. Cobbe, from h. p. Capt. vice Ma-

Bryce, from 92 F. with
jor Holcroft, h. p.

do. 21.

Callagy, h. p. 15 F.
1st Lt. Lethbridge, from h. p. 1st Lt.
vice Boghurst, h. p.

Aug. 1.

Resignations and Retirements.
20 Lt. Wynne, from h. p. 2d Lt. vice
Homfray, dead

July 2.

Colonel O. E. of Bradford, Shropshire Militia.
Gent. Cadet J. Deschamps, 2d Lieut.

Capt. Rist, 33. F.
Aug. 1.

Cornet De Lisle, 19 Dr.
Lt. Gen. and Col. Sir Edw. Howorth, Ensign Burney, 87 F.
K.C.B. Col. Com.

do. 6. Surgeon Moore, 2 Life Gds.
Bt. Col. and Lt. Col. Pritchard, Col. do.
Bt. Lt. Col. and Maj. Tobin, Lt. Col. do.

Bt. Maj. and Capt. Brome, Maj. do.
Capt. Gordon, from h. p. Capt. do. General Cowell, late Coldst. Gds. London,
1st Lt. Durnford, 2d Capt.

Sept. 29, 1821.
2d Lt. Elliot, 1st Lt.
do. Colonel M‘Leod, 59 F. Dinapore,

March 29, Welsh, from h. p. 2d Lt. do.

Sankey, R. Dublin (City) Militia.
1st Lt. Somerville, from h. p. 1st Lt. Major Giles, 53 F. Cannanore, Madras, May 2,
vice Earle, h. p.

do. 10.
Biggs, ret. R. Mar.

Mareh 9. 2d Capt. Chesney, from h. p. 2d Capt.

Gordon, do vice Robertson, h. p.

Oct. 10.

Horlock, h. p. R. Mar.
20 Lt. Warren, from h. p. 24 Lt. vice Captain Mansfield, ret. Invalids, Bati.
C. P. Jones, h. P.


Roche, h. p. 11 F. near Calcutta, Apr. 3.

Captain Carter, h. p. 29 P. Chester.'

Lieut. Hutchinson, h. p.51 F. in Ireland, Sept. %6. Saunderson, h. p. & F. on passage from

Whiteford, h. p. 84 F.

Oet... India.

Attwood, h. p. R. Eng. assassinated at Se. M'Pherson, h. p. Delancy's Cor.

ville, Spain,

July 2". Oct. 1, 1820. Easign F. P. Grieve, 61 F. Maroon Town, JamaiSir Armstrone, h. 7. Portug. Service.

Cl, Lieut. Mayer, S Dr. East Indies.

Aug. 7.

Borhier, ret. Invalids, Cavigny, France, Lynanı, 5 Vet. Bur. (formerly of Rifle Brig.)

July 23.
Seates, late esclad. Gar. Co. Curacoa, Quarter Master Reardon, h. p. 8 Dr. Limeriek,

May 27, 1821.
Strangewars, C.F. Surat, Bombay, Jan. 11. Dep. Assist. Com. Gen. C. S. Browne, Canada,
Atkinson, R. Mar, killed in an attack on

July 9. ilie Forts of Mecha, East Indies, Dec. 4, 1820. Staff Surgeon Roche, h. p. Ballriggan, Ireland.

Buchanan, h. p. 4 F. Newtown Butter, 1rcial,

July 96. Aug. 25, 18:1. Assistant Surgeon Bolton, 1 F. Trichinopoly, Mafelly, h. p. 59 F.

Sept. 5.

Mar. 29.

Aug. 28.

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25. At 16, James' Square, Mrs M. Pattison, of

a daughter. March 30. At Bombay, Mrs Henry Oakes, of a 26. At Orchardhead, Stirlingshire, Mrs Walker,

of a son. July !0. At Malta, the lady of George Ward, 27. In Grosvenor-Place, London, Lady Emily Esq. Ieputy Payıraster-General to the Forces, of Drummond, of a daughter. a danghter.

