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« No, no,

sions of mutual regard, nor seemed to cenil before I reached the top of the e produce the slightest sympathetic emo- cliffs. I knew not which way to turn

tion in their bosoms. They gazed my steps, and remained irresolute, till sternly at each other and at me, and the barking of a dog faintly struck my every time the vessel rolled, clung with ear. I joyfully followed the sound, convulsive eagerness to whatever lay and, after an hour of perilous exertion, within their reach.

discovered a light at 'some distance, About sunset our attention was at which I soon found to proceed from tracted by a dreadful róaring, which the window of a small hut. evidently did not proceed from the After I had knocked repeatedly, the waves around us ;' but the atmosphere door was opened by an old man, with being very hazy, we were unable to asa a lamp in his hand. He started back certain the cause of it, for a long time on seeing me, for my dress was wet At length we distinguished a range of and disordered, my face and hands had high cliffs, against which the sea beat been wounded whilescrambling among with terrible fury. Whenever the the rocks, and fatigue and terror had surge broke upon them, large jets of given me a wan and agitated look. I foam started up to a great height, and entered the house, the inmates of which

flashed angrily over their black and were a woman and a boy, and having is rugged surfaces, while the wind moan- seated myself near the fire, related to

ed and whistled with fearful caprice my host all that had occurred on board

among the projecting points of rock. the floating beacon, and then requesthome A dense mist covered the upper part ed him to accompany me down to the

of the cliffs, and prevented us from beach, that we might search for Anseeing if there were any houses upon gerstoft and Marietta. their summits, though this point ap- cried he, “ that is impossible. Hear peared of little importance, for we how the storm rages ! Worlds would drifted towards the shore so fast that not induce me to have any communiiminediate death seemed inevitable. cation with murderers. It would be

We soon felt our vessel bound twice impious to attempt it on such a night against the sand, and, in a little time as this. The Almighty is surely pu. after, a heavy sea carried her up the nishing them now! Come here, and beach, where she remained imbedded look out.” and hard a-ground. During the ebb I followed him to the door, but the of the waves there was not more than moment he opened it, the wind extintwo feet of water round her bows. I guished the lamp. Total darkness immediately perceived this, and watch prevailed without, and a chaos of rushing a favourable opportunity, swung ing, bursting, and moaning sounds myself down to the beach, by means swelled upon the ear with irregular of part of the cable that projected loudness. The blast swept round the through the hawse-hole. I began to hut in violent eddyings, and we felt run towards the cliffs, the moment my the chilly spray of the sea driving upfeet touched the ground, and Anger on our faces at intervals. I shudderstoff attempted to follow me, that he ed, and the old man closed the door, might prevent my escape ; but, while and then resumed his seat near the in the act of descending from the ves- fire. sel, the sea flowed in with such vio My entertainer made a bed for me lence, that he was obliged to spring on upon the floor, but the noise of the board again to save himself from be- tempest, and the anxiety I felt about ing overwhelmed by its waters. the fate of Angerstoff anıt Marietta,

I hurried on and began to climb up kept me awake the greater part of the the rocks, which were very steep and night. Soon after dawn my host acslippery; but I soon grew breathless companied me down to the beach. We from fatigue, and found it necessary to found the wreck of the floating beastop. It was now almost dark, and con, but were unable to discover any when I looked around, I neither saw traces of the guilty pair whom I had any thing distinctly, nor could form left on board of it. the least idea how far I had still to as

