explain what had become of them. After own country of late years. On the revival much hesitation and subterfuge he owned of the German churches I shall not speak, that they had been burnt. He refused to having visited only a small portion of that give his real name and address, and was country; but of the revival of true religion accordingly handcuffed and led off to prison. in Switzerland and France, I can bear testiThe prospect, however, of passing a night mony as an eye-witness. in gaol induced him at last to do this, when The state of the Pays de Vaud, not many he was found to be the son of a very rich years ago, was most frigid and apathetic. draper of the city. He was then suffered to Au orthodox creed was still most happily return home. The following day the case possessed, but there was an utter absence came before the tribunals in the usual way; of all appearance of spiritual life. Nay, but was quashed on payment for the tracts when the first symptoms of religious revival burnt-we not wishing to push the matter presented themselves, not only were they to excess of severity.

saluted by every appearance of hostility and I remain, dear Sir, yours very truly, reproach, but a degree of persecution was

E. Milsom. even resorted to. Several pious clergymen P.S.–Might I be permitted to request, in

were banished from their native country ; the name of our Paris brethren, the insertion an English lady, who had been active in proof the following fact? The French religious moting the cause of religion, was ordered to journals, the Semeur and the Archives du quit the Canton, and a most oppressive law Christianisme, can now be obtained in Lon- was enacted, which forbade all private don, in consequence of the changes in the assemblies for prayer and religious worship. post office, at the following low prices :

Now, however, after an interval of only a The Semeur, at fifteen francs per annum,

few years, so great a revolution has taken pablished weekly; the Archives, at six place, that the Gospel is preached with franks per annum, published once a fort. power in all parts of the Canton. In all night. Many persons interested in France,

the churches of Lausanne the great doctrines were they aware of this, would be glad, by

of salvation are faithfully proclaimed ; and becoming subscribers to these journals, to

such a band of devoted servants of Christ be kept informed of the state of the reli- has started up, as if by enchantment, that gious world in France.

on the declivities of the Jura, all along the

shores of Lake Leman, in the vale of the Received since last month for the Lyons Rhone, and every where else, the tocsin of Cause.

eternal alarm is rung in the ears of the Dr. Conquest

£3 astonished population, and the glories of W. F. Rawson, Esq.

0 everlasting life are offered them, through X. Y.Z., Sowerby, near Thirsk,

the merits of the Redeemer. Of the revival Yorkshire

0 of religion amongst the clergy, a judgment Henry Roberts, Esq.

1 0 may be formed, by the fact, that attending a

missionary meeting at Lausanne, in the REVIVAL OF RELIGION IN THE PAYS DE

year 1832, I found myself surrounded by no less than seventy ministers, who were all

considered men of piety, and all from a dis(Extracts from the Rev. J. Hartley's Work, trict not larger than one of our secondary

entitled, The Progress of the Reforma. English counties. The following allusion tion on the Continent, or, Sketches of the to this revival of religion, is extracted from Papal and Reformed Churches : the very valuable “ Histoire de la Reforma. Work of deep interest. Published by Nisbet and Co.)

tion,” by Merle d'Aubigné, one of the Pro

fessors in the School of Theology at Geneva : If encouragement be derived for the fu- “ This is but a commencement; and alture from the decaying condition of the ready this people have obtained from the Romish Church, still greater hope is abundance of the Gospel a profession, noble, awakened by the reviving strength of the elevated, and courageous, of the great truths Protestant churches. What a glorious of the religion of God; a liberty extensive change has taken place in this respect since and real; a government full of devotedness the late war! In all directions zealous and and information ; an affection, too rare elsedevoted servants of Christ are standing up, where, of the magistrates for the people and and again proclaiming the grand doctrines of the people for the magistrates ; a powerof salvation, in the same field and with the ful impulse given to education and to gesame spirit as the Luthers, Zuingles, and neral instruction, which will make, in this Calvins of former times. The continual in. respect, a model country of this land ; a crease of their number, and the growing modification slow, but sure, of morals; men success of their labours, are a counterpart of talent, all Christians, who rival the first to that progress of evangelical light and writers of our language. All these riches, piety, which has been so remarkable in our discovering themselves between the dark





