Yellow Roses

AuthorHouse, 26 juin 2003 - 224 pages

In Yorkshire England, a young woman is about to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming a nurse, when at the age of nineteen she is diagnosed with heart disease. This will change her life forever . . .

Two years later she will suffer an even greater loss, when she finds herself paralyzed while she is pregnant. Ultimately she will have to give the newborn up for adoption.

In a turn of events she will meet an American, marry, and together they will have a son. The family will move to the United States settling in the State of Maryland.

Hers is a gripping story; she will need strength and courage in order to survive such issues as heart disease, Multiple Sclerosis and finally a brain tumor. Her situation becomes even worse, when her mother is diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

Joan is an inquisitive person, while trying to discover the mystery of her own past she will open "Pandora's box," the result will become a revelation to all concerned! At the end of her journey she will be rewarded for her courage, a life now filled with happiness, after finding the greatest treasure of all . . .

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