the Committee was not aware, before this communication came to hand.

It is an honourable fact, that the missionaries have generously assisted their indigent relatives in this country; but this has ever been wholly and solely from the produce of their own labour, and not from the funds of the Society.

"We have been given to understand, that reports have unhappily prevailed in England, that our relatives enjoy regular allowances from the money colfected by the Society, and that no small degree of uneasiness has existed on this account in the minds of those who contribute to the mission. We are sure you will concur with us in the opinion, that nothing could be more injurious to our credit as a body, or more distressing to our individual feelings, than the circulation of such a suspicion. We, therefore, earnestly intreat you to take the most effectual measures for contradicting so unfounded a report; and we would farther solicit you to indulge us, by inserting in your printed Reports a correct statement of the fact, that your explanation may extend as far as the report has prevailed."

Extracts of a Letter from Mr. William
Adam, to a Friend in England.

"At sea, Nov. 1817.

myself, worship God together every morning and evening, in their cabin. We frequently pray for the many dear friends whom we have left, and hope that we are not forgotten by them. On the Saturday after we sailed, it was proposed to the captain, that we should have public worship on the Lord's day, when the weather would permit. On the third Sabbath we assembled on the deck, under the awning, when I addressed them and Mr. Sutton yesterday. They were, upon the whole, serious and attentive.

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January 26, 1818.-Since the above date, we have accomplished the greater part of our voyage, and are this morning. at five o'clock, nearly alongside a homeward-bound East Indiaman, by whom, if the weather permit, we shall send lettersto our friends. Yesterday, at twelve o'clock, we were, by observation, in south lat. 13. 36. east long, 86. 34. We had been permitted to preach only four times, when the seamen testified considerable unwillingness to attend; on which account the captain declined continuing the public services. The word of the Lord, however, if it has not a free course, is and will be glorified. I subjoin an extract from my Diary of yesterday, being Lord's day.-Rose this morning at five, and saw the sun rise; but enjoyed greater pleasure in observ ing, what I hope, under the continued operations of the Spirit, will ultimately appear to be the dawning of the Sun of "As we expect soon to meet with some righteousness on the mind of one of the homeward-bound India ships, I will boys. Although yet young, his past life embrace the opportunity of sending you has been irregular and rebellious; cona few lines. I have been much troubled victions of sin, however, have of late with sickness, and the heat has been so begun to force themselves on his mind oppressive, that if I always experience he reads the Bible-prays-and listenas much exhaustion and lassitude as Ied, with apparent seriousness and conhave done some days past, I fear I shall never be an active and zealous missionary. The captain and officers are in general respectful and obliging; but all the ship's 'company are deplorably ig; norant on the subject of religion, and most thoroughly imbued with the spirit of the world. Many of them, though not all, are addicted to the use of profane and intemperate language; occasionally to the abuse of spirituous liquors. Since I came on board I have been excited to earnest prayer on their behalf, and feel very desirous to be use. ful to their souls. May God bless our weak attempts, and hear our imperfect prayers. Mr. and Mrs. Sutton, and


cern, when I this morning attempted to explain to him his real condition in the sight of God, the character of the Saviour, and the nature and design of his work. May God work, and none shall let. I have had also of late several conversations with one of the officers; but he is stout-hearted, and far from righteousness.

If the winds are at all favourable, we expect to reach Saugur Island in the course of a month. Goodness and mercy have followed us all our voyage. We have had a few fresh breezes, but not a single gale of wind.

W. A‚'

Domestic Religious Intelligence.


ON Thursday, July 30, a public meet ing was held, at the Baptist Meetinghouse, Badcox lane, Frome, for the purpose of setting apart Messrs. Christopher Kitching, and Thomas Godden, as mis

sionaries to Jamaica.

A number of friends having collected from the surrounding country, early in the day, there was a service at 11, A. M. when Mr. Saffery, of Salisbury, delivered a serious and appropriate discourse, founded on Luke, xiii. 28, 29, 30, "There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when ye shall see Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and all the prophets, in the kingdom of God, and you yourselves thrust out. And they shall come from the east, and from the west, and from the north, and from the south, and shall sit down in the kingdom of God. And, behold, there are last which shall be first, ánd there are first which shall be last.".

From this interesting passage, the preacher took occasion to remark, the stability of the kingdom of Christ, notwithstanding all opposition-the vast increase which it should ultimately receive -and the solid happiness enjoyed by all its faithful subjects. He concluded by observing, that the language of the text was calculated to check presumption-to counteract a spirit of despondency-and encourage exertion, in the cause of Christ. Prayer was offered, before sermon, by Mr. Dyer, of Reading; and, at the close, by Mr. March, of Frome.

