MATTHEW Xvii. 8.

OH that "Jesus only-none but Jesus," were indeed the one desire of all the Lord's redeemed people!

It will be unreservedly the heart-utterance of all in glory, as their unwavering, enraptured gaze for ever rests on Him.

But while all His people say, "None but Jesus," as regards the foundation upon which they are resting for salvation, as regards a shelter from the wrath to come, and while they all say, "None but Jesus," as regards a refuge in trouble, alas! all do not say, "None but Jesus," as regards their springs of enjoyment. No; you see very many going into the world for enjoyment, for pleasure, for recreation, as it is called. "Harmless recreation!" Oh what a tale this tells! How it tells how little the attractiveness of Jesus is perceived by His people-how little they are enamoured by His loveliness, fascinated by His beauty! If it were so, they would find their hours of pleasure and of recreation in feasting on Him, and they would say, "Jesus is enough-none but Jesus as the source of en


joyment." They would not ask whether it was wrong to go to worldly amusements. They would feel that they wanted none of these things, that their cup of enjoyment was full to the very brim -running over. Earth's pleasures would be no pleasures to them; they would rather feel a distaste for them.

Ah! the heart that is occupied with Jesus cannot relish aught else can have no joy apart from Him.

Reader, let your life's aim be His glory. Whatever you do, wherever you go, let your whole interest be centered in Him and in advancing His kingdom. Set your mind to live as a risen one, a blood-bought one. Let those around you see that yours are not cold principles, but that you, your tastes, your affections, and all things, are changed; that you can no longer enjoy anything that does not please Him. Oh that the language of your heart may be, "Nothing without Him, everything with Him," and your prayer constantly, "Intensify my love to Thee, and keep me ever satisfied, abundantly satisfied, with Thee. Let my heart burn within me as I hear Thy sweet voice speaking to me day by day. And consecrate me, dear Lord, that I may lead a whole-hearted, devoted life to Thee, and for Thee, till Thou shalt come to take me home.”

JESUS! Thou Name of magic power

To all of heavenly birth!

Jesus! Thou never-failing store

Of richest, sweetest worth!

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