29. At New Garden, Mrs Ramage Liston, of a Sept. 16. At London, the lady of William Davidson, Esq. af Muirhouse, of a daughter.

- At Paris, the lady of Alexander Norman 9. At Tours, in France, the lady of William Macleod, Esq. of Harris, of a son. Downe Gillor., yomger or Wellhouse, Esq. of a At her house in Park Place, St James's, Londatter.

don, the Viscountess Cranbane, of a son and heir. Oct... At Edinburgh, the Right Hon. Lady 30. At Edinburgh, the lady of Sir William JarTorphichen, of a sce.

dine, Bart. of Applegarth, of a daughter. - At Portswood-house, Ilants, the lasly of Wil. - In St Andrew's-square, Mrs Graham, of a son. liam Alexander Mackimon, Esq. of a daughter. 31. At No. 42, North Hanover-street, Mrs Es

3. In Hili-street, Berkeley-square, London, the pinasse, of a daughter. Haily of Henry Brougham, Esq. of Brougham, M.P. - Mrs Jaines Simpson, Northumberland-street, ot' a daughter.

of a daughter. -- At the Manse of Lauder, Mrs Cosens, of a Lately. It Durham, the lady of Samuel Sproul, danghter.

Esq. M. D. Member of the Medical Board, Boin1. The lady of Stair Stewart, Esq. of Physgill, bay, of a son. of a daughter.

At Agra, in the East Indies, the lady of 5. At Pitrichie house, Mrs Mackenzie, of a son. Lieutenant-colonel M.Leod, of a daughter. 7. Mrs Robert Thomson, late of 44, Gilmore

- At Edinburgh, the wife of Mr William MacPlace, ot' a daughter.

Diarmid, printer, of a daughter. 8. In York-Place, the lady of the Hon. H. T. Liddell of Ravensworth Castle, Durham, of a son and heir. - At the Government-house, Jersey, the lady

MARRIAGES. of his Excelleney Sir Colin Haiket, K. C. B. and G.C. A. of a daughter.

Sept. 10. At Leghorn, the Hon. Arthur Hill 9. In York-Place, the lady of Rear-Admiral Ot Trevor, eldest son of the Right Hon. Lord Visway, Commander-in-Chief, of a daughter.

count Dungannon, to Sophia, daughter of George 10. In Great Cumberland-street, London, the D'Arcy Irvine, Esq. of Castle Irvine, county of lady of the Right Hon. Lord Glammis, of a son Fermanagh, Ireland. and heir, who died the same day.

Oct. 2. At Inver Dunning, Mr Alexander M. - At Hilmousefield, Mrs James Borthwick, of Anderson, writer, Nelson-street, Edinburgh, to a daughter.

Catherine, eldest daughter of Alexander Stewart, - At Drummond-Place, Edinburgh, the lady Esq. of Inver Dunning. of Major Nickle, of the 88th regiment, of a daugh 3. At Edinburgh, llenry Sibbald, Esq. writer to ter.

the signet, to Agnes, only child of the late James Mrs Orr, 26, Albany-street, of a daughter. Edmond, Esq. Glasgow. 12. At Boulogne-sur-Seine, the Right Hon. La 4. At George's-square, Edinburgh, Dr Robert dy Jane Lindsay Carnegie, of a son.

Renton, physician, Edinburgh, to Miss Christina --- At 51, Queen-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Greig Adaın, daughter of the late Ďr Adam. of Hallgreig, of a daughter.

6. At Valleyfield, John Hay, Esq. younger of - Ai No. 11, Gilmore-Place, Mrs Robertson, Smithfield aud Hayston, to Miss Anne Preston,

daughter of the late Lieutenant-Colonel George 13. 'At Selkirk, Mrs R. Henderson, of a daugh- Preston, of the Royal Marines, and niece of Sir ter.

Robert Preston, Valleyfield, Bart. 11. Mrs Tod, Charlotte-square, of a daughter. 8. At the Manse of 'Urray, Alexander MackenAt Lathrisk, Mrs Johnston, of a son.

zie, Esq. of Kinnahard, to Margaret, only daughter - At St Andrews, the lady of Captain William of the Rev. Donald Macdonald of Urray. Playfair, of a son.