The evening service began at half-past fire, and at that early hour, this spacious place of worship was completely filled. After singing "O'er the gloomy hills of darkness," Mr. James Coultart, lately compelled by ill health to leave Jamaica, for a season, read the scriptures, and engaged in prayer. Mr. Saffery introduced the special business of the evening, by noticing the obligations of Christians, to propagate the gospel, and the general inattention to this duty, which prevailed for ages. This led him to glance at the missionary exertions, which have distinguished the present day, and to apprize the audience of the immediate sphere, which the Missionaries before them were intended to occupy. Here, he introduced various interesting particulars, re

specting the state of the negroes, in Jamaica; and mentioned, that Mr. Coultart's visit to England was not merely for the recovery of his health. This, through the kindness of Providence, had been, in some measure, attained; but, ere he returned to Jamaica, he was exceedingly desirous of assistance, towards erecting a chapel in the city of Kingston, for his numerous and increasing black congregation. In concluding, Mr. Saffery call. ed on Mr. Kitching, to give some account of the manner in which he had been led to devote himself to the service of Christ, as a Missionary; and, to mention what those doctrines were, on which he meant to insist, in the course of his future ministry. These questions were subsequently addressed to Mr. Godden, and were answered by each, in a manner highly satisfactory to the numerous congregation.

Mr. Kitching, it appeared, had been reclaimed from a course of vice and folly, through the instrumentality of a worthy minister of the Independent denomination, in the north of England. Under the auspices of this valuable friend, he was preparing to enter into connection with the London Missionary Society, when his attention was arrested, by the account given in the Evangelical Magazine, of the alteration of sentiment, in Messrs. Judson and Rice, on the subject of Believers' Baptism. This induced him to pause, and finally, he was led to adopt the same views; soon after which, he offered himself to the Baptist Missionary Society, and was sent to Bradford Academy, where he has been, for a considerable time, pursuing his studies under the direction of Dr. Steadman.

Mr. Godden stated, that, early in life, he had entered into the royal navy, and for several years experienced the usual vicissitudes attending that profession. His career was terminated, by a captivity of eight years duration, at Arras, in France, where he sustained great hardships, and saw many brave companions around him, sink under the pressure of their sufferings. Here, however, it pleased Him, who is wonderful in counsel, and excellent in working, to deliver. him from a yet more degrading captivity, and in the best sense, to make him free indeed. This joyful change was effected, by means of a fellow-prisoner, who was accustomed to speak to them the

words of salvation. Released, at length, by the conclusion of the war, he returned to his own country, united himself to the Baptist church, at Newbury, and was soon after called by them to the work of the ministry.

At the close of Mr. Godden's address, the ordination prayer was offered, with much solemnity and pathos, by Mr. Saunders, the minister of the place; and Dr. Ryland proceeded to give the charge, from the words of our Lord, to his disciples, recorded in Matt. x. 16, "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves." After briefly adverting to the history of the text, the Dr. remarked, how difficult it would be to reconcile such language as this, with the denial of original depravity; and then

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suggested to his younger brethren, that the words contained a striking picture of the difficulties to which they were exposed, and the dangers they would have to encounter-an express reference to the authority under which they acted-and suitable admonition, as to the course they were to adopt, in prosecuting the labours of their office. Under each of these heads, much judicious advice was offered, in a manner truly paternal; and, at the close of his discourse, the Dr. earnestly besought the friends of Christ present, to aid the missionaries, by their prayers, in the arduous undertaking, to which they were now devoted.

Mr. Tidman, an Independent minister, lately removed from Salisbury to Frome, closed the highly interesting service, in prayer.

Account of Monies received by the Treasurer of the Baptist Missionary Society, from May 1, to August 1, 1818; not including Individual Subscriptions.

[blocks in formation]


10 10 0

Rugby, Female Penny-a-Week Society, by the Rev. E. Fall
Plymouth and Dock Auxiliary Society, by William Prance, Esq..... 50 0 0
Birmingham, Cannon-street Auxiliary Society


Bond-street Auxiliary Society.


£103 18 6

Sutton in the Elms, Collection, by the Rev. E. Burdett


46 148 149 19 102

Foxton, Mr. Sturges, and Friends
Legacy of Mrs. Elizabeth Hall, late of Leicester, by Messrs. Yates

and Carrye, Executors

Liverpool, Subscriptions and Donations at, by W. Hope, Esq.
Tewkesbury, Collection and Subscriptions, by Mr. S. Jones
A Friend, by the Rev. Mr. Trotman

27 17 5

20 0

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[ocr errors]

2 0




41 4


6 18

20 0


89 0 10

60 0 0

Melksham, Subscriptions and Collection, by the Rev. Dr. Ryland
Aberdeen Auxiliary Society (including its Branch at Foggie-lane,
Bath, collected after two sermons, by the Rev. R. Hall, and Rev.

Thomas Roberts

Buckinghamshire Auxiliary Society, by the Rev. W. Groser, Junior
Henly-on-Thames, Society in aid of Missions, by the Rev. J. N. Goulty 10 10
Westbury Leigh, Collection and Subscriptions
Earl's Barton,
Weston, Northamptonshire, ditto, •••••• by the Rev. Mr. Clark
Northampton, small Society at

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][subsumed][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][subsumed][merged small][merged small][subsumed][merged small][ocr errors][merged small]

Taunton Collection and Subscriptions, by the Rev. R. Horsey
Bridgewater, ditto, at a Monthly Prayer Meeting, by Rev. Mr. Viney
Bradninch, ditto, at........................ ditto• • • • • • •. by Rev. C. Sharp
Middleton Cheney, by the Rev. R. Davis .....

