which had called forth his love, from the Garston, which ultimately resulted in his fair shape with which he had identified going down to Mallett, nearly a year had it. Now that his eyes were opened he elapsed. During this period Mrs. La. saw that Katherine was no more that bouchere had tried many plans, and laid sweet creation, than is the player the innumerable snares, into which she hoped mimic queen whose name for the hour her cousin would fall. She had remained she bears. Had her love been false to in town, gone away from town, stayed his, he could have made more excuse for with his mother, absented herself from her than for the cold calculating nature, the house; had been distant, friendly, which set love aside until death untied sad, lively, all in turns, and all to no purthe money bags, that had weighed down pose. Sir Stephen's manner was unalthe scale against plighted troth and pas-tered, ard he remained indifferent and sionate devotion. When he read those apparentiy unconscious. passages in his mother's letters, speak- A complete change seemed to have ing of the sacrifice which Katherine had been effected in their characters. In made, and which devotion to him alone place of devoted, worshipping Stephen, had prompted, he laughed bitterly ; but and calm, calculating Katherine, he now when, as she grew bolder, Mrs. Prescott was perfectly self-possessed, while she ventured to say, that Katherine could not found herself racked and tossed about, disguise her anxiety to gain any atom of at the mercy of the man who had fornews about him, and that it was plain, to merly been her slave ; watching for his one that watched her narrowly, that her presence, craving for his love, and guilty hope of happiness lay in the thought that on his account of a thousand weaknesses, some day he might forgive her, renew which she lacked the sense or the strength their shattered ties, and live over again to conceal. those days of peace and joy, about which Money was now valueless in her eres she never wearied of talking, Sir Stephen when compared with Stephen's love;felt all his old feelings of hatred and bit-lihe past glory or present decay of Pamterness come back. So, she was going phillon quite forgotten in straining after to try and carry out her scheme, and he the goal she was at present puttiny forth was to be lured back and cajoled into a all her energies to gain ; and while the marriage.

object of her solicitude was enjoying the He could fancy himself portrayed by fresh breezes and briny odors of Mallett, the hands of his mother, how she would Katherine stayed with her aunt, indulgpicture him heartbroken, wandering in a sing herself by listening to Mrs. Prescott's distant land, banished by a grief he could assurance that, in spite of his altered not overcome, reckless, mad; — and so manner, Stephen's love was unimpaired. he had been once, but not now. “My In his home letters Sir Stephen had love is dead," he exclaimed joyfully, not thought fit to cater into much detail “ dead for ever!” why then keep away? | about his visit to Mallett. He had mereAh, why indeed ? he would go back at ly told his mother that having found it once : he would go home, meet Mrs. La- necessary to give his personal attention bouchere, and by treating her with the to several matters at Combe, he should unceremonious indifference relatives be detained there longer than he had anoften exercise towards each other, show ticipated. He felt sure, he said, that she her that not only was his love for her would be pleased with Mallett, and, as he dead, but that even the memory of it was should go there again in the summer, he forgotten. And truly, if he sought revenge hoped that he should induce her to acin the success of this plan, he secured it. company him. The scenery was wild and Katherine felt humbled to the dust. picturesque, the people very primitive, Nothing could have so completely over- and the air delicious and invigorating. A thrown her. Had he refused to meet postscript added that he had accepted an her, to speak to her, had he poured forth invitation to stay while there with his a torrent of reproach against her, she neighbour, Captain Carthew, to whose could have met it. But with this present house she wouldplease to forward his letmanner how could she act, what fault ters. could she find ? She was not a woman “Stephen knows that I will not go to to be easily cast down, but her heart Combe unless you go with me, Kathersank at the blurred prospect before ine," said Mrs. Prescott; “ I wonder now,

if this is a scheme of his to get us all Between this first meeting and the down to some quiet retired spot.” Poor time when Sir Stephen paid the visit to Mrs. Prescott was so anxious for the ful


filment of her heart's desire that she ran her pupil's accomplishment of his task. every event into that groove.

“ The other hand, Sir Stephen; come " I don't suppose Stephen would wish along, papa - don't stop.” you to ask me, aunt; and if you did, he “My wig and feathers, child, I must would not care about my going.”

take breath. You youngsters forget the “Now, that is not fair of you, Katie ; amount of ballast I carry.” Notwithyou seem to expect that Stephen is to standing which the old man danced away suddenly ignore the past, which is utterly as merrily as his pretty daughter. impossible. When a great love has been “ Alice, look round ; he does it capishaken, it takes a long time before it can tally ; isn't it all right? Now you may trust again. Do you think that if he did sit down, Sir Stephen, and we'll release not like to see you, he would be always you. Alice dear, thank you; nobody telling me to ask you here?”

plays the Fairy dance as you do. I'm Mrs. Labouchere restrained herself | longing for to-morrow evening, it will be from giving utterance to the wish that he such fun.” would object to see her, avoid her, do “ Remember, you are to be my first anything but ignore her.

