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NOTWITHSTANDING of our having given this month an extra sheet, we find that we shall be obliged to put Asmodeus against into the chest, to satisfy our numerous, kind, and ever-valued Cor-tead respondents. In fact, we are compelled to have tecourse to this Test expedient, not only to satisfy Correspondents, but Patrons. Our familan worthy Subscribers, on binding up our ninth volume, stared with astonishment on seeing us not at all so jolly as we were wont to be, All our attempts to convince these excellent characters, that five Numbers never can be equal to six, have been quite ineffectuał kiek In order to please all our Friends, whether Correspondents or ki Patrons, we shall indulge them with another extra Number, to crown their Christmas jollities, and Nos. LVIII. and LIX. will therefore appear together on the 31st of December.

In the meantime, although our Devil is one of the most impartial extant, and we have no doubt will give as much satisfaction as on the Coronation occasion, we feel ourselves constrained to say a few words to all whom they may concern :

What an abominable hand Dr P*** writes! Here we have been half an hour trying to decypher half a page of compliments to us. Why, if a ram-cat dipt his

paw in an ink-bottle, and dabbled it over a page, it would be more Christian writing. We were horror-struck when we came to this passage, “A is a chamber-pot,” but on more close inspection, it turned out to be

A is a charme ing poet;" and in the end he describes us as being what we, to our amazement, thought was Grand Lama, &c. but which in reality is “Grande lumen. Scotiæ.” What a sad thing this would be in the hands of a careless compositor. Indeed, most of our regular correspondents write awfully. Tickler is almost unreadable. We have a mind to give fac-similes of them all, and strike terror into the hearts of the writing-master population of the empire.

P. Q. (Manchester) R. S. (Norfolk) J. P. (Liskeard,) and many more alphabet men, are under consideration.

The first detachment of our Irishmen burst in on us this morning. What a kind-hearted people they are,—and what pretty modes they have of expressing their kindness! For instance, J. N. M. writes us to say, that “ Our image shall remain deeply engraved on the marrow of his heart until the last moment of eternity!” How tender! and how true!

Our Sligo friend is too droll,-indeed we think Sligo men are in general most facetious. We know a president of a scientific society from that bonny town; and, good heavens, what a funny man he is !

Doctor U****** writes us from Limerick, that the dysentery raging there is much abated, principally in consequence of the good people there taking considerably to reading "s. We have no doubt of the fact, though the trum.

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pery men of the faculty here may dispute it. But let them look to Galen, and hen deny it if they dare. It gives us great pleasure to hear of the increasing sealth of that respectable brick-town.

“ De arte Punnandi per Johannen Dominum Norburiensem, Libri duo," -we are afraid is a hoax.

The Rev. T. Kennedy, T.C., Dublin, has had good reason to be surprised t'a notice of his edition of Homer, which appeared in one of our late numwidters. This, we have ascertained, was a hoax played upon us, and cannot haye certaffected Mr Kennedy in the opinion of any one who knows him.

We shall not publish the letter just received from Sappho the younger, of . Blowbladder Street. It is too truculent. The people recommended for chas,

isement deserve it—but we must mix mercy now and then with our justice. B True it is, that forty stripes save one, is infinitely too good for such poachers en Han the domains of tragedy as Haynes, Cornwall, Knowles, Dillon, &c.; but, cer gentle reader, we leave it to you, if the following verses do not breathe rather uite Foo wicked a spirit, against poor men in this unfortunate situation, to be in. serted in our kind and benignant pages :

“Why do you slumber, Christopher the mighty,
While in old Drury or in Covent Garden,
People are venting tragedies terrific,

Brutal and beastly!
There's B**** C*******, alias Molly p*****,
With his weak slip-slop, all of milk and water,
Which petty critics, puffers for the papers,

Three-penny scribblers,
Laud to the skies as most delicious writing,
(As does Leigh Hunt, the King of all the Cockneys,
Link'd with the pretty prating Knight of Pimples,

Table-talk Billy.)
Haynes has no conscience, though he wrote about it,
Else he would never bore us with his verses ;
As for Jack Dillon, give him Retribution

Just for his Drama.
(We skip thirty-seven verses.)
Tear 'em, don't spare 'em, into pieces share 'em ;
Tomahawk, Kit, like Campbell's Outalissi ;
Shatter and batter all these folks theatric,

Skiver and slay 'em,



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Merciful Heaven, here's a bloody-minded poetess. She mistakes us much. El. We would not forfeit the character of benevolence which makes us so universally beloved, with such unchristian punishment.

