Elmo's Humorous Speaker

Belford-Clarke Company, 1890 - 338 pagina's

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Pagina 33 - Old Mother Hubbard Went to the cupboard, To get her poor dog a bone: But when she got there The cupboard was bare, And so the poor dog had none.
Pagina 155 - He lived at peace with all mankind, In friendship he was true; His coat had pocket-holes behind, • His pantaloons were blue. Unharmed, the sin which earth pollutes, He passed securely o'er; And never wore a pair of boots, For thirty years or more. But good old Grimes is now at rest, Nor fears misfortune's frown; He wore a double-breasted vest, The stripes ran up and down. He modest merit sought to find, And pay it its desert; He had no malice in his mind, No ruffles on his shirt.
Pagina 288 - I am cut off from before thine eyes': nevertheless thou heardest the voice of my supplications when I cried unto thee.
Pagina 259 - He -was my friend, faithful and just to me ; But Brutus says he was ambitious, And Brutus is an honourable man.
Pagina 233 - I've said to you upon this here wery subject; arter actiwally seein' and bein' in the company o' your own mother-in-law, vich I should ha' thought wos a moral lesson as no man could never ha' forgotten to his dyin' day! I didn't think you'd ha' done it, Sammy, I didn't think you'd ha
Pagina 260 - I come not, friends, to steal away your hearts; I am no orator, as Brutus is; But, as you know me all, a plain blunt man, That love my friend; and that they know full well That gave me public leave to speak of him. For I have neither wit...
Pagina 288 - O LORD, thou hast brought up my soul from the grave : thou hast kept me alive, that I should not go down to the pit.
Pagina 259 - If you have tears, prepare to shed them now. You all do know this mantle: I remember The first time ever Caesar put it on; 'Twas on a summer's evening, in his tent; That day he overcame the Nervii : — Look ! In this place ran Cassius...
Pagina 232 - Not to any young 'ooman, I hope, Sammy." " Why, it's no use a sayin' it ain't," replied Sam. " It's a walentine." " A what ! " exclaimed Mr. Weller, apparently horror-stricken by the word. " A walentine," replied Sam. " Samivel, Samivel," said Mr. Weller, in reproachful accents, " I didn't think you'd ha
Pagina 318 - Tho' we earn our bread, Tom, By the dirty pen, What we can we will be, Honest Englishmen. Do the work that's nearest, Though it's dull at whiles; Helping, when we meet them, Lame dogs over stiles ; See in every hedgerow Marks of angels...

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