a beloved flock, to which I am sincerely at- foreign land, I may be called on to endure tached.

all the privations of a sick and dying bed, 2. I shall have to part with a dearly be- without one of those many alleviating cir. loved father, mother, and brothers, in all cumstances and soothing offices of kind. probability for ever in this world.

ness which friends can minister. 3. I shall have to forsake relatives and This, you will allow, is the dark, I had al. friends, and all their endearments.

most said the darkest, side of the picture. 4. I shall have to forsake cultivated so- On the other hand, I am comparatively ciety, with its many

and advan. young, perfectly healthy, free from bodily tages.

ailment of any description, free from pain, 5. I shall have to forsake home and coun- even from headach, (the ordinary com. try, with all their peculiar interests and at- panion of a sedentary life,) and strictly tachments.

temperate in all my habits ; for each of

which blessings I ascribe praise to God. The difficulties with which I shall have to

These blessings all lay me under high contend.

and imperative obligations to devote myself 1. Should I be sent to the East, which I to the glory of God. But the hope that I would prefer, I shall, at the very outset, have been made a partaker of the free and have to encounter the difficulties of acquir- rich grace of God unto eternal life, through ing a totally new language.

Jesus Christ, and the love which is conse2. I shall be exposed to the dangers and quent upon that hope, are paramount to all casualties of a long and dangerous voyage. other obligations. By this I am reminded

3. I shall be sent to a Station where that I am no longer my own. I am “bought there may be only one or two who can speak with a price," and oh! what a price ! " the with me in the language I know.

precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb with. 4. I shall, in all probability, be a daily out blemish and without spot." "Therespectator of practices and scenes dishonour- fore,” says the Spirit by another apostle, ing to God, degrading and ruinous to man, “glorify God in your body and spirit which revolting to human nature, and extremely are God's." The object which I have in pernicious to the spiritual welfare of the view is a worthy and an important one, to soul.

render the accomplishment of which pos5. I shall be exposed to the baneful effects sible, He who was rich, for our sakes beof a new climate, so much hotter, and un- came poor;' “He who was in the bosom of healtbier on many other accounts, than that the Father made himself of no reputation, to which I have been accustomed.

and took upon him the form of a servant, 6. I shall be called on to undergo all the and was made in the likeness of man, and fatigues and privations of itinerating among being found in fashion as a man, he humbled a people to whose manners, customs, and himself, and became obedient unto death, mode of living I am altogether a stranger. even the death of the cross."

7. I shall be called on, in all probability, Having taken a full, and calm, and de. to endure the grievous trial of being viewed liberate view of all the difficulties; having with suspicion and distrust, in my most dis- taken into consideration the magnitude and interested labours for the glory of God, and value of the work to be accomplished, and the good of souls.

the resources, the infinite and ever ready 8. From the little experience I have had resources, which the Divine Redeemer posin the work of the ministry at home, I feel sesses for the carrying on of his own work, perfectly assured that I shall be called on to and the promise which he has made to suffer many trials of my faith and patience, those who go forth in obedience to his com. from want of success, real or apparent, and mand," Lo, I am with you alway, even to that I shall meet with ingratitude, crosses, the end ;' having, I say, counted the cost, and disappointments, from sources of which I think I shall be willing, by the grace of I cannot now form any conception.

God, to make all the sacrifices, great and 9. Nor have I right to expect that I shall painful as they may be, and to meet all the be exempt from that insidious, or more difficulties, numerous and formidable as open and avowed opposition to the spread they doubtless are, should it please God to of the ever blessed Gospel, to which the accept my offered services to the heathen. Divine Redeemer himself, and all his faith- And now, my dear father and mother, ful servants, from the beginning, have been what are your feelings with regard to this more or less exposed.