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Jura and the grandeur of the Alps, along nature were held. But, now, blessed be the magnificent borders of the Leman, must God! how are “old things passed away, strike the traveller, who is attracted by the and all become new !" What has been the marvels of these mountains and these val. result of all these efforts of earth and hell leys, and present him with one of the most against Christ and his church ? Not only eloquent pages which the providence of God are there supposed to be upwards of two has written in favour of the Gospel of Jesus million Protestants in France ; not only are Christ."

six hundred pastors salaried by the GovernThe revival of the Protestant church of ment; not only have hundreds of Protestant France, if not as yet so extensive, is, in churches been opened ; not only have a some respects, still more interesting. No million copies of sacred writings been put country probably in the world can exhibit a in circulation since the peace; but, what is more illustrious example of the imperishable infinitely superior to all the rest, the Spirit nature of Christian truth; none, a more of God has been poured out in a striking striking proof of the reality of the declara- manner upon the remnant of this church of tion, “ Heaven and earth shall pass away, martyrs. A large number of the pastors but my words shall not pass away!”

are become followers of their noble an. In France, greater efforts have been made cestors, who, with such heroic “faith and to destroy the religion of our Saviour, than patience, inherited the promises." It has in any part of the world. Popery here made been my privilege to be intimate with its capital endeavours. It sacrificed a mil. Christians of almost all the Protestant lion Albigenses in the south. It dyed the churches both abroad and at home; and on whiteness of the snows of Dauphiné with the

the classic shores of Greece I have held blood of thousands of the Waldenses. It delightful fellowship with our brethren massacred fifty thousand Protestants at the from the churches of America, and I resad epoch of St. Bartholomew's day. It joice to say, that I have found members of drove abroad, on all the high roads of Eu- all these churches, whom I believe to be rope, five hundred thousand, at the revoca- members “ of the general assembly and tion of the Edict of Nantes, destitute wan- church of the first-born, whose names are derers from home and country for ever. written in heaven;" but I can assert it, In France, the most celebrated champion of without hesitation, that in France I have Rome congratulated his sovereign on the found Christians, with faith in the Reextirpation of heresy !

deemer, as apostolical and influential, with And here, too, infidelity made its grandest love as fervent, with zeal as energetic, as in effort. It assumed as its very motto, “Crush any part of the world which I have ever the wretch.” It combined all its proudest visited. Like the great apostle of the Genmen of letters in an impious confederacy to tiles, they are acting and living in the spirit blot out from the surface of the earth the of these words, “God forbid that I should very name of Jesus of Nazareth. It was glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus indignant that the fishermen of Galilee Christ; by whom the world is crucified to should have established such an empire over me, and I unto the world." the hearts and consciences of mankind. It may be questioned if there be a town And then followed, as a natural consequence, in Europe, or in the world, which, in prothat deluge of blood which almost threatened portion to its size, has obtained such ce. to efface the nation of the French from their lebrity and importance as Geneva. Placed place in the geography of Europe! When in the immediate vicinity of the magnificent death was proclaimed to be an eternal sleep, splendours of the Alps, and on the borders is it any wonder that the executioner and of the beautiful Lake Leman; being, prothe guillotine were the priests and the bably more than any other town in Europe, churches of such a religion ?

the great thoroughfare of nations, since the But, to confine our attention more closely greater part of those whom business or to Protestants, is it forgotten, that not longer pleasure call into Italy go or return by this than fifty years ago, their religion was still route; and celebrated, above all, for the without toleration ? Though less active glorious profession of the faith of Christ severity had been exercised under Louis crucified which it made, under the auspices XVI., than under his predecessors, I know of Calvin and Farel, at the Reformation-it not, if even at that period a single Protestant is no wonder that its name never fails to temple was permitted by the Government to awaken attention; and all connected with exist in France. It was amidst rocks, and it to call forth our deepest sympathy. mountains, and forests, and beneath the Hence it was a subject of unfeigoed sorrow temple of the sky, that our Protestant to British Christians to find, that at the brethren had to assemble together to call epoch of the general peace, the majority of on the name of our Redeemer! I myself the pastors of this church professed no have visited, in the vicinity of Nismes, the longer the great doctrines of the Reformdesert, where religious assemblies of this ation and the Gospel. So low indeed had this venerable church fallen, that we believe If from a sense of duty to ourselves and there were not more than two or three of families we were constrained to close our the pastors of Geneva who maintained the doors against the sick, they would still essential divinity of Jesus Christ; the others crowd into our verandahs, and thus cast had various views of the doctrines of the themselves upon our compassion. The relaGospel, from Arianism down to Socinianism, tives and acquaintances of many who were and probably much lower. Nor was there, literally “all corruption,” helpless, and 23 might naturally be expected under such hopeless, brought them to our doors and circumstances, a semblance of spiritual life then forsook them. Thus our abode was and Christian energy conspicuous in the almost constantly the scene of the groaning, whole Canton.

the dying, and the dead. While every thing Here then we have again to recorda mostin- was done to ameliorate the temporal conteresting example of religious revival. After dition of our patients, I also gave them the lapse of a few years, Geneva has risen, Christian books, and set in operation a from a state of almost total religious apathy, system of reading, by which it was hoped to be a town remarkable again for Christian their minds would be benefited. On the fervour and activity. Not only are there 5th of October, a decree from the rulers of several most distinguished ministers of Siam obliged me to break up my establishChrist, who, from the unhappy circum- ment, and seek another abode. The public stances of the times, were either excluded or are already aware of the principal reasons voluntarily seceded from the national church, that called forth that decree, and therefore bat even in the church itself the number of I need not repeat them. Suffice it to say, orthodox clergymen has considerably in- that they were so weighty, in the estimacreased. The Gospel of Jesus Christ, if tion of government, that the prospect not constantly, yet frequently is preached in of taking 600 miserable patients out of my the churches of this city; the younger hand, and casting them upon a merciless clergy, in increasing numbers, are devoting community, was not worthy of a thought. themselves, like their brethren of the Pays It was not until some time after my return de Vaud, to the cause of Christian truth ; from Chautaubuu, on the 21st of December and even the pastors of the national church, following, whither I went for the benefit of who still adhere to the ranks of error, appear my health, that the Dispensary was reto be approximating much nearer than for. established in another part of the city. A merly to the great doctrines of the Gospel ; floating house, which was purchased for a and in general we have not only the con- refuge for one of our families, about the viction that there is a considerable number time of our expulsion, was then converted of persons in this city who have been called into a Dispensary. A spot sufficiently large to a genuine participation of the blessings for it to be moored upon was rented, in of salvation, but we see every reason to front of the Roman Catholic compound, on hope that at no very distant period the the west bank of the Meinam, opposite to very external profession of Christian doc- the city wall, and a mile and a half below trine will be fully and essentially orthodox. the king's palace. While this location is To be continued.

far removed from the great Chinese bazaar, than which no place so much needs a Dispensary, it has many advantages over the

former situation. It does not so much exExtract of a Letter from Dr. Bradley of

pose us to an overwhelming crowd of the Bankok, Siam.

sick. Its being on the great thoroughfare The Siamese Missionary Dispensary was of Bankok, the river renders it sufficiently established in Bankok on the 5th of August, accessible. The situation is airy, cool, and 1835. It was at first located on the east clean. It is a little removed from my bank of the Meinam, a mile and a half below dwelling-house, which is a great relief to the city wall, in a part of Bankok which is myself and family. And in the event of chiefly occupied by Chinese. It was near being required to move the establishment the great Chinese bazaar. My associates, again, I shall only have to loose my moorthe Rev. Messrs. Johnson and Robinson, ings and float away with the tide. The had obtained a lease of the ground, and had house is about 25 feet square, one story moved their families thither a short time high, and raised above the surface of the before I arrived.

The Dispensary was water two feet by bamboos, which are laid opened in a lower room in one of their under it horizontally. It is built of teak houses. For about two months it was boards, in the usual syle of Siamese float. thronged, chiefly by Chinese, who lived in ing houses. In addition to this I have the neighbourhood of the bazaar. Such was float," with a cover over it, which is placed the crowd, and the urgency of many of the in front of the house. On this the patients cases, that it was utterly impossible to pre- wait for their treatment. Such is my prevent our houses from becoming hospitals. sent situation.


The number of patients, whose cases I separate apartment, while I am engaged in have noted in my books, since the opening giving similar instruction to the males with. of the Dispensary, is 3650. I might fill out. Although we are not as yet cheered volumes in describing my practice. My by any conversions to God, yet it is encou. chief object in writing this communication raging to know that the glorious tidings of is, to afford some just impression of what salvation, through our instrumentality, and may be done by a physician and surgeon in that of our patients, are circulated widely gaining the confidence of this people. My through this kingdom of darkness. simple efforts have produced a great excitement. The rumour thereof is not interrupted by distance, or jungle, or confusion of PROFESSORSHIP OF CHINESE IN THE tongues. It has gone into all the kingdom, UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, LONDON, and I only fear that it swells rather than We have great satisfaction in announcing diminishes as it recedes from Bankok. to the friends of Missions, that the importSuccessful surgical practice is far more ant object, to which we have more than striking to this people than successful me- once called their attention—that of prodical practice. One successful operation, viding for the instruction of persons in. for instance, on the eye, is trumpeted more tending to devote their labours to China than the effects of a hundred cathartics and and adjacent parts, in the knowledge of the tonics. Nevertheless, this puerile, ignorant Chinese language—is accomplished. On the people are disposed to give me great credit presentation of the Chinese Library of the as a medical practitioner ; and although I late Dr. Morrison to the University Colam constrained to believe that my medical, lege, in London, a Professorship of the as well as my surgical practice here, has Chinese Language has been established, been attended with much success, yet I and the Rev. Samuel Kidd, formerly Prodesire to feel and to say, “Not unto me, fessor of Chinese, and Principal of the Anbut unto thy name, O Lord, belongs all the glo-Chinese College, Malacca, has been appraise.” The treatment of their bodily pointed Professor. Thus means are prodiseases is regarded as of very small conse- vided for furnishing future Missionaries, quence, compared with the effort that is

without distinction as to their religious demade to benefit their immortal minds. I nominations, and all other persons, who may daily open the services at the Dispensary wish to devote their pursuits, in any dewith prayer, after which I spend ten or partment of benevolent, scientific, or comfifteen minutes in reading and expounding mercial labours, to the empire of China, some portion of the Scriptures. Although with a previous knowledge of the language, I speak the language as yet but stammer. acquired without risk of health or expensive ingly, I am happy to perceive that some application of time. truth by this means is communicated to the It is to be hoped, that the colleges of the understandings of these poor people. Be- kingdom, for training up young men for sides, this effort to speak daily is found home and foreign service in the kingdom of most salutary on the score of acquiring the the Redeemer, and others, having a comlanguage. I ought also to mention the mendable desire to acquire the knowledge agency of the Rev. Mr. Robinson, who

of a language, so curious in its genius and preaches to the patients every Sabbath-day. construction, and abundant in its treasures He is generally favoured with a very full of whatever is interesting to man, will soon and silent audience. We suffer at present provide a class of students to claim the very much for the want of Christian books Professor's labours. May we not anticipate, in the Siamese language. The few which also, that American Christians will also rethe Rev. Mr. Jones prepared, more than a joice to avail themselves of the means thus year ago, were long since disposed of, and afforded for facilitating their evangelical we are not yet ready to print others. To labours, in that interesting porton of the supply in some degree this deficiency, I globe ? allow my teacher to copy the command- We cannot make this important anments, which I give to all the Siamese nouncement, without again calling the atpatients, whom I request to give them cir- tention of our readers to the address conculation among their neighbours. The tained in the Missionary Chronicle, in our Chinese who come to the Dispensary are last number, apprising them of the still all supplied with tracts. On every Thurs- existing deficiency in the subscription inday, either Mrs. R. or Mrs. B., or both, tended to compensate the family of the late hold a meeting for the instruction of the Dr. Morrison for the sum of money exfemales, at which they relate Scripture pended by him, in the purchase of this infacts, and exhort their poor fellow-creatures estimable library, and entreating them to to repentance and faith in Christ. For this direct their liberality to its due enlargepurpose they retire with the females into a ment.

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