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that we may get our mail books in order.

We will send the ECLECTIC as a "trial subscription" for three months, to any address, on receipt of $1. made when clubbed with any other publication.

The ECLECTIC and any $4 publication will be sent to one address for $8, and a proportionate rednction will be

PeThe postage on the ECLECTIC is prepaid by the by mail on receipt of price; and the numbers will be exchanged for bound volumes in library style for $9.50 per

Green cloth covers for binding two volumes per year will be furnished at 50 cents each, or $1 per year, or sent year, or in green cloth for $1.50 per year.

Mr, J. Wallace Ainger is our general Business Agent. bound in library style, and comprising ninety-nine volumes. Price, $300. For a pobilie or private library the more

COMPLETE SET OF ECLECTIC.-We have for sale a complete set of ECLEOTIC, from 1846 to 1981. elegantly set is most invalnable, as many of the older volumes have long been ont of print, and are extremely ciment to proente

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