subject? I have laid the whole matter be10. Should days be spared unto me, and fore you, as I viewed it yesterday in the should my health give way, and my consti. presence of God. I fear it will give you tution break down, I may return to my pain, from the very unexpected nature of it. country a burden to myself, and to my sur. I know that you love me, and oh, think viving friends. On the other hand, should not for a moment that I do not love you, it please God to take me to himself from a and that I can take such a step without deeply feeling with you. I do love you, after me is not worthy of me." You have and my earnest desire, and the hope which both often prayed that the heathen might I cherished was, that you should have be given to the Redeemer for an inheritspent the remainder of your days in retire. ance, and the uttermost parts of the earth ment with me. But you know that there for a possession. I trust the Lord will is One to whom we are under infinite obliga- enable you not merely to acquiesce, but to tions, who has said, “He that loveth father be thankful, and to consider it an honour or mother more than me is not worthy of that he has given you any thiog to sacrime, and he that loveth son or daughter fice, however unworthy, that you might more than me is not worthy of me; and show your love to Him. he that taketh not his cross and followeth


SOUTH AFRICA. Since the embarkation of the Rev. Charles Hope, followed by the prayers, solicitudes, Mead, and the brethren and sisters by whom and affections of many of the friends of the he was accompanied on his return to In- Redeemer in this country. To his unfaildia, as intimated in the Magazine for De. ing care they have been committed in pass. cember, another company of the Mission- ing over the great deep; and it is earnestly ary brethren who received the parting hoped they will be preserved in sufety to salutations of the friends of the Society, at that land where the Lord has fixed the Exeter Hall, in October last, have taken bounds of their habitation, and become in their departure from this country. On the his hands the honoured instruments of far 25th of Nov. the Rev.Dr. Philip, Rev. James more extensive good than has yet been Read, Rev. G. Schreiner and Mrs. Schreiner, realised on behalf of the numerous tribes of with the Chief Tzatzoe, embarked in the Africa. David Scott, Spence, for the Cape of Good

ARRIVAL OF THE REV. DAVID JONES, AT MAURITIUS. LETTERS, dated in August last, have been preaching in French and English among the received from the Rev. David Jones, com- inhabitants of the Mauritius, and to unite mnnicating his arrival, with Mrs. Jones, at with Mr. Baker in furthering the interests Port Louis, Mauritius, on the 3rd of the of education there. The Society's Malasame month. Their voyage had been at- gassy Schools in Port Louis were making tended with many tokens of the Divine excellent progress, and it is hoped that the favour, and they regard with gratitude to stay of the brethren in this island will, with the Giver of all good, the personal comforts the Divine blessing, be productive of dethey enjoyed while at sea, the kindness of cided benefit to various classes of people in the master of the ship, and the opportuni- the mixed community which it embraces. ties which our brother had of endeavouring At the date above mentioned, our devoted to promote the spiritual welfare of those on brother, the Rev. David Johns, was at board. Mr. Jones was about to commence Tamatave, in Madagascar.

DEATH OF THE REV. SAMUEL WOLFE, OF SINGAPORE. The brief but devoted labours of our be- These accounts having, at all events, renloved brother, the Rev. Samuel Wolfe, the dered his continuance in the East, if not Society's only Missionary at the important the prolongation of his life, extremely station of Singapore, have been closed by doubtful, the Messrs. Stronach, who are now death. No view which can be taken of this on their way to the Ultra Ganges Mission, event, unless it be regarded as the merciful have been instructed to remain at Singadeliverance of an afflicted brother, presents pore, should the state of things on their it in any other character but that of a deeply arrival there require it. A provision hus trying and solemn dispensation ; yet, from thus been made to meet, at a much earlier the successive tidings respecting Mr. Wolfe's period than it could otherwise be accomstate of health, which have reached us within plished, the present afflictive circumstances the last twelve months, it has, though of the station, and to carry on those operadeeply felt, not been wholly unexpected. tions, which are of the utmost importance, not only in relation to Singapore itself, but having suffered while at Singapore, he, a few to the vast Empire of China, with which they months ago, tried a sea voyage, and visited hold so close a connexion. It had been the in- Penang, but experienced no benefit from tention of Mr. Wolfe to devote his life to the the change. Shortly after his return to service of his Redeemer among the Chinese ; Singapore he was induced to join a Misit was his highest wish to spend and be spent sionary expedition to Borneo and the in preaching to them the life and immor. neighbouring islands, in the hope of recruittality brought to light by the Gospel. His ing his health ; but this last resort also progress in the language justified the hope proved unavailing, and by a letter from that he would soon be enabled to enter with Singapore, addressed to one of the Ameefficiency on this great work; but the Most rican brethren here, we learn that he died High has otherwise ordained, and our at Menado, and was buried there." After young brother has been called to his rest

