Rev. Messrs. Buyers and Schurmann, April 19.
Madras, Rev. J. Smith, March 9 (two letters,) May
7. Rev. W. H. Drew, May 7. Coimbatoor, Rev.
W. B. Addis, March 12. Neyoor, Rev. C. Mead,
May 4.

RUSSIAN EMPIRE, 1838.-Khodon, Rev. E.
Stallybrass, May 14 and May 15.

MEDITERRANEAN, 1838. - Corfu, Rev. I. Lowndes, April 16.

SOUTH AFRICA, 1838.-Cape Town, Rev. Dr. Philip, April 4, June 1, June 18. Mrs. Philip, May 31. Hankey, Rev. E. Williams, April 23. Bethelsdorp, Rev. G. Schreiner, March 10. Graham's Town,

Rev. John Monro, June 7. Griqua Town, Rev. F.
Wright, March 5.

AFRICAN ISLANDS, 1838.-Mauritius. Rer.
D. Jones, March 30. Rev. Messrs. Jones and
Johns, March 30.

WEST INDIES, 1838.-Demerara, Rev. Mesars Rattray and Watt, June 12, July 6, and July 11 Rev. R. B. Taylor, June 6. Mr. T. Henderson, June 20. Berbice, Rev. S. Haywood, June 20, and Jone 26. Rev. G. Forward, June 11, and June 27. Res, H. S. Seaborn, June 30. Jamaica, Res. J. Would ridge, June 9, July 7. Rev. W. Alloway, June Il Rev. W. Slatyer, June 19.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. The thanks of the Directors are respectfully pre- a parcel of axes for Rev. J. Williams; to the ladies sented to the following :-viz, To the young ladies of the Rev. R. Connebee's congregation, Dorking of Miss Jameson's school, Ramsgate, for a box of for a box of wearing apparel for the Hottentot useful articles for the schools in Jamaica; to friends to Mrs. Patrick, Commercial road, for a box of use at Stepney and Plaistow, for a box of useful articles ful articles, and parcel of newspapers for Rev. Dr. for Mrs. Porter's orphan school, Vizagapatam; to Philip; to friends at Finchingfield, per Mrs. Chris " E," for a parcel of cotton prints, books, &c., for tie, for a box of children's clothing for Theopois Rev. H. Nott; to friends at Greenwich and Black- to the Rev. T. East, Birmingham, for a parcel d heath, per Mr. Wilshere, for a cask of useful articles the “Patriot,” and “Morning Chronicle" net for Rev. R. B. Taylor's school, Demerara; to the papers, for the Rev. John Williams; to Miss Thor congregation of the Rev. John Rogers, Lowestoft, son, Hull, for a splendid robe of patchwork nai: for six lamps for the West Indies; to Mr. White- by herself, for sale in India, the proceeds to be gives house, City-road, for a cask of nails, and two bun- to the Society; to the Ladies' Working Societ", dles of spades for the Hottentots; to friends at Union Chapel, Sherborne, for a case of useful as Wem, for a parcel of useful articles for the Banga- fancy articles for Rev. Edw. Porter, Vizagapatan lore Mission; to Mr. King, Aberdeen, for a parcel to Miss Nicholls, Nottingham; to Capt. Allen, and of school materials for Rev. C. D. Watt, Demerara; to T. H. Burder, Esq., M.D., for vols. and Nos. to ladies at Hackney, per Mrs. Charles, for a case the Evangelical and other Magazines, newspapers of wearing apparel for the Hottentots on the Fish &c. River settlement; to "A Friend to Missions," for

From the 1st to 31st August, 1838, inclusive.


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London and its Vicinity.


Monmouthshire. £ s. d. Per Rev. R. Cecil £ s. d. AbergavennyJoseph Savory, Esq. 10 10 0

Turvey ......................

2 15 0 Collected by Miss Lewis 11 4 1 W. B..... 5 0 0 Stagsden

1 18 8

Warwickshire. J. S. High worth, Esq. 20 0 0 Astwood

0 6 4 Smethwick, J. Boyle, Esq. B. Baines, Esq. 10 10 0

for School at Bellary. Miss -, Torrington

5 0 0

Wiltshire. square 4 10 0

Nind, Balance of legacy of Maihara, for So. Sea Mis


late Mr. J. Cook ......... 231! sion 50 0 0 Steeple Morden

3 17

Yorkshire. Ditto, for the Hindostan


Hull, Legacy of late Mrs. Mission ...... 50 0 O'Nantwich Church-lane

A. Johnson

100! Anonymous 1 0 0 Chapel

10 0 0 North Riding Aux. per Latimer Chapel, Mr. T.