The Noble Lord's letter, relative to Anastasius, has just been received, and is under consideration. We had no idea that we travelled so rapidly beyond the Appennines. But what has become of our promised poetical packet?

Months ago we ought to have acknowleged the communication from our repected friend at John-a-Groat's, “Upon the Present State of Jeffrey's Edinburgh Review.” But really that old concern is now a sickening subject; and, judicious as are our friend's remarks, he, as well as our million of readers in both hemispheres, must rather wish to see our pages filled with such good

things as Mrs Ogle of Balbogle,” than with the exposure of the antiquated sophistry and unpatriotic effusions of the Blue and Yellow.

Our fair friends in East-Lothian may expect another slice of “ The Widow's Cow" at Christmas.

The elegant poem, “Bombazeen,” from Aimwell, is too personal for our columns. It may do for the Morning Chronicle.

Mr Brougham will see that we have lost no time in inserting “ The Man in the Bell.” He can best explain the true meaning of this most mysterious and appalling narrative.

We received Mr Alfred Beauchamp's polite note, for which we beg to offer him our best thanks. We rejoice to see he is doing so well, and wish him al manner of success.

“ December Tales,”—“ The Greek and French Tragedians,”—“Regulus to the Roman Senate," and several others, (by Correspondents from whom we hope frequently to hear) are in the chest.

A song beginning “ Divinest of all earthly maids”—we have hardly patience with. Does the writer imagine we can cram our columns with stuff of this description? It would do very well for the ancient woman of the High Street ; but to give it to us, is the coolest insolence imaginable.

We have a letter from Baillie Nicol Jarvie of Glasgow, detailing a very mysterious and delicate transaction in the West Country. We are at present too merciful to publish it; but let the parties beware, or perhaps the benevo

lent fit may pass.

A very polite note from W. Wastle-the contents of which we must keep private.

“ Parson Gobble of Kidderminster;" a spirited sketch, but too strong to be inserted without proper verification. We shall write to our Kidderminster agent about it. East India mail arrived.-Several parcels for us.

Our good friend at Calele cutta writes in great spirits. Our last October number had just arrived, and he is quite gratified at the flattering account of our sale in the Hour's Têtes arts Tête. He sends us what he calls “jottings” of our progress in the Eastera World ; and really we conceive we are doing an immensity of good by our increasing diffusion. We have a great mind to manufacture an article out of Mr ****s hints, under the title of “ Progress of Civilization in Hindostan."

Our respected Correspondent at Yeovil will see we have availed ourselves de his communication. We hope to have the honour of hearing from him frequently.

While we return a thousand thanks to “ Carril,” we regret we cannot gire a place to his communications.

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ents from

ur columzo schools.

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of which e: tion, revised, improved and enlarged, of sons.
Site to ou is "leys, illustrative of ancient manners, and
nber had jis Mr Goörres, the author of some poetical thor of a Treatise on Scrophula.

cure oiée :


LONDON. Mr T.C. Hansard, printer, will shortly In the Press, Cicero de Officiis de Ami. publish in one volume 4to. Typographia ; citiâ et de Senectute, printed in 48mo. with

an Historical Sketch of the Origin and Pro- diamond type. By Corrall. Uniform with nserting" gress of the AR of Printing ; with de Horace and Virgil

, recently published. is mos ne tails of the latest improvements, and prac Memoirs of the Court of King James

tical directions for the mode of conducting the First, by Lucy Aikin.

the various branches of the Art, including An Abridgment of a Voyage to Madawhich ? the process of Stereotyping and of Lithogra- gascar, by the Abbé Rochon, containing a well , azke phic Printing.

description of that Island, its Manners, Mr Robert Bloomfield, author of the Customs, &c. with a Portrait of Prince Ra.