representing the great necessity of reinforce and his reward. In referring to the lamented ing the Missions in this part of the world, fact now added to those of a similar kind Mr. Young adds,—“When we

see the which have recently occurred in our Western breaches death is making in the cirele of Missions, Mr. W. Young, jun., of Batavia, by our Missionaries, we cannot but ardently whom it has been communicated, under exclaim, O Lord, revive thy work, and date of Aug. 10, thus writes :

send forth more labourers into thy har. “The mournful intelligence of Mr. Wolfe's

vest!'" death has been just received. His health

SCHOOLMASTERS WANTED FOR THE WEST INDIES. The near approach of the period (1840) when The Directors will therefore be happy to it is hoped Negro Slavery will, in Divine receive offers of service from decidedly Providence, for ever cease inthe British do. pious and duly qualified men, who have minions, renders it necessary to take im- already acted as schoolmasters at home, to mediate measures for filling up existing va. proceed without delay to the Society's stacancies in this important department of tions in the West India Colonies, and there effort, and to make enlarged provision for engage in the important work of negro edu. the moral and religious instruction of the ne- cation. Application to be made to the Segroes in the West Indies, who are now cretaries, at the Mission House, Blomfield. passing through the term of apprenticeship. street, Finsbury.

WEST INDIA MISSION. TRE want of lamps for lighting the chapels sion. Lamps no longer required for the at the evening services continues to be se- lighting of edifices in which gas has been verely felt by the Missionaries in the West substituted for oil would be extremely acIndies, and they have again expressed the ceptable ; and if forwarded to the Mission hope that the renewed mention of the cir. House, Blomfield-street, the Directors cumstance may induce friends, who have it would be happy to send them, without dein their power, to furnish articles of this lay, to the stations where they are so much description, by which a material benefit needed. would be conferred on the West India Mis

AUXILIARIES. BRISTOL AUXILIARY.-The twenty-fifth seemed full of love to the Saviour, and Anniversary of this Society was held (as solicitude for the promotion of his glory, usual) during the third week of September. among the heathen ; and there prevailed The Revs. J. J. Freeman, from Madagas- throughout the whole a deep anxiety for the car; W. Campbell, from Bangalor R. Divine honour and the salvation of men. Knill, late of St. Petersburgh ; J. Sherman, The contributions considerably exceeded of London ; Dr. Raffles, of Liverpool, and £2000. J. Parsons, of York, engaged. The varied CARDIGAN AUXILIARY.-The Anniver. services were marked by an unusual degree sary Meetings of this Society were held at of Christian zeal and liberality. All the Glynarthen, Oct. 4th and 5th. Numerous Ministers and Missionaries who preached ministers and friends from the surrounding

country, and those residing at the place, holy cause. The Anniversary, which terwarmly advocated the increasing claims of minated in prayer by the Rev. D. Thomas, the Society, and by their personal influence was distinguished by a most excellent at and exertion contributed not a little to tendance of the friends and supporters awaken interest, secure attention, and sti- of Missions in this part of the kingdom, and mulate to further exertion on behalf of this the collections amounted to £50 0s. ld.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. The thanks of the Directors are respectfully pre- Esq., Bristol, for a copy of Robert Hall's works; sented to the following:-to Mrs. Couch, for a par- to a friend, for a bundle of copy-books, quills, and cel of faney articles for Dr. Philip, and a similar black-lead pencils; to the Misses Ridley, 140, Holparcel for Wr. Williams; to Miss Clay, for a parcel born, for a number of frocks and pinafores; to Mr. of fancy articles for the Caffre Chief; to the child- Mimpriss, for a number of his valuable charts and ren of Bond-street Sunday Schools,