- At Fountainhall, near Aberdeen, Alexander 15. At Aberdeen, the lady of Major Henderson, Murchison, Esq. M. D. of Jamaica, to Mary, only royal engineers, of a son.

daughter of Dr Patrick Copland, Professor of Na. 17. At Edinburgh, Mrs George Wauchope, of a tural Philosophy in the University and Marischal daughter.

College of Aberdeen. - Mrs Stoddart, Albany-street, of a daughter. 9. At Kinning-house, Archibald Graham, Esq.

- At Loudam llall, Suffolk, Lady Sophia Mac writer in Glasgow, to Miss Barbara Loriston, donald, of a son.

daughter of the late John Dixon, Esq. of Knights- At the house of Mrs Grant, sen. of Kilgras wood. ton, Mrs Fraser Tytler of Burdsyards, of a son. 10. At Barnes Church, Surrey, Charles Stuart,

18. At Arbuthnott-house, the Viscountess of Esq. of Rothsay, to Miss Leake, of Barnes. Arbuthnott, of a son.

11. At Elister, Island of Islay, Duncan Campbell, - At Harcourt-street, Dublin, the Countess of Esq. Kilchomen, to Anne, eldest daughter of Niel Errol, of a daughter.

M•Niel, Esq. 19. At Campbeltown, Argyleshire, the lady of - At Newington, Mr James Scott, tertius, the late Dr Alexander M‘Larty, physician, Kings merchant in Leith, to Miss Marion Smart, daughton, Jamaica, of a posthumous daughter.

ter of the late Captain Robert Smart.

of a son.

16. At St Andrews, Mr John Anderson, mer.. Sept. 23. Robert, and on the 5th Oct. Janct, inchant there, to Miss Jean, second daughter of Mr fant children of Mr H. P. Macleod, teacher of muJames Clark, Balrymounth.

sic, Caltonhill. At Edinburgh, Mr John Wilson, plumber, 27. At Peebles, greatly regrette:l, the Rev. ThoLiverpool, to Jessie, eldest daughter of Mr Wil

mas Leckie, 27 years minister of the associate conliam Bathgate, merchant, St James's Square. gregation there.

- At Dumfries, at the house of Thomas Gol 28. At Sloan-street, London, Nes Sherringham, die, Esq. of Craigmuie, John Hyndman, Esq. ad youngest daughter of the late Capisiu Gamage, of rocate, to Maria Le Maitre, daughter of the late the East India Company's service. James Macrae, Esq. of Holmains.

- At Cray, Catherine Anabella, eldest daughter 17. At the Church of Overton, the Rev. Dr of Major Jaines Robertson, of Cray. Dewar, minister of the Tron Church, Glasgow, to 29. At her ho:ise, 22, Society, Miss Margaret Susan, youngest daughter of Edward Place, Esq. Aikman, daughter of the late Mr James Aikman, of Skelton Grange, Yorkshire.

House of Muir. '18. At 42, Macvicar Place, Mr James Dowell, 30. At Frankfort, Lady Charlotte Hill, eldest cabinet-maker and upholsterer, East Thistle-street, daughter of the Marchioness of Downshire. to Isabella, only daughter of Mr James Browning, Oct 1. At East Dalry, Richard Shirrets, Esq. merchant.

At Bellaberta, in the county of Berwick, - At Greenock, George Noble, Esq. to Geils, Miss Veronica Hore, youngest daughter of the only daughter of the late Andreiv Donald, Esq. of late Rev. Robert Hoge, minister of Roxburgh, Virginia, North America.

aged (3. 20. At Cairnsmore, the Rev. David Wilson, - At Leith Walk, after a severe illness of three mivister of Stranraer, to Margaret, eldest daugh- days, Mr James Allison, sen. gardener there, in ter of the late Peter Stewart, Esq. of Cairnsmore.

his 1021 year, 25. At Paisley, William Mercer, Esq. W. S, to At Noranside, John Mill, Esq. of Noranside. Catherine, eldest daughter of Robert Maxwell, - At Elinburgh, Mr David Vallance, merEsq. Paisley.

chant. - At St George's Chapel, Edinburgh, Captain 2. Mr William Currie Lawrie, surgeon. J. Thornton, I. P. 78th regiment, son of J. - In the south of France, after a painful illThornton, Esq. of Kensington, to Miss Helen ness, George Maxwell, Esq. yomger of Curruchan, Small, daughter of the late John Small, Esq. of Lieutenant-Colonel of the Galloway militia. Overmains, Berwickshire.