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Northumberland Court, Strand, London. In the devil's name, Christopher, blank to us, not even deigning to menwhat did you mean by printing that tion our stage-lights, our debutants, rig-marole of mine? You've nearly and all the glorious company of lions. ruined me, man. The prosers at the We had resolved on vengeance, but the Academies have regularly expelled me, debate was, whether we should take and the Eccentrics themselves look it in the shape of silent contempt, the suspicious, but have gone no farther feasibility of which was much doubtas yet than the threat of a huge dose ed, or whether we should coalesce with of salt and water. Nevertheless, I'll the Cockneys, and literally write you on there's no resisting the paren- down, when lo! my epistle appearthesis of “ (we hope to hear frequent- ed, and a worthy Templar of great ly)," especially when accompanied with weight, got up in full synod, and dethe hams and other appendages you clared his resolution of“ sticking by were so good as to send. Your ham Blackwood, since there were some is a true inspirer, a solid sort of Cas- hopes of sharing its pages with the talian, a whet for the muse as well as Hirish mauraders” - sic te servavit the appetite: I always stow in some Apollar. ballast of the kind previous to setting I recommend you, my good Kit, to sail into a new sheet. Some folks are be cautious in your connection with all for a vegetable diet, especially em- those said Hirish. We are here very bryo poets, and minor novelists, who angry with them for having the imswear, one and all, that Byron lived on pudence to entice our King from us, cauliflowers while he was writing the and then shake his hands off almost Corsair. This I'm inclined to doubt, when he landed. For myself, I don't although there is much of the senti- join in these prejudicesi' I am greato mentality of cabbage about his Lord- ly amused with the happiness of the ship; and many of his lines smell Dublinians; they shew great spirit, strongly of sour crout. But every one and are resolved not to be out-done in to his liking,

any thing. You must know they pride “Suum cuique proprium dat natura mu- and strongest names in the world, and

themselves upon having the longest Ego nunquam potui scribere jejunus.” are so jealous of Prince Esterhazy's

quantum of syllables, that they've Being duly inspired in my favourite docked him down to plain Mister way, I shall commence, mon cher Hazy. Christophe, by lauding your shrewd I shudder to think of the consumpness in snapping at me for a corres- tion of whisky-punch that will or has pondent. For we Metropolitans, es- inevitably taken place in that spungypecially my noble fraternity of the stomached city. But I shudder still Templars, were growing very indig- more to think of the hornet's nest of nant at having no place in your con- bulls, jokes, and puns, with which we sideration. And with reason were we shall be inundated. All parties have jealous, to see you cram-full of the made up their quarrels, that they may localities of Blarney, while ours, the beat leisure to manufacturegood things. first city in the world, was either pass Mr Ogreman and Sir Edward Stanley, ed over in total silence, or, what was have been buttoning each other's more insulting, confounded with a set breeches, and tying each other's stockof Cockney drivellers, who really have ings with sky-blue garters in token of not the courage to live within our amity,--though I can't see for the life smoke. I assure you, we were pro- o' me, what sky-blue ribbons have to ceeding to form very invidious compa- do with amity. We intend laughing risons between Isaac Bickerstaff and a whole year on the strength of this you ;--we called to mind the classical visit; but all in good part, for our fun of Will Honeycomb and the Tem- neighbours are the best-humoured plar; and we looked at thy pages, honest blundering set of fellows in the


• Pray, were you god-father to the unfortunate King of Hayti ?

world. But your inhabitants of small Did you ever hear such an Irishism, islands are so apt to be taken at a non- except "Arrah, Paddy, my jewel, how plus.

is every bit o'you?" What arrant maleHis Grace of Gloucester visited the volence, or utter stupidity there must good people of Guernsey one day, and have been in the Cockney critic's quoput them in such a fuss, that they have ting, this as the sample of a young not recovered from it to this hour. poet's powers; for there are really First, the militia were to be called to some beautiful passages in the tragether, in order to receive him; the gedy. bell-man went about the fields for the But let me not dame other poets or purpose, and hurried the labourers poetry while I have before me the home, to put on their searlet coats and great chef d'æuvre of the age. I know, white breeches. They were almost in Mr North, how much you will symtime; his Grace met them in a muck, pathize with the Whigs, and congrarunning like devils to line the quay tulate them on the appearance of and street. He was good enough to “ The Glorious Revolution, an Histocompliment them on their rosy looks, rical Tragedy, by the Baron, alias, and rosy they had reason to be, being the Reverend Francis Lee ; Warren, nearly broken-winded from haste. The London.” I had some thoughts of honours of reception being over, the inditing a learned review thereon; but, next business was the ball; “ Who alas! am not well enough acquainted is he to dance with ?” was a serious with political economy, for a poetical subject of consideration. However, critic. Since the appearance of the arthey left that to time, and waited on ticle on Chandos Leigh, in the Edinhis Highness's Equerry, Colonel Hig- burgh, which talks so much of the gins, to demand the proper dress for “raw material,” and “ manufactured gentlemen, consonant to etiquette. The stuff" of poesy, I've given up the trade Colonel replied, plain dress would be of criticising young poets, till I can besufficient, but at any rate to wear come a little more familiar with the small-clothes, shoes, and buckles. Now terms of Adam Smith. Nevertheless, the bite was, the deuce a buckle was we must have some talk with this to be had in the whole island ;—this learned Theban.* The play opens in was indeed distress. To conclude, they the House of Commons, and “Mr drew up a petition to his Serene High- Coke (Whig M. P. for Derby)” gets ness, that he would be contented with up and speaks : simple shoe-strings; and, as it is re