Rev. J. Scott, on accot, 750 Elliott..... ....(D.) 10 0 0 Durham, Legacy of the

SCOTLAND. Queen-street, Ratcliffe,

late Mr. J. Wheatley, Tain, for Nat. Tea. Angus Church and Congrega

less duty
45 00 Macintosh

10 0 tion, per Rev. J. Drum


Aberdeen Philanthropic mond ......

14 2 8

11 15 7

Soc. in Rev. W. PrimSPECIAL DONATIONS, in


rose's Congregation consequence of the in

Cam, Miss Ballinger...... 5 0 0 New Deer B. and M. Soc. creased expenditure of Charfield, Workmen at

Blockhill's Soc. for pro-
the Society:
T. Walker, Esq..

Messrs. Long's factory. 21 17 3, moting religion
............ 50
0 0

Inch Juv. Mission. Soc. . 30 C. N. Welman, Esq. Poun


Edinburgh, half of an undisford Park............... 50 0 0 Bromley, Rev. G. Verrall,

expected commission, Miss Ainsley 5 50

(D.) 5 0 0

per Rev. J. Alexander 11 Miss M. Ainsley............

3 3 0

Lancashire. Rev.W.Crowe and friends,

East Aux. Soc. on accot. 1000 0 0 Fraserburgh, for Nat. Tea.
Kingston ....................
7 1 6 Halshaw Moor, Miss

L. Park, and J. Fraser-
Barnes, for Sarah Cha-

burgh....... Legacy of late Miss Hes


5 0 Thank-offering from J. ter Sexton....


A. M. P.

******.......... 100 E., for Rev. H. Nott...... 2 0 o Highgate, Misses Porter 2 2 0 Mrs. Haweis, for ditto ... 10 0 0 Ditto, for Female Edu.... 1 101

32 10

......... 25 0

W. Tyler, Printer, Bolt-court, Fleet-street.

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Lord, I have loved the habitation of thy house.”—Psa. xxvi. 8.

THE whole life of David was but one continuous and splendid proof of the truth and sincerity of this declaration. Professions are sometimes made which are ill sustained; but here is one which shrinks pot from an appeal to the Searcher of hearts. A whole nation beheld the outward signs of David's love to the house of God; but it is to God himself that David looks as the witness of a feeling which Omniscience only can fully attest. We may deceive our fellow-creatures with the semblances of love to the house of God; but him we cannot deceive; for his eye is as a flame of fire, and he searches Jerusalem as with lighted candles. But amidst the bright train of evidences which shine forth in the characters of God's children, there is none more expressive of their celestial birth and destiny, than is their love to the house of the Lord. Where this is wanting, all other marks of piety become equivocal; but where this is fully developed, it will associate itself with all that is fair and lovely, and of good report, in the Christian life.

When sorrow dims our prospect, when temptation bewilders our path, when the shadows of life's evening fall thickly around us; when mortality comes to shut up the scene of earth, and to open the portals of eternity, O how sweet will


it then be, to look up to Him whose name is love, and to say with a bursting-grateful heart, “Lord, I have loved the habitation of thy house, and the place where thine honour dwelleth !"

It is the link this to a thousand tender and touching associations. Which of all our loftiest conceptions, noblest privileges, purest pleasures, brightest anticipations, is not, in some way, connected with the house of the Lord ? It is from the vantage ground of the sanctuary, as from the top of another Pisgah, that we look on all the splendid scenery of the spiritual world, trace the stream of God's mercy as it issues forth from its eternal fountain, survey the wonders of that cross on which the Prince of glory died, behold the King in his beauty, and gaze on that fair land of promise, “ where there is fulness of joy, and where there are pleasures for evermore."

The affection which David avows in the text is that to the spiritual life which the vital current is to the animal frame. Without it, every function of the new man in Christ Jesus is instantly paralyzed, and the whole framework of religion in the human heart falls into a state of disorganisation, decay, and death. How important, then, that we should endea. vour to analyse this affection, that we should strive to ascertain in what it really

2 T

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