I partner,” said Sir Stephen. * I am sure," added Mrs. Prescott, “I “I am not likely to forget that," rehardly ever receive a letter from him turned Hero. without constant mention of you ; and " Oh, I don't know; I daresay I shall that does not look like indifference." have all the beaux of the place looking Katherine sighed.

daggers at me for my presumption. Miss “ He must find it very dull at this Carthew is sure to be surrounded by adplace,” she said ; “he does not speak of mirers, is she not, Miss Joslyn?" having met any one there."

“Yes, indeed,” replied Alice, “I'd ad“Oh, no! there is no society of any vise you to secure her beforehand; for kind ; it is a most out-of-the-way place. she is always engaged for every dance, Your uncle had been there in his boy- and there is generally a contention about hood, and he used to speak of it as being taking her home.” most wild and un-get-at-able. The in- “ Taking her home!” habitants in his day were a set of semi- “Yes," laughed Hero, “ you know there barbarous smugglers and wreckers. Of is but one fly in all Mallett, so it is our course things are changed for the better fashion to walk home with our last partthere as elsewhere ; but I fancy it is still ner and " very far behind the rest of the world.” “ Now you have done for yourself,"

- Combe is a very small estate ?” said Sir Stephen, “for I put in the first asked Katherine.

claim to the last dance. It is of no use “Quite, in comparison to Pamphillon. your looking 'No' at me ; you will have. I hope Stephen will not be induced to to give up your pre-arranged tête-à-tête lay out a lot of money on the place. It walk with " would be very foolish, for he could never “Tell me his name," he whispered to live there."

Alice ; but Alice shook her head, and “Ah! how valueless is money when Hero, with a pretty confusion, which beone cannot do the good with it one longs trayed itself in most becoming blushes, to!” said Katherine sadly.

said, “ I am sure I would rather go home “I know what you mean, dear;” and with you than with any one who will be Mrs. Prescott pressed her niece's hand there to-morrow.” tenderly ; “but we must have patience. I fear Stephen's pride is a strong bar to his

CHAPTER VIII. happiness ; perhaps thrown, as he must

SORRY TO GO. be now entirely upon himself, he may see things in a very different light. Poor fel “ The doings up to Combe" were over. low, I wonder how he gets through his Both parties had given the greatest satisevenings ?"

faction, and in each cottage and house Very merrily, she would have said, about Mallett the entire conversation ran could she have seen the despondent on the events which had taken place on swain standing up with the Captain and the particular evening when those who Hero perfecting himself in the mysteries spoke were present. Nothing could exof a reel, which Alice played on the old-ceed Sir Stephen's popularity. He had fashioned piano.

been so attentive to everybody that, as "A little faster, Alice," Hero would | Miss Batt truly remarked, each for the call out, her whole energies bent on time felt the favoured one. Then it was

so nice of him to take Mrs. Randall down, ried his head as high as if he was the to supper. Of course, the Captain had Emperor o 'Rooshia's son; and so he may told him about her father having been a be for anything I can gainsay, or anybody K.C.B. and the governor at the Cape ; for else in Mallett, I take it." nobody knew better than the Captain “Sir Stephen's still up to Sharrows, I what was proper — you might always s'pose ?” said Wallis. trust to him.

* Well, the talk was he was goin' a “ My dear,” exclaimed Mrs. Jamieson Friday, but he ain't gone yet, for he was to her deaf sister, Miss Kellow, "did you in to Joe's this morning." ever see such a magnificent supper ? ” “Well, I'm glad to see he ain't in no

“Splendid, and all. from Dockmouth hurry to be off. I'll wager he don't find too ; it must have cost a pretty penny.” better quarters." In which opinion per

“ That's what I like to see — the heart haps Sir Stephen shared, for the festivito do it, and the means to pay for it. How ties had been over now for four days past, nice all the girls looked, to be sure ! I and yet he lingered at Mallett. don't believe there was one but Sir Ste- He had, however, positively decided phen danced with. As I said to Captain upon leaving the next morning -a deciWhite, I'd be bound for it, he didn't often sion he was somewhat ruefully contemsee prettier faces than he met here.” I plating, as he stood waiting for Hero to