“ These Tory plots will be the nation's corded in newspaper phraseology, the

ruin ; Duke graciously complied with the Laws are dispensed with. All the wholefeelings of the good people of Guernsey. For all their wanting shoe- Of true allegiance to qualify for office; buckles, they are a very pleasant so. And needful acts of Britain's constitution cial set, and great readers of Black. Just at caprice; new systems have de. wood,Sir James Sumries himself be

stroy'd ing your professed patron.

Baron Middleton a Tory member, Secre

t'ry of State.” But to return to the Royal visit to Ireland, the number of congratulatory Do you understand this? But thus it odes are inconceivable. My friend is set down, and punctuated. My Banim (erst Bannon) has had one in business, however, is not with the leash here this some time, ready to let sublimities of the tragedy, but the slip at his Majesty the moment he notes, of which anon. At present take touched land. Have you seen this part of the prologue as a sample: Er gentleman's “ Damon and Pythias,” pede Herculem. which the Cockneys have so befouled? 6 Mid Turks our constitution's seen: Mr Hazlitt pretends to praise it, and Things of 16 quotes, with extravagant commenda

And 88; detail'd 18

Ilundred 19. tion, two of the very worst lines in it,

Cull'd from Fox, Rapin,Smollett, Hume, “ The blessings, and the bounties of the King James, it seems ; gods

And his Lord Keeper, Guildford's loom, Be with you, over you, and all about you.” Not his own dreams,

some tests

Vol. X.

• The same author has translated the Theban Pindar.

2 N

With Aristotle's Unities,

Northern Review. In page 61 he reAction, time, place;

lates, Nearly :--your unanimities

* 22d of January, Mr Jeffrey, lookGive us most grace.

ing out of a window, at a Wapping He writes—His story's very true, porter-house, in a seaman's cap, for a

And only claim'd
That you would kindly hear it through,

collier, by which he might escape, was Before its damn'd.

discovered by a clerk of Chancery, and Gallery!-Pitt !-Box! To this agree.

taken before the Lord Mayor, (Mr The man to please :

Thorpe,) who committed him to the I'll tell the man. -(You will I see !) Tower, where he since died.” This man in Greece."

Can this be true? I had some sus

picions of the kind before, from seeing I believe you've heard enough of

the decay of that once dashing work. “ this man in grease.” There is a

But really that such a big man should note, however, which bears strongly depart, and be talked of no more than on the point at issue between Mr Hogs Buonaparte, is wonderful. Pray let and the Edinburgh Reviewer, who

me know in your next, is he absoluteprides himself so much on a knowledge of etiquette. It is as follows, fabrication? That noble and reverend

ly dead; or is Mr Lee's report but a from page 53 of the Tragedy: “ The monument dedicated to the abuse Lord Eldon, and talks most lu

author proceeds in the same note to three last (postremis) of the Royal minously of “ Angelica Catalani,” Stuart Family, which Canova Marquis d'Ischia shewed the author, while Cheek.” But I am mystified with

Golden Fleece," – and “ Pluto's that great sculptor was executing it in his studio at Rome, to be placed in St talking of him, and shall lay down the


till after dinner. Peter's Cathedral, at the expence of

Till toddy-time, the Prince Regent, now his Britannic

Adieu. Majesty King George the Fourth; bears the following inscription: If the bell rings true, Christopher, 16 Jacobo III.

it behoves you to bestir yourself.Jacobo II. Magnæ Brit. Regis filio.

