In order to à Serious Life.

CHAP. I. The Nature of our Soulsa The Eternal State they

are design'd for. The Means God hath made use of, to fit Men for Everlasting Bliß. AU these means ineffectual without Consideration.

HAT we are design d for Nobler Employments, than Eating, and Drinking, and Sleeping, and Playing, and following our Trades and Businesses in this World, (a

happiness which Beasts arrive to as well as we) the great Souls we carry in our Breasts do evidently demonstrate. These being capable of knowing God, of delighting in him, and converfing with him for ever, we may

rationally rationally suppose, That those who suffer the Profits and Pleasures of this present World, to engross their Affections, go astray, and err from the great End of their creation.

While the Atheist laughs at the Immortality of his Soul, and the Prophane sells his better part to the Devil; the Religious, who will prove

the only wise Man in the end, and who hath none of those clouds and mists, the other are troubled with, before his eyes, sees clearly what a Treasure the bountiful hand of Heaven hath bestow'd on him, in shedding abroad so excellent, so Angelical a Being in his Body, a Soul that can build her Nest among the Stars of Heaven, walk through yonder Mansions, and taste of the Ri. vers which make glad the City of God: a Soul which can wing her self above the Clouds, and survey the Crowns and Scepters laid up for those that dare despise the World, and have their conversation in Heaven ; a Soul which can live in Paradise, while the Body is in trouble, and rejoyce in him, who is All in All, while the fierce Winds are whistling above her ears.

Thevast reach of these Souls, we have, For they can comprehend whole Worlds, and dive into the causes, ends, and designs of things, and in a moment fly from one end of the Earth unto the other, their fitness to receive Divine Illumination, their strong desires after Immortality, their secret actings without the help of a Body, their hopes of Heaven, their fears of Hell, their capacity of seeing things to come,


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