Farmer's Boy, announces a new work un tafia. By Thomas Toune. gedians."-" ) der title of the May-day of the Muses. On the 1st of January will be publish

Tales of the Drama, by Miss Macauley, ed, Part I. of a Technical Repository of founded on the most popular acting plays. Practical Information, on subjects connecte

Mr Peter Nicholson's System of pure ed with the present daily improvements " — 2 ber and mixed Mathematics for the use of and new discoveries in the useful arts. By

Mr Gill, many years Member of the ComDr Leach will speedily publish a Sy- mittee of Mechanics, of the Society of Arts

nopsis of British Mollusca ; being an ar in the Adelphi, assisted by mechanical maginable rangement of bivalve and univalve shells, friends. lasgow, dit according to the

animals inhabiting them, Speedily will be published, the Glories intended as an introduction to the study of of the Messiah ; a Poem, in four cantos.

conchology. Illustrated with Plates. By the Rev. Robert Moffat. e, or perhep Mr M. Cary, of Philadelphia, intends to Miss Edgeworth will soon publish Frank,

publish, in the ensuing spring, a new edi. a sequel to her History on the Early LesVindiciæ Hiberniæ, or Ireland Vindicated. Biblical Fragments. By Mrs Schimmel

Berkeley Anecdotes: or Abstracts and pennineh, author of the Narrative of the etch, but w* Extracts of Smyth's Lives of the Berke- Demolition of Port Royal.

A Treatise on Cancer ; in which will of the Constitution, with a copious History be detailed, a mild constitutional method

of Berkeley Castle. By J. T. Fosbroke, of treatment for the alleviation and cure of Our Brandt M. A. author of British Monachism. this distressing malady. By W. Farr, au.

works, is about to produce a new publica Original Tales of my Landlord's School,
tion, entitled Europe, and the Revolution. embellished with Engravings. By W.

An Apology for the Freedom of the Gardner.
Press. By Rev. Robert Hall, A. M. of The third Edition of Rolle's Trader's

A new Metrical version of the Psalms The Universal Traveller ; containing an
of David. By the Rev. Basil Wood. Abstract of the Chief Books of Travels in

A Treatise on the Practice of Elocution, all ages. With one hundred Engravings. and on the Cure of Impediments of the A third edition of the Rev. T. Broadspeech. By Mr G. R. Clarke.

hurst's Advice to Young Ladies, on the
A third volume of the Tour of Africa. Improvement of their Minds.
By Miss Hutten.

In the press, a General Index to the
A new and improved Edition of Mr First Fifty Volumes of the Monthly Ma-
Henry Siddons's Translation of Engel on gazine.
Gesture and Action.

Travels in the Interior of Africa, by
The Wit's Red Book; or Calendar of William Burchall, Esq.
Gaiety for 1822.

The Beauties of Ireland. By Mr J. R.
Dr John Mason Good will speedily pub- Brewer, embellished with Engravings by
lish The Study of Medicine, comprising its Storer, after original drawings by Petrie
Physiology, Pathology and Practice, in of Dublin.
four vols. 8vo.

A new volume of the Annual Obituary. Mr Savage's second volume on Decora. In quarto, a General History of wines ; tive Printing.

containing a Topographical Account of all Shortly will be published, a new and the principal modern wines, and a chronoimproved edition of the Rev. David Wilc logical History of the Wines used in Engliains' Laws relative to the Clergy, inclu- land. ding Instructions to Candidates for Holy The Weald of Sussex, a Poem ; by E.


sale in the Ir ProCTES I mensity as nufacture 2014 Civilizator za

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we regret


The Conveyancer's Guide ; a Burlesque in the press a small volume, entitled Re. Poem. The second edition, considerably creation for the Young and Old ; an Exenlarged, with numerous Notes.

cursion to Brighton ; a Visit to Tunbridge A Greek and English Prosodial Lexicon, Wells ; and a Trip to Southend, with an with Synonymes and Examples, marked and Alphabetical List of all the Watering scanned in the manner of the Latin Gradus. Places in the Kingdom. By Thomas Webb, author of Greek Pro A new edition of Neale's History of the sody and Metre.