[merged small][ocr errors]

Anquis, for the Baptist Mission, by the Rev. Joseph Ivimey
Ilford, Missionary Society, by the Rev. Mr. Smith
Friend, a Donation, by the Rev. J Phillips, Clapham
Legacy of the late Mr Joseph Urry, by Mrs. Walker
Femy & Week Society, at Tottlebank, Lancashire, by Mr. Harbottle
,at Broomley. Northumberland, by Mr. Rowell

Newcastic, Friends at, by the Rev. R. Pengilly

[ocr errors]

32 0





12 15

42 0 0

Goodman's Fields, London, Auxiliary Baptist Missionary Society, £. s. d.
by W. Morris, Esq. Treasurer.
Leighton Buzzard, Penny Society at the Rev. Mr. Wake's, by Mr.
Saunders, Treasurer, (including £1 5s. 6d. from Sunday
School Children, at Great Brickhill)

Bedfordshire, Baptist Association, by Mr. R. Saunders, Treasurer, col-
lected at Steventon, May 13, 1818.

[ocr errors]

Granted out of the Association Fund...... Friends, by the Rev. Mark Wilks, of Norwich Colnbrook, Collection, by the Rev. Samuel Rowles Ailie Street Female Auxiliary Society, by the Rev. W. Shenstone

Sunday School Children, by ditto...

Baptist Free School, by Mr. W. B. Kendrick

Phipps Bridge, Mitcham, by Mr. S. Pratt


Woolwich, Subscriptions, by the Rev. W. Freeman
Essex Baptist Association, by the Rev. J. Pilkington

9 10 3

30 7 1

£6 25. 3 d. }

15.12 6

[blocks in formation]

6 14

24 6 10 0

Mr. Bagster, Profits on the Sale of "Tucker on Predestination"
Langham, Essex, Subscriptions, &c. by the Rev. Z. Trevett
Anonymous, from Essex, by Mr. Burls

A Friend, by ditto.......

Legacy of the late Mr. George Fell


19 4 11

13 19

[ocr errors]

50 0 50 0


2018 18 0

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors]

Collections at the Annual Sermons in London, by Mr. Burls
East Dereham, Norfolk, Rev. J. Green and Friends

A Tradesman, in Arrears to the Baptist Mission, by the Rev. Dr.

[blocks in formation]

Workmen and Apprentices, at a Flour Mill, in Norfolk
Part of a Collection, by the Rev. James Upton

[blocks in formation]
[ocr errors]



[blocks in formation]

Ipswich, Salem Chapel, Collection at, by the Rev. Mr. Weare
Two Friends in Essex, by Mr. Burls

Chelsea, Collection at the Rev. O. Clarke's Meeting, after a sermon
by the Rev. S. Saunders

Keppel-street Auxiliary Baptist Missionary Society, by J. Marshall,

Esq. for one year, to July 1, 1818

Maze Pond Auxiliary Society, by Mr. Beddome

Church-street, Blackfriars, Auxiliary Society, at the Rev. Mr.
Upton's, by the Rev. R. Pontifex...

Cambridge Auxiliary Society, with Friends in the Vicinity


[ocr errors]


56 19 1

[ocr errors]


46 15 10


0 0

* Collected in Essex, Suffolk, and Norfolk, by Messrs. Saffery and Winterbotham.

[merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

* Particulars of these Sums will be published shortly in the P. A.

[blocks in formation]



£ s. d.

232 2 10

*Collected in Kent and Sussex, by the Rev. John Edwards.

[blocks in formation]

Ditto, a Donation from Wm. Wigney, Esq. 10 0 0



7 4 6

[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

For the Translations and Schools.

Collection at the Old Independent Meeting, Westbury, by the Rev.
W. S. Palmer.

Chester, Ladies' Association for Translations, by Miss Williamson · ·
Liverpool, Friends at, by W. Hope, Esq.

[ocr errors]

Newcastle-on-Tyne, Penny Society, by Miss Angas

Mrs. Bolton, for a Native School, in the E. I. where 40 Children can be educated, for that sum, for one year

[ocr errors]

Subscriptions for Native Schools, by the Rev. Mark Wilks
Subscriptions towards printing an Edition of the S. S. in one of the

Eastern Languages

Mrs. James, Hackney

Mrs. Gouldsmith, Islington


A Friend, by Mr. G. Sarjent, Battle

... ......

[blocks in formation]
[merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small]


*Collected in Kent and Sussex, by the Rev. John Edwards.

Ashford, Friends at


* Collected in Essex, Suffolk, and Norfolk, by Messrs. Saffery and Winterbotham.



[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[ocr errors]


2 0 0

[blocks in formation]

No. XXXIII. of the Periodical Accounts of the Baptist Mission, is now in the Press, and will include the Substance of an interesting "Review of the Mission," just received, and forming a Continuation of the History, up to December last. This Number will complete Vol. VI. after which, it is intended to publish the Accounts in a more condensed Form.

* Particulars of these Sums will be published shortly in the P. A.

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