At the manse of Morebattle, Alexander, son 24. In the British Chapel of Leghorn, John of the Rev. Walter Morrison. Christie, Esq. of Hodderdon, in the county of At Greenlaw House, in the Stewartry of Hertford, lo Caroline, eldest daughter of John Kirkcudbright, Lady Gordon, inuch and justiy Falconer, Esq. his Britannic Majesty's Consul regretted by all who knew her.! General for Tuscany.

3. At Edinburgh, Mrs Jane Robertson, reliet 25. At Edinburgh, William Johnstone, Esq. of the late William Smellie, Esq. printer, seere30, Northumberland-street, to Mrs Reidie, widow tary to the Royal Society of Scottish Antiquaries, of Dr Reidie, physician, Brechin,

author of the Philosophy of Natural History, - At Edinburgh, Williain Herries Ker, Esq. to translator of the works of M. de Buffon, &c. Magdaline, only daughter of the late Colonel Wil - At Dublin, Mrs Anna Maria Ivers, wife of liam Riccart Hepburne of Riccarton.

Mr James M. Graham, surgeon of the Fifeshire 30. At St James's Church, Sir William John militia. stone Hope, M. P. one of the Lords of the Admi - At Thornhill (Perthshire), William M'Ewan, ralty, to the Right Honourable Maria, Countess Esq. writer to the signet. of Athlone, sister to Sir Robert Eden, Bart. of 4. At her house, No. 15, North Frederick-street, Windlestone, in the county of Durham.

Mrs Charles Macke:izic, widow of the late Charies - At Edinburgh, Mr R. Scott Thompson, Mackenzie, Esq. writer in Edinburgh. druggist, Prince's Street, to Isabella M. Cowan, - At Duukeld, Mrs D. Landale, of Kirkaldy. eldest daughter of Mr William Cowan, merchant, 6. At Cunninghamhead, Niel Snodgrass, Esq Edinburgh.

of Cunninghamhead, in the 82d year of his age. - At Dover, James Walker, Esq. of Dover, to 9. At Glasgow, in the 19th year of his age, DaHenrietta, eldest daughter of the late Major James vid, and on the 1lth, in the 25th year of his age, Murray Grant, of the Barrack Department. William, sons of Mr David Hamilton, architoct,

Latey. In Maitland Street, William Fraser, Esq. Glasgow. of Madras, to Mrs Mary Turner, daughter of the 10. At Gillespie's Hospital, Mrs Margaret Millate Captain William Bruce, of the Honourable ler, aged 95, one of the persons who were first adEast India Company's service, Malras.

mitted into that hospital. At Windsor, Nova Scotia, John M‘Kay, of At her son-in-law's house, Myles, Mrs HisBerry Hill, Sutherlandshire, Esq. Captain 27th regiinent of foot, to Amelia Isabella, third daughter

11. Of an enlargement of the heart, Heratio of the late Benjamin De Wolf, Esq. of that place. Nelson Matcham, second son of General Matcham,

- At Glasgow, Mr Jaines Rait, merchant, there, Esq. and nephew to Admiral Lord Viscount Nelto Margaret, eldest daughter of Robert Watt, Esq. son of the Nile, and of the present Earı, aged 18. merchant, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

At Perth, Mr David Marshall, of Manchester, youngest son of William Marshall, Esq. Perth.

- At her father's house, James's Square, JoDEATHS.

anna Craig, aged 17.