Puritans, by Toulmin ; 5 vols. 8vo. CareA Chronological Outline of the History fully Revised by W. Jones, author of the of Bristol. By Mr Evans, printer, of that History of the Christian Church. city.

A Short Treatise on the Summation of In the press, the Eighth and concluding Series by Increments. By the Rev. E. C. Volume of Howe's Works.

Tyson of Cambridge. Dr Reade is preparing for publication a Happiness, a Tale for the Grave and Treatise on Vision, founded on new and the Gay, in 2 vols. small 8vo. Price 12s. interesting experiments.

boards. The Rev. Dr Evans, of Islington, has Mary Nelson, a Narrative, in l vol


Dramas of the Ancient World, by D. ticus Secundus. In one neat pocket volume, Lindsay, will appear in a few days. with Seven Portraits and Vignette Title.

Mr Stark is, we understand, preparing In the press, and speedily will be pubfor press, a Biographia Scotica upon an lished, the Sixth Number of Dr Watts’ Bibextensive scale. It is meant to be printed ļiotheca Britannica ; price L.1, Is. in bds. in octavo, and published in volumes. Johnson's Dictionary in Miniature ; im.

Sir Andrew Wylie, of that Ilk, by the proved and enlarged by George Fulton, author of Annals of the Parish, &c. 3 vols. author of a Pronouncing Dictionary, Spel. 12mo. will be published before Christmas. ing-Book, &c. : To which are subjoined,

In the press, and will be published about Vocabularies of Classical and Scriptural the end of November, a Treatise on the Proper Names ; a concise Account of the Covenant of Works, by John Colquhoun, Heathen Deities ; a Collection of QuotaD. D. minister of the Gospel, Leith. tions and Phrases from the Latin, French,

A continuation of Sacred Harmony, for Italian, and Spanish Languages; a Chrothe use of St George's church, Edinburgh, nological Table of Remarkable Events is preparing for publication. In this con from the creation of the world till the pretinuation various alterations and improve- sent time ; and a brief List of Men of Ge. ments will be introduced. Besides the four nius and Learning, in one vol. 18mo. vocal parts, accompaniments for the organ The Philosophical History of the Origin or piano-forte will be given on separate and Progress of the European Languages

. staves. Every tune will have appropriate By the late Dr Alexander Murray, with a words connected with it, taken chiefly from Memoir of his Life, written by himself, is the Psalms, Paraphrases, and Hymns that printing in two octavo volumes. are used in the church of Scotland; and Colonel David Stewart has in the press while the first stanza will be engraven along Historical Sketches of the Highlands of with the music in the usual way, the whole Scotland, with Military Annals of the High. passage will be presented to the eye of the land regiments, in two octavo volumes. reader on the opposite page in letter-press.

The Works of John Playfair, F.R.S.L. The work will consist of Psalm and Hymn and E., late Professor of Natural PhilosoTunes, Sanctuses, Doxologies, Dismissions, phy in the University of Edinburgh ; with and Thanksgivings ; and great care will an Account of the Author's Life. 4 vols. be taken to exclude every thing that is not 8vo. recommended by real excellence. It is to The Works of John Home, Esq., Au. be published in Numbers, for the conve- thor of Douglas, á Tragedy, &c. To which nience of subscribers. Each Number, price is prefixed, an Account of his Life and Three Shillings, will contain sixteen pages Writings. By Henry Mackenzie, Esq. of music, and a proportionate quantity F.R.S.E. 3 vols. 8vo. of letter-press, The first Number we Illustrations of the Geology, Antiquities, appear in March next; and will be enrich- and Scenery, of the Shetland Islands. By ed with the productions of C. Bach, Beetho. S. Hibbert, M.D.F.R.S.E. In quarto, ven, G. F. Graham, C. H. Graun, Handel, with a large Geological Map and other Haydn, Jomelli, Mozart, Rossini, R. A. Engravings. Smith, &c.

The Fairy Minstrel, and other Poems; Letters of Junius ; with Preliminary by William Miller, Dumfries ; in one vel Dissertations, and Copious Notes. By At post 8vo. price 5s. to Subscribers.

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