for two parcels other of his publications; to a friend, for a bundle of books for Africa; to the Rev. Thomas James, of list tippets; to a friend, for 8 linen shirts and Woolwich, for two churns, two mills, and two car- other garments; and to a member of Union Chapel, penter's bench screws for the Caffre Chief, and the for 600 slate pencils; for a bundle of sundries, from Rev, J. Read; to J. D. B., Rotherhithe, for a case Sunday school children, signed “Joseph Beatley;" of stationery; to Ladies at Saffron Walden, for to Miss Ingham, of New Windsor, near Manchesa box of useful articles for the Rev. J. Williams; to ter, per Rev. G. Taylor, for a box and parcel confriends at Sheffield, for a "Communion Service, taining fancy and useful articles; to friends at Clapfor Hanover Chapel, Berbice;" to Ladies at Mon- ham, per Rev. S. A. Dubourg, for a large box of trose, for a box of useful articles for Kat River; to clothing and fancy articles; to E. Davenport, Esq., Ladies at Aberdeen, for a box of useful and orna- for two sets of Sacramental Services, for the mental articles for the South Sea Mission, per Mr. churches in Jamaica; to the Committee of the Leslie; to Mr. Aldridge, Sheerness, for a parcel of British and Foreign School Society, for 6 cases of haberdashery, for Mr. Howell, Jamaica; and to Mr. slate pencils, 3 for the African Mission, and 3 for King, for 22 years' Evangelical Magazines; to Mr. the South Seas; to friends at Lynn, for a box of Tueker, of Sheffield, for 4 doz. table knives and useful articles for the South Seas, per Mr. Share. forks; to a friend, for 8 waistcoats; to W. Wills,

From the 1st to the 30th of November, 1837, inclusive.


......... 25

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£ 8. d.
£ 8. d

£ s. d. Miss F. L. Bevan .......... 2 0 0 For W. I. Missions......... 2 17 9

Herefordshire. Henrietta ..................... 105 0 0

Bargains, D. Edwards,
5 0 0

100 0 0
Esq. ....

10 00 J. Herbert, Esq. 10 0 0

M. Gilmore, Esq.


Aux.Soc.perG.Starkins, Esq. :
Albion Chapel, a moiety.. 21 17 o St. Columb. Legacy of

Bishops Stortford 73 16 10 G. Waugh, Esq. for the

late Miss Sus. May...... 10 0 0 Buntingford.. ......... 100 0 Nat. Tea, Alexander


5 4 3 Waugh 10 0 0 Kingsbridge.............. 12 98 Hertford

46 19 7 For Africa.

Plymouth, Devonport, &c. Hitchin Branch A Friend, per Rev. Dr.

Aux.,per W.Stuart, Esq. :

Hitchin, including 41. Philip.... 2 0 0 Plymouth

158. for Female Edu. 35 11 8 Children at Latimer ChaNorley Chapel ............. 97 3 11 Shillington

0 18

0 pel Sunday-school 4 4 0 Batter-street do.......... 8 4 0 Walkern

1 10 0 Children in the family of


5 4 0 Wymondley

4 12 0 T. P. Buxton, Esq....... 11 7 6 Devonport

WareJ. Morley, Esq. 5 0 0 Princes-street Chapel... 44 4 3 Old Meeting ............

........ 13 17 6 Mount-street do.......... 17 2 2

New Chapel

7 2 0 Legacy of Mr. T. Rowney,

Salem Chapel
4 3 2 8awbridgeworth

............ 18 13 6 late of Tottenham ...... 10 0 0 Torpoint

2 17 0 L. M. B. E., for Female


6 3 10 Less exps. 71. 18. 11d. 211 3 5 Sckool

10 00 For the Nat. Teachers, Less exps. 81. 158. 3d. 176 7 1

Huntingdonshire. R.B.Knill, R.B. Fletcher,

Aux. Soc. on account ... 10000 and P. B. Doddridge 30 0 0


For the South S. Mission 60 0 o Charmouth

8 10 0 Sheerness, Collection by
Rev. R. Knill

7 00 100 0 0 Darlington, on account... 51 10 0


Lancaster, for Nat. Tea.... 15 4 0 A Lady, for the Nat. Tea.