12. In Doctors Commons, Elizabeth, the wife of March 11. At Madras, of the cholera morbus, Mr Richard Hope, of Luxted, near Down, in Kent, Mr Robert Stevenson, a native of Kilinarnock. in the 730 year of her age.

19. At Dinapore, in India, Colonel Alexander 13. At Ormly, Caithness, Captain Donald SinM'Leod, C. B. commanding his Majesty's 59th re clair, late of the 30th regiment of foot. giment.

Maria Matilda, wife of S. F. T. Wilde, Esq. April. In Elchipore, in India, Mrs Ogilvie, wife of Sergeant's Im, barrister at law. of Captain Duncan Ogilvie, 21 regi?nent Madras At Belfast, Major Andrew Pattison, late of native infantry, and daughter of the Rev. Dr the 29th regiment of foot and Sth royal veteran Duncan, Ratho.

battalion. 10. At Cochin, East Indies, George Browne, 14. At Cult Manse, Elizabeth Hunter, wife of son of the late Rev. John Browne, Falkirk. the Rev. Thomas Gillespie, minister of Cult.

May 8. Near Calcutta, aged 68 years, Colonel - At Edinburgh, Mrs Esther Yellowlees, wife Colin Mackenzie, C. B. of the Madras Engineers, of Mr John Yellowlees, coach-maker, MoundSurveyor-General of India.

Place. 12. Át Madras, Lieutenant-Colonel Samuel Dal 15. At the Manse of Killearn, the Rev. Jame: Tymple, C. B. of the Madras Artillery.

Graham, minister of that parish, in the 86th year July 15. At his house in Stromness, John Lout. of his age, and 51th of his ministry. tit, Esq. of Banks, merchant in Stromness.

At Etlinburgh, Mrs Jcan Gall, wife of Mr Aug. 12. At Demerary, universally regretted, John Moffat, engraver. Patrick Macintyre, Esq.

At her house, in George-strect, Edinburgh, 23. At Demerara, of the yellow fover, Licute Miss Grace Suttie, eldest daughter of the late Sin nant-Colonel Nooth, C.B. of the 21st Royal Scots George Suttie, Burt. of Balgone. Fuzilecrs, eldest son of Dr Nooth of Batii.

At Edinburgh, James Hay, Esq. W.S.


16. In Tralee, (Ireland,) aged 75, after a pro 1817. Born of an ancient family, he is said to tracted illness, Jerry Sullivan, leaving property to have united the dignity of rank with Christian the amount of L.20,000, which he bequeathed to humility, and the gravity of the Prelate with the the inhabitants of T'ralee, to be added to the sums purity of the priestly character. already subscribed by them, for the purpose of 20. At George's Square, Miss Eleanor Ruther. inaking a fund to defray the expences of a law furd, daughter of the late John Rutherfurd, Esq. suit, about to be carried on in the ensuing term, of Edgerston, against the Denny family, to open the borough of At Drylaw, Mrs Ramsay, widow of the late that town; and the overplus, if any, to form the William Ramsay, Esq. of Barnton. commencement of a sinking fund, to secure the 21. Miss Isabella Helen Sangster, only daughter future independence of the borough, by defray of the late Mr John Sangster, Widewall, Orkney, ing the expenses of the popular candidate at any At Edinburgh, Nathaniel Isbister, nephew of future contested election, and thereby encoura. Mr Thomas Isbister, merchant, Edinburgh. ging talents and independence in the country; At Craigrothie, in Fife, Mr David Martin, and in case the inhabitants should decline prose road-surveyor. cuting such suit, then the said sum to be applied 21. At Aberdeen, in the 80th year of his age, in support of the different public institutions of the John Ewen, Esq. With the exception of various town, to be distributed as the grand jury shall think şums left to the public charities of Aberdeen, he fit. The history of this man's life is as extraordinary has bequeathed the bulk of his property, (perhaps as his bequest :-- In the early part of his career he £15,000 or £16,000,) to the magistrates and clergy was for many years an attorney's clerk, in which of Montrose, for the purpose of founding an hussituation, by persevering industry and rigid eco pital, similar to Gordon's Hospital of Aberdeen, nomy, he ainassed a considerable sum of money, for the maintenance and education of boys. and, considering himself independent, he resolved 23. At Edinburgh, aged 60 years, Miss Marga. to become a man of business; he did not hesitate ret Clephane, relict of Mr Thomas Ker, late of long in making a choice-he commenced the trade Burntisland. of a stock-broker, or “advantageous money-lend 24. At Knowhead, Mrs Whittet, relict of John er," and in a few years his success outran his most