Among the second batch opinions join him in a farewell stroll to Combe were equally favourable. Sir Stephen Point. had led off the triumph with Mrs. Carne ; “I feel quite sorry to go," he thought, joined in the reels, and made a most“I've taken such a fancy to the place, beautiful speech, the best part of which and as to old Carthew, I seem to have was, that he was coming again in the known him all my life; I never felt so at summer, and that then he should ask home in any house. My mother must them all back again.

like them; that girl has such pretty, un“ Cap'en took good care nobody was affected ways, I'd defy any one to see her passed over," said Hepzibah Bunce, who, at home and not be charmed with her. uniting the trades of grocer and tobac- What a nice wife she'll make! I don't conist, was generally sure to have several see any one about this place for her to loungers in her little shop.

marry, though ;” and here, giving a rather “ I say," she continued, "didn't Miss lugubrious sigh, his meditations seemed Hero look a reg'lar booty, all in white to come to an end, and he stood making with a red rose in her hair.”

thrusts in the direction of a clump of old The heads were nodded in general as- sea-pinks, too sturdy to be easily dissent.

lodged. Suddenly a sound above made “I reckon,” said Ned Wallis, “her'd him look up. It was Hero, running down take the wind out the sails of some o' the the steep path with the surefootedness of taller-faced Londoners he sees. Coast-a-goat. guardsmen was asking o' me if he wasn't “Take care ! take care !” he called out, casting a eye that way."

This admiration of her agility curbed by “ The very same struck me,” said Hep- fear lest she should slip. zibah, “and a pretty pair they'd make too; “ Take care of what?" folks do say, her's gived her company to “Wly, that you don't " but with that young Despard, but I for one hope the bravado of high spirits and perfect 'tisn't so."

confidence, before he could finish his sen“ He's a likely young chap," said one tence she had given another run, and of the younger men admiringly.

with a final jump was at his side. “Iss; but you mustn't take people by “You are not tired of waiting, I hope," their looks, nor parsons by their books," she said ; “papa kept us ; Alice and he and Hepzibah gave a knowing laugh, will be here in a moment, and I ran on in “else I s'pose he wouldn't stand in his front to tell you.” own shoes.”

" And to frighten me out of my life.” " Why, what do'ee mean?” asked the “Frighten you! How did I frighten same man, who, not being Mallett born, you ? " was but imperfectly up in the domestic, “Why, by running down the rocks as history of its inhabitants.

you did. Suppose that you had fallen, “ Mean!” said Hepzibah, “why, nothin' what should I have done then ? " Sir that I know by; only from first to last Stephen's looks and tone somehow conthere's bin a goodish lot o'talk about who veyed a great deal more meaning than his this young Despard is. I'm sure he car- words.

“Why, picked me up, of course," said “Come along, Alice," said Hero followHero, laughing, and getting a little red; ing him ; but Alice shook her head, “ No, “ unless,” she added, trying to talk down I am going to stay with the Captain," she her slight confusion, “ I had tumbled on answered, “I am too tired to mount that top of you, as I did before. Oh! dear hill.” me! I shall never forget our first meet-! “We shall only be a few minutes gone," ing; shall you?”

said Sir Stephen, with a great increase of * No, indeed ;” and a quickening of cheerfulness. “ Now, you must let, me his heart, as he looked at her, made him help you, Miss Carthew. Give me your instinctively lower his voice, as he said, hand.” But Hero did not stir. not quite knowing why he said it, “ And! “Nonsense, Alice," she said, “ you are will you promise that you will not forget not so tired as all that. Come along, I me before I come again ?"

shall not go unless you go," and she made “ Forget you, Sir Stephen !” and Hero as if she would step down to the beach opened wide her eyes in astonishment, again. “you don't know what an event your com- " Hero! Miss Carthew," Sir Stephen ing has been to us all ; we shall do noth- whispered, “remember it is my last evening but talk of it until you come back ing. Why cannot you come with me?" again.”

She did not answer. “ Alice," she re" Then you will think of me some-peated, with a look, which made Alice very times ?

reluctantly prepare to accompany them. How she wished that her father and l. Sir Stephen of course could say nothAlice would make haste !

ing, but he felt unreasonably angry. Un“ To hear you,” she answered, not look- til Alice proposed staying behind, the idea ing up from the imaginary picture she was of going alone with Hero had not predrawing with a bit of cast-up stick on the sented itself; but directly it did, and was sand, “one would fancy that I had heaps frustrated, it seemed to him the thing he of things to take my attention. Why, Imost desired and cared for. It was 'in shall think of you fifty times more than vain he tried to conceal his vexation; a you will think of — Mallett.”

cloud seemed to have settled upon them, “ Say, of me," and he bent down and it was not long before they rejoined towards her.