They're reprinting the New Monthly Karolo-Edwardo,

in Kamtschatka; and the two Londons Et Henrico, Decano Patrum Cardinalium have united their forces, and, as Cole Jacobo III. filiis.

man says, become
Regiæ Stirpis Stuardiæ Postremis

“ Two single Gentlemen roll'd into one." Now, if Jacobo tertio be the etiquette Mr Joyee Gold has sold the propriefor George the Fourth, to express on torship of his Magazine, and contria public monument, what has the Re- butes to prop its falling namesake.viewer to say for his cavils on Mr And let me tell you, Mr Gold's conHogg? Besides, did not Louis the tributors are not to be sneezed at.Fourteenth recognize and allow the Deacon is a cleverish fellow; and, to title of King of France and England prove it to you, I'll give you a song of to Charles and James, his pensioners his from Gold's London, No. XV. put and prisoners ?

into the mouth of one of his present But this is not the only passage in coadjutors. which Baron Lee glances at the great

“Oh! I'm the gallant lecturer, as all of you

do know,
Who with pen and paper, word and deed, make such a raree-show;
I write and write, from spleen and spite, and when my wit is vain,
I change the language of the joke, and write it down again,

With my flocci, nauci, nihili, pili, &c.

“My head, like petty bankers, (I speak it not in fun ;)
Can sign a check for small accounts, but cannot stand a run.
'Tis ever open, day and night, for customers to come,-
Eut, like the Bank whose firm is gone, there's nobody at home.

With my flocci, nauci, &c.

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“When first my youthful intellects were running all to waste, Some dæmon whisper'd, (hang him for’t,)

« ******* have a taste !"
So I got a taste for politics, and to secure the pelf,
As I knew the world loved prodigies, I wrote upon myself.

With my flocci, nauci, &c.
“ But, alas ! the reading public have neither sense nor taste,
For they let my youthful intellect, like poppies, run to waste ;
And though I wrote by day and night, (forgive me while I weep,)
And never slept a wink myself,---my readers fell asleep.

With my flocci, nauci, &c.
« Then I march'd up to my publisher in Paternoster-Row,
As Goldsmith says, ' remote, unfriended, melancholy, slow ;'
And slow, indeed, my volume sold,-more slow, alas! than sure,
And hinted, if I wrote for cash, í always should be poor.

With my flocci, nauci, &c.
“ In a rage, then, from the public I demanded restitution,
And humbugg’d them most nobly at the Surrey Institution ;
I talk'd of poems, tales, and plays, for one delicious season,
But my lectures, like the Cockney Odes, had neither rhyme nor reason.

With my flocci, nauci, &c.
“ My next book turn'd on politics, so constant and so true,
But was gather'd to its fathers by the Quarterly Review.
Old Gifford roar'd in thunder, like a lion in his lair,
And placed me in his pillory, egad! and fixed me there.

With my flocci, nauci, &c.
“ Then loud the laugh against me turn'd, and deeper, deeper still,
While the stupid savage grinn'd at such an instance of his skill ;
He shew'd me as a specimen, in terms of low abuse,
A kind of winged animal —a genus of the goose.

With any flocci, nauci, &c.
“ But I lash'd him for his impudence and gross vituperation,
And call’d him (was I right, my friend?) a torment to the nation;'
And the public took my work so well, they came to me for more,
And like the pit at Drury-Lane, they bawl'd aloud, ‘Encore !

With my flocci, nauci, &c.
“ Then curse, for aye, the Edinburgh and Quarterly Reviews,
One filld my hčad with flattery, the other with abuse,-
One call’d me an ingenious back, the other answer'd • Nay;'
And to my sorrow be it said, the Nays' have got the day.

With my flocci, nauci, &c.
“But now, with Mr ******** leave, I'll end my comic song,
And like young Rapid in the play, I'll damme, push along.
So here's a toast for all to drink, 'twill cheer the festive scene,
And give a zest to merriment, 'tis-

******** Magazine.

With my flocci, nauci, &c.
" It reminds me of that image which no modern can surpass,
For its skull is made of lead, and its face is made of brass ;
And its head, like a fine Alderman of blessed name, is · Wood,'
And its sense, by Syntax privilege, is sometimes understood.

With my flocci, nauci," &c. To be sure, these Cockneys are in- life they have left to the incredibility corrigible fellows; they owe the little of their impudence. As no one reads

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