Whittet, Esq. of Paterhill. sanguine expectations. At his death he had liens 25., At Bridge Road, Lambeth, Sophia, wife of on the estates of several of the grandees in his David Allan, Esq. Deputy-Commissariat-General neighbourhood. For the last

twenty years he was to his Majesty's forces, and of Portobello, near the “ Collective wisdom," of the 's western em Edinburgh. pire;" his house was, at nights, the resort of all

In Queen Ann-street, London, Admiral Sir the knowing ones; and, as he had no family, their William Young, G. C.B. and Vice-Admiral of nocturnal orgies were not interupted by any ap Grcat Britain. prehensions of a curtain lecture, or any anxiety 26. At her mother's house, Dalry Mills, in the for an offspring, whose provisions those revels 22d year of her age, Mrs Torrance, widow of Mr might les en.

Torrance, Hanover-street, and second daughter of At Wakefield, Mrs Cleghorn of Stravithy. the late Andrew Veitch, Esq. 17. At Saint Madoes, Perthshire, Mrs John 27. Mary, daughter of Mr William Dunlop, Smith.

Merchant-street. - At Graysmill, Slateford, Mr William Bel

- At Dalguise-house, Perthshire, Charles Steufrage, aged 72.

art, of Dalguise, Esq. 18. Dr David Mackie, of Huntingdon, aged 67. 28. At Mill bank, Edinburgh, James Neilson, His death was occasioned by a fall from his chaise Esq. of Millbank, in the 69th year of his age. a few days previously.

29. Miss Colquhoun of Camstraddan. - At Uppat House, Sutherland, Margaret La - At Perth, Robert, youngest son of Mr R. H. com, third daughter of Mr John Shaw, of the Moncrieff, writer. Customs, aged 16.

At London, Cassander Agnes, Lady Hamil19. At Paris, Jobn Astley, Esq. proprietor of ton, widow of Sir J. Hamilton, Bart. the Royal Amphitheatre, Westminster Bridge, 31. At Croom's Hill, Blackheath, Mrs CampLondon, aged 54 years.

bell, wife of Colonel Campbell. - At Borrowstounness, Courtenay P. Shairp, Lately. On his voyage home from India, Capyoungest son of William Shairp, Esq. collector of

tain Robert Sanderson, of his Majesty's 98th recustoms.

giment. - At Edinburgh, Miss Marion Steele, eldest At Nancy, in Lorraine, aged 87, Miss Jean daughter of Mr John Steele, confectioner, justly Rollo, daughter of the deceased James Rollo, Esq. and deeply regretted.

of Pow-house. 20. At Naples, the lady of James Dupre, of - At Dublin, Alderman Warner. He had been Wilton Park, Esq. and second daughter of the out taking the air in his jaunting car, when, findlate Sir William Maxwell of Monteith, Bart.

ing a sudden numbness coming over him, he re- At Kellhead, John, son of the late Mr John turned home, and shortly afterwards expired of a Irving, aged 77. His death was caused by a slight paralytic stroke. contusion on the shin-bone, which, being neglected, caused a mortification, and terminated his ex- Bailey. This individual by excessive parsimony,

-- At Newport, Isle of Wight, aged 92, Samuei istence in a few days.

amassed upwards of L.10,000, yet his appearance In his 85th year, Henry Burt, Esq. of Barns, Kinross-shire.

was always that of a beggar ; and his manner of Cardinal Talleyrand de Perigord. His Eminence property. At Paris, aged 85, the Archbishop

of Paris, living was equally wretched. 'He has left a widow

and four sons, between whom he has divided his was created Cardinal and Archbishop of Paris in

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