the Captain. During the walk back Sir “ Mallett and me mean the same.” Stephen remained unusually silent. He

“No, I am afraid not; Mallett is mine had never felt a more irresistible desire to already, you know, but — "

quarrel with any one, than he did with “Dear me, what a time they are in Hero, in whose direction he never once coming !” exclaimed Hero, suddenly looked, although she cast several furtive springing up on the nearest stone; “I glances towards him. I almost wish I think I hear them,” she continued hur- had gone,” she thought. “If he only knew riedly. “Papa! Alice! come,” she called, about Léo, I would not mind; but we as Captain Carthew and Alice appeared won't keep it secret any longer, I would leisurely strolling down together. “ It rather now that every one knew. I can will be nightfall before we get to the see that he is vexed with me." By the Point."

time they reached the house, even the “I wonder what on earth made her do Captain began to feel the chill which had that !” thought Sir Stephen. “By Jove, fallen upon them. “It's turned quite I believe my head was gone. What odd cold," he said, “I hope Betsey has had an beings women are! I wonder if she had eye to the fire while we have been gone." any idea what I was going to say.”

Hero ran out to the wood-basket, and Hero gave him no further chance for a returned with a couple of fir cones, which tête-à-tête. She so managed it, that they she threw on the fire; then turning round, all four walked side by side until they she found Sir Stephen close by her — the reached the Point, where Sir Stephen others were not in the room. proposed they should scramble up to the “ It will soon blaze up," she stammered, old bullace-tree.

all her self-consciousness returning ; " I'll 6 Yes, do," said the Captain. “I'll go and take off my hat, I think,” but Sir stop below, and give the signal of recall; Stephen did not move, he only stood lookbut remember there's no keeping the tide ing at her reproachfully. “Let me pass," waiting."

she said, with a little nervous laugh. “ No, “Come, Miss Carthew,” said Sir Ste- I won't let you pass,” and he laid his hand phen, as he jumped upon the flat slippery detainingly upon her arm ; " you shall rocks.

Istay here now, and ” — but the Captain

was already in the room, exclaiming, | However, that don't go for nothin' agen “ Halloo ! why we're all one colour here ! Sir Stephen, for he ain't his man, and his Come, Hero, let's have a light on the sub- man ain't he, or else I shouldn't hope and ject.” But Hero had flown, and Sir Ste-trust, as I do, that he'll come and live phen began stirring the fire so vigorously, here altogether. This mornin', when he that the Captain said, “ What, are you come to wish me Good-bye, he says, “ Betcold, too ? I thought there was a change, sey,' says he, 'wliat w'd you say if I was somehow."

to come to Combe to live?' 'Say! sir,' I

says, 'why that you'd cut yer wisdom CHAPTER IX.

teeth at last ; for I'm sure nobody, unless

they was mazed, would live up to London, LEO DESPARD.

I reckon.'" “I CANNOT bear saying Good-bye,''| “Why not?" asked Alice. said Hero.

| “Why not ?" said Betsey, “ well, you " I am so sorry he is gone,” said Alice, just hear what Sarah Jane Mudge says of as the carriage which was to convey Sir it; why, there ain't a bit o' butter that's Stephen to the station, finally turned into fit to eat ; and as for the milk, 'tis chalk Ferry-bridge Lane, and was hidden by, and mess made up together; they don't Parson's Hill. Captain Carthew had gone know the meanin' o' wholesome victuals. to Dockmouth with his friend, so the two | Why, when Sarah Jane asked for a tough girls returned alone to the house, by the cake, the baker busted out laughin', and gate of which, mounted on the hedge, they told her she was welcome to take her found Betsey, whose regard Sir Stephen choice from they in the window ; as for had completely gained.

pilchards and hakes they'd never heerd “ Well, you've seed the last of ’im," she tell of 'em. Londoners, indeed! I shan't said discontentedly : “I run up here to ever think much o' they after what Sarah catch sight of 'em rounding Ferry-bridge, Jane's told, and this poor ha’porth o' but you might so well look for a needle in cheese we've seed. That minds me I'll a bundle o' hay as hope to see anything pot down a hundred or so o' pilchards and for they Norris's clothes ; they'm always some butter, and get maister to send it to washin' when any sight's going on." Sir Stephen; I'll wager he'll be half

"Ain't you sorry he's gone, Betsey ? " starved when he gets back.” asked Alice

“I wish he would come and live here “ Well, I be; and that's the truth,” | altogether,” said Alice, as soon as Betsey said Betsey, descending from her post of had left them. “ Do you like him, Hero?" interrupted observation ