are "to be at liberty, without impediment, to attend divine worship, on Sundays with their parents or relations," and shall not therefore be made unwil ling proselytes to the Established Church. And they especially rejoice, at such interference, as they learn that, by the prohibition of the attendance of Dissenters and Methodists, when compelled by unmerited misfortune to inhabit workhouses, at those places of worship which they prefer, even parochial relief has been perverted to an instrument of persecution.

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3. That the regard manifested by the Society to the interest of a Dissenting academy, in Yorkshire, receives from this Meeting a cordial approval, and that they invite their Committee not to relax their exertions, to procure for those useful institutions relief from all avoidable taxation.

4. That the liberality of this Society, in conferring its assistance on persons of every denomination, and even on those resident in Scotland, enhances its excellence in the estimation of this Meeting, and entitles it to proportionate and universal support.

5. That such support this Meeting' would additionally recommend and intreat, as without affecting to entertain needless alarms, or excite among their friends unusual apprehension; they conceive that the appearance of affairs, and various measures recently adopted, require that all the real friends to religious freedom should be vigilant and firm, and should concentrate their energies in an institution which may give to those energies importance and effect.

6. That this Meeting learn, with satisfaction, that some County Associations have publicly expressed their attachment to this Society, and would anxiously exhort every County Association, of all denominations, to urge their members to remit an annual contribution, and to preserve among their people an attachment to those right principles, as to religions freedom, by which real piety will be prompted, and the final and beneficent triumph of such principles will be ensured. 7. That notwithstanding the regret of this Meeting at the inadequate funds of this Society, and that the annual receipts yet remain unequal to the expense, they decidedly and confidently rely upon their congregations for extended aid, and concur with the request made to the Committee by the gentlemen who originated, in London, the Tricentennial Commemoration of the glorious Reformation, that this Society should extend its protection to ALL Protestants suffering for

conscience' sake, by affording to them all the benefits which British correspondence, advice, co-operation, and assist ance can supply.

8. That, whilst this Meeting congratu lates with pleasure the congregations in the rural parishes of Pailton, in Warwickshire, Tisbury, in the county of Wilts, and in the town of Devizes, on the success which has hitherto attended the efforts of the Society, on their behalf, to protect them from poor-rates, riots, and tolls, they must also acknowledge, with satisfaction, the intelligence, the zeal, the liberality, and the perseverance, worthy of men succeeding to the ancient Puritans, with which those congregations have afforded to the Committee their co-operation and assistance.

9. That this Meeting cordially present their thanks to the Committee, for the past year, for the prudence, but firmness, for the activity, but caution, with which they have most beneficially conducted their affairs, and that the Committee, for the ensuing year, consist, with the Treasurer and Secretaries, of the following ministers and laymen in equal proportion: Rev. J. Brooksbank, D. Allan,

Dr. Collyer,
G. Collison,
F. A. Cox,
T. Cloutt,
R. Fletcher,
R. Hill,
T. Jackson,
Dr. Newman,
W. F. Platt,
Dr. Tracey,
J. Townsend
Mat. Wilks,
Mark Wilks,

W. Bateman,
J. B. Brown,
Jas. Emerson,
Jas. Esdaile,
Col. Handfield,

T. Hayter,
J. McKenzie,
J. O. Oldham,
Jas. Pritt,
W. Townsend,
T. Wontner,
T. Walker,

Jas. Young, Esqs.

10. That with equal satisfaction they renew their thanks to Robert Steven, Esq. their Treasurer, for his continued attention to the welfare of this Society, as well as for his endeavours to diminish the abuses in the Charter Schools in Ireland, and to promote, in that country, the diffusion of knowledge and the ultimate triumph of liberty and truth.

11. That to Thomas Pellatt, Esq. and John Wilks, Esq. their Secretaries, they also again offer those sincere acknowledg ments, which their persevering, gratuitous, indefatigable, and useful exertions, abundantly deserve, and accompany their thanks, with their solicitations for their continued assistance, in the situa tions they so honourably occupy.

12. But that this Meeting cannot adequately express their gratitude and es teem, to his Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex, for presiding upon this occasion, where no political interest could induce such kindness, nor any general popula

rity reward such condescension; but that this Meeting derive peculiar pleasure from the demonstration which he has thereby additionally afforded, that the attachment of Protestant Dissenters to his illustrious house has not been forgotten, and that the sacred principles of religious liberty are dear to his heart.


Ir was the commission of our Lord to his apostles, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature;" and to this was added the gracious promise, "Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the world!" In obedience to this command, and depending on this promise, many of our brethren have gone into the villages and hamlets of our country, to make known the glad tidings of salvation. It is gratifying to find, that by these means, numbers have been brought from the ways of sin and folly, to serve the living and true God. In most of these instances, they have been the poor of this world, who have received the words of eternal life, and are unable, of themselves, to erect houses for the worship of God, in which his word and ordinances may be statedly administered.

In the year 1784, a Society was formed in London, to afford pecuniary aid in such cases, designated "The Society for assisting poor Baptist Churches in the Country, in building and repairing Meeting-houses." And, in proportion, as the Gospel has been extended, the applications to this Society have increased. At the last general Meeting of the Society, it was resolved, that a Committee be appointed, to consider whether any plan can be adopted for the regulation of Country Cases, so as to do away the evil arising from their being collected upon, without previous examination. Their report will be laid before a general Meeting, on Friday evening, June 5, at the Committee Rooms, 22, Paternoster-row, at 6 o'clock precisely, when the attendance of the ministers, and all persons disposed to promote this object, is earnestly requested.

Seeking mutually to benefit those who give, by regulating and securing the application of their benevolence, and the churches which collect, by introducing their cases, properly recommended to the religious public; their only aim being the welfare of the interest at large, they confidently anticipate more general cooperation, as the necessity and nature of the Society are more publicly known.

As we expect to be favoured with the presence of many of our brethren, from different parts of the kingdom, in the course of this month, we very much wish their opinions, on a subject of such vital importance to the interests of the Redeemer's kingdom.

The objects we have chiefly in view,


1. To prevent an improvident expenditure of property.

2. To see that the house, and other property, belonging to the churches, be legally secured to them.

3. To discountenance improper persons collecting money for approved


4. To lay down such regulations, as may generally apply to the expenditure of the persons collecting, and to the remittance of the money collected.

5. To give, as much as possible, combined facilities to those ministers, who are employed in collecting for cases, examined, approved, and recommended by their neighbouring brethren.

Communications are requested from our friends, addressed to the Secretary of the Baptist Case Society, (post paid,) at the Committee Rooms, 22, Paternoster-row.



On March 25, the Hants and Wilts Association, in aid of the Baptist Mission, held their first meeting, for the year, at Newport, in the Isle of Wight. Mr. Bulgin preached in the morning, on Peace, from Gal. v. 22. The afternoon was occupied in business. Two sermons were preached in the evening, one by Mr. Millard, from 1 John, ii. 1, and the other by Mr. Saffery, from Matt. xiii. 36-43. Mr. Hawkins preached on the preceding evening, from Heb. xiii. 8.— The devotional parts of the services were conducted by the brethren, Bruce, Millard, Dore, Read, Hawkins, Saffery, Potts, and Tyreman.

The next Association will be at Lym ington, July 22. Mr. Owers is appointed to preach in the morning on Longsuffering as a Fruit of the Spirit; and Mr. Hawkins in the evening. Mr. Miall is expected to preach on the previous evening.


The quarterly meeting of the ministers of the Shropshire Association was held at

ducted by Messrs. Manning, of Spald wick; Ragsdell, of Thrapston; Sim. mons, of Olney; Brown, of Keysoe; Anthony, of Bedford; and Whittenbury, of Daventry.


ON Thursday, Nov. 27, 1817, Mr. Thomas Cooke was ordained pastor of the Baptist church, Oswestry, Shrop

Whitchurch, December 24 and 25, 1817. On Wednesday evening, Mr. Palmer preached from Matthew, xvii. 27; and on Thursday morning, from John, xvii. 4. In the afternoon, Mr. Phillips preached, from 1 John, i. 3; and in the evening, Mr. Davies preached, from Psalm iv. 6, and Mr. Cooke from 1 Tim. i. 11. A collection was made for the Itinerant Fund, which has improved lately. It appears also, froin accounts given at this meeting, that twenty-one persons, formerly members of the church at Shrews-shire. Mr. Jones, of Newtown, began bury, under the care of Mr. Palmer, have lately received their dismission, to form a church at Ministerly, and have called Mr. Mayberry, the Itinerant, to be their pastor. There is also the prospect of a small church being formed at the Rolla, where Mr. Thomas regularly preaches. At Drayton, where, on the 22d, two deacons, were ordained by prayer offered by Mr. Hinmers, with imposition of hands; Mr. Palmer having delivered suitable addresses to the brethren, the deacons and congregation, from 1 Cor. xiv. 40, and xvi. 14. There being twenty-seven persons members of the church at Whitchurch, it is expected a church will soon be formed.


THE twenty-fourth meeting of the Wilts and Somerset Association, for the encouragement and support of Village Preaching, was holden at Calne, March 25, 1818, when Mr. Porter, of Bath, preached in the morning; Mr. James, of Devizes, in the afternoon; and Mr. Edminson, of Bratton, in the evening. The next meeting will be at Melksham, on the second Tuesday in October; Mr. Saunders, of Frome, to preach.



ON Wednesday, March 25, the Rev. J. Hemming, A. M. was publicly recog. nized as pastor of the church at Kimbolton, Huntingdonshire. Mr. Hall, of Kettering, delivered the introductory discourse, and asked the usual questions; Mr. Hillyard, of Bedford, offered the ordination prayer; Mr. Waters, of Pershore, delivered the charge to the pastor; and Mr. Moule, of St. Neot's, addressed the church and congregation. Mr. Hillyard preached in the evening. The devotional parts of the services were con

the services by reading suitable portions of scripture and prayer. Mr. Palmer delivered an introductory discourse on the nature of a Christian church, asked the questions relative to the present settlement, and received, from Mr. Cooke, a full and satisfactory account of his experience, his motives in devoting himself to the work of God, and the doctrines which were to be the subject of his ministry. He, and two deacons, were then solemnly ordained by prayer, offer ed by Mr. Palmer, with imposition of hands. Mr. Birt, of Birmingham, formerly Mr. Cooke's pastor, delivered the charge, from 2 Tim. ii. 7. Mr. Hinmers addressed the church, from 1 Cor. xvi. 10. In the evening, Mr. Palmer preached from Rom. xii. 1, and Mr. Jones from 1 Cor. i. 21. On the preceding evening, Mr. Birt preached from Pet. i. 19.

There has been a considerable revival in the church and congregation, since Mr. Cooke came amongst them. A Sunday school has been established, which is in a prosperous state. A penny-aweek society, in aid of the Baptist Mission, has been formed, and preaching in the villages is well attended, so that the prospects of usefulness, at present, are pleasing. May, what the Lord hath recently done for this people, be a pledge of greater good, that they may continue abundantly to enjoy and hold forth to all around, the word of eternal life.


Mr. William Mills, late member of the Baptist Church, at Woolwich, under the pastoral care of Mr. Adam Freeman, and formerly pastor of the church at Smarden, was ordained over the particular Baptist church, Mile Town, Sheerness, on Wednesday, September 24. Mr. Newman, of Feversham, preached from Psalm, lxxiv. 22, In the evening, at 6 o'clock, Mr. Tirrey, of Queenborough, began by reading and prayer,; Mr. Rogers, of Eynsford, asked the usual questions; Mr. Newman prayed. Mr.

Rogers preached to the minister and the church, from 1 Cor. iv. 2. and Psalm cxxxiii. 1.


On Thursday, May 7, 1818, Mr. J. M. Cramp, late of Stepney Academy, was set apart to the pastoral office, over the church, in Dean-street, Southwark, where the Rev. W. Button presided, in a highly respectable manner, during a period of forty years. The Rev. Thos. Thomas commenced, by reading the scriptures and prayer. The Rev. T. Griffin delivered the introductory discourse, describing the constitution of a gospel church, and asked the usual questions. -The Rev. T. Cramp, of St. Peter's, Thanet, (Mr. C.'s father,) offered the ordination prayer. The Rev. Dr. Newman gave the charge from 2 Tim. ii. 15. The Rev. Tim. Thomas addressed the church, from Rom. i. 11, 12; and the Rev. Dr. Rippon concluded the interesting service with prayer. The hymns were read by the Rev. S. Brawn, of Loughton, and Messrs. Coombs, Reynolds, Green, Pope, and Clarke, students at Stepney.


ON December 10, 1817, Mr. Isaac Johns, and Mr. James Thomas, were ordained co-pastors of the Baptist church, at Moleston, Pembrokeshire. Brother William Evans, of Cwmvelin, prayed; Brother D. Rees, of Froghole, delivered the introductory discourse, and offered the ordination prayer; Brother B. Davis, of Tyfynnon, gave the charge, from 2 Tim. ii. 15; and brother T. Jones, of Rhydwilym, addressed the church, from Heb. xiii. 22.


ON December 29, 1817, Mr. David Thomas, late student at Abergavenny, was ordained, at Mount Hermon, near Swansea; Mr. D. Bowen, of Velin Voel, prayed; Mr. J. Harris, of Swansea, described the nature of a gospel church, and offered up the ordination prayer; charge was delivered by Mr. J. Watkins, of Carmarthen, from 1 Pet. iv. 16; and Mr. Daniel Davies, of Velin Voel, addressed the people, from 1 Thess. v. 12, 13.