Chigwell-row ...... ...... 13 15 5 Warrington, per J. Croper,
Francis Pattison, in per-
Stratford, Ark Chapel 10


2 10 0 petuity .... 200 0 0


Per Rev. Messrs. Hands
Faringdon and Shriven-
Cheltenham; Legacy of

and Prout: ham

6 0 0
late H. Bromfield, Esq. 90 0 0

Alford ................ 21 1 6

Pinchbeck................... 10 0 0 Windsor, general purp.... 87 2 3 Romsey, including 31. for

Long Sutton................ 15 0 0 Por Native Teacher ...... 10 0 0 Female Education ...... 49 100


£ s. d.

....... 59

£ 6. d.

£ s. d. Spilsby Welton, and

800TLAND Candlesby ....

Westbury, Upper Meeting 30 0 0

18 0 0 Middlesex.


Edinburgh Aux. Soc. per

G. Yule, Esq. :
Hampton, A Friend, for
Aux. Society, per Mr. R.

Edinburgh— ! So. Sea Ship ....

1 0 0
Evans :

Bristo-street Church ... 960

Bromsgrove ............... 11 16 4 Friends at Norwich and

Broadway.................. 22 15 0

South College-street do. 7 0 0

Elder-street Chapel 18 97 Yarmouth, for Mrs.

Dudley ..................... 75 0 8
Naull's School............. 15 15 0
Hales Owen......

Argyle-square do......... 35 10 0 13 5 6

Nicolson-street Church 1018
Kidderminster, includ.

Rose-street Church .... 8 % 1 Peterborough 14 0 3 cluding 1001. from J.

Cowgate do......

13 00 Woolaston 6 9 0 Lea, Esq. ...............194 11 8

Albany-street Chapel... 10 0 0 Somersetshire.


5 12 6 Bristol Auxiliary Soc....1500

Broughton-pl. Church.. 63 19 1 0 0 Redditch

14 7 6

St. Andrews do. ......... 29 30

19 12 0

One of the Society of Stafford 5 9 Worcester;

Friends .....

5 0 0 Surrey. General purposes ...... 103 17 7


1 0 0 Clapham, G. H. WollasFor Female Education 35 7 6


A Christian family ....... 20 0 ton, Esq. for South Seas 20 0 0 Widows' and Orphans'

R. C., per Rev. Mr.


10 8 0

0 10 6 Aux. Soc. per T. Lowe,

Small sums ................

0 14 0 Esq. ........................1000 0 0 Less exps. 21. 38..........504 11 2

LeithArmitage 20 0 0

Constitution-st. Chapel 17 50 Leamington


Rev. Mr. Harper's Ch. . 11 14 1 General purposes ... ...106 18 6 Huddersfield

Rev. Mr. Muir's do. ... 15 00 For Building Chapels... 10 0 0 Misses Houghton, for

Rev. Mr. Smart's do.... 16 12 10 For Native Teachers 20 0 0 South Africa

10 0 0 Portobello A Friend, for Nat. Tea.,

Rev. Mr. Cameron's Ch, 4 0 0 136 18 6 H. Venn

10 0 0 DalkeithLeeds,

Rev. Mr. Brown's Ch.. 16 11 8 West Bromwich

Mrs. Baker, for Mrs.


18 12 6 For Hudson Chapel

... 10 00
Mault's School
6 15 0 Interest .........................

2 30 Wiltshire.

SheffieldPer Mr. W. Payne:

Legacy of late Mr. W.

Less exps. 157. 98....... 318 7 0 Warminster, on acc.... 30 0 0 Atkinson

90 0 0 Codford 4 0 0 Beverley


2 4 0
R. Levett, Esq. for the

Aux. Society

8 00 wife and children of

IRELAND. 36 4 0 the Nat. Tea. R. Le

Stewartstown, Tyrone-.. vett

...................... 10 00 Collected by Miss Hall, Per Mr. R. Waylen: Bradford

for Native Schools ......

10 00 Devizes ...................... 63 13 1 General purposes

75 16 9

GENEVA Corsham 4 6 0 For Nat. Tea. T. R. Tay

For Mrs. Maull's School, Avebury 5 7 2 lor

10 0 0 from the Ladies' A880Market Lavington 8 11 0 For Native Schools....... 5 10 5 ciation for Female Edu

cation, per Mad. Leo81 17 3

91 7 2 nora Gaussen ............ 12 0 0

W. Tyler, Printer, Bolt Court, Fleet-Street,

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