On the 10th of February, 1818, Mr. W. Michael was ordained to the pastoral office over the new church (which was formed on the same day) at Saron, Carmarthenshire; Mr. D. Bowen, of Velin Voel, introduced the service by prayer; Mr. D. Davies, of the same place, delivered the introductory disWed-course-charge by Mr. J. Watkins, of Carmarthen, from Jer. xx. 9. Sermon to the church, by Mr. Tim. Thomas, of Aberduar, from Eph. v. 27. Sermon to the congregation in general, by Mr. D. D. Evans, of Carmarthen, from Matt. xii. 29.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Dec. 24, and 25, 1817, a new Meeting-house was opened, at Llangollen, Denbighshire, for the use of a small church formed there, which was formerly a branch of the Baptist church, at Glynn. The Meeting-house is 33 feet by 27, inside. nesday afternoon, at six, brother John Edwards began by reading and prayer; brethren B. Owen, of Llanrwst, and R. Edwards, of Lixwen-Green, preached from Cant. v. 16, and Isa. liii. 12.Thursday morning, at ten, two sermons were preached, by brethren R. Williams, of Glynn, and S. R. Davies, Llansantffraid, from John, xvii. 2. and Ps. xl. 2.At two, brethren J. Edwards, of Ruthin, and C. Evans, Llangefin, preached from 2 Cor. v. 14, 15, and Rom. viii. 3, 4.Met at six, when brother J. Pritchard, Pwllhili, preached from Acts, i. 25, and S. R. Davies, from Matt. xxv. 10. Devotional services were conducted by brethren, R. Edwards, S. Edwards, and J. Davies. May this littie one soon become a thousand. The hearers were very numerous, and seemed to be under serious impression.


Nov. 24 and 25, 1317, Mr. Evan Jones, and Mr. Rowland Peter, were set apart to the ministerial office, at Garn, Carnarvonshire. Public worship commenced with reading the scriptures and prayer, by Mr. Peter; Mr. Jones preached from Rev. ii. 10; and Mr. Ambrose, of Bangor, followed, from Jer. xxiv. 7.

Met Tuesday morning, at ten o'clock, commenced with reading a part of the

scriptures, and prayer, by Mr. Jones; Mr. Evans, minister of the place, stated the nature of a gospel church, asked the usual questions, and received from the minister a concise and satisfactory confession of faith. The ordination prayer, with the laying on of hands, was offered up by Mr. Ambrose; Mr. Evans gave the charge, from 2 Cor. iii. 6; Mr. Ambrose addressed the church, from Heb. xiii. 7, and concluded the interesting services with prayer.

N. B. Mr. Jones was ordained as an itinerant, through the county of Car narvon, and Mr. Peter as a co-pastor with Mr. Evans, over the church of Garn.



ON May 15, 1817, seven persons who had received their dismission from the Baptist church, at Bridlington, were formed into a separate church, The ministers present, on this occasion, were Mr. Hague, Mr. Sykes, and Mr. Beard, of Scarborough, Mr. Harness, of Bridlington, Mr. Arbon, of Hull, and Mr Nor manton, of Driffield. In the afternoon, twelve persons were added, who had been previously baptized by their present minister. This small church is now increased to thirty-two members, and appears to be in a very prosperous




Lord's-day, April 26, 1818, the church and congregation, under the pastoral care of the Rev. Evan Herbert, entered on their newly-erected chapel. The Rev. Wm. Read, of Warwick, commenced the services of the day, by reading the scriptures and prayer. The Rev. Win. Shenston, from London, preached in the morning, from Zech. iv. 7; and in the afternoon, from Eccl. iii. 5. to crowded audiences. Mr. Holmes, of Wantage, delivered a discourse in the evening, from Isa. lx. 7. Mr. Herbert concluded in prayer. We are happy to state, that the expenses of this house, which will accommodate about 500 persons, have been defrayed, with the exception of a handsome collection, and a few do

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Wednesday, 24. Sermons for the Bap tist Mission. In the morning, at eleven o'clock, at Great Queen-street' Chapel, Lincoln's-inn-fields, by the Rev. F. A Cox, of Hackney. In the evening, at Sion Chapel, Mile End, at six o'clock, by the Rev. S. Saunders, of Frome.

The Baptist Itinerant Society will meet at seven in the morning, at the City of London Tavern, Bishopsgatestreet.

Thursday, 25. In the morning, at eight o'clock precisely, the Ministers and Messengers of the Baptist Churches will meet at Dr. Rippon's, Carter-lane...

At twelve o'clock, the, Annual Ser mon before the Stepney Institution, at Salter's-hall Meeting, by the Rev. T. Coles, of Bourton, Gloucestershire.

At six o'clock in the evening, at Prescott-street,Goodman's-fields, a meeting for prayer, &c. on behalf of the


Friday, 26, at six o'clock in the morn ing, the Members and Friends of the Baptist Irish Society, will breakfast, at the City of London Tavern, Bishopsgate! street, and the Chair will be taken at


SOCIETY FOR the relief


Superanuated Baptist Ministers.

THE Committee of this Society respectfully inform their Brethren, that the time limited, by the rules, for the admission of Ministers ordained before the 24th of June, 1816, will expire on the 24th of this month; After which, such ministers cannot be admitted into this Society, without resorting to the provisions of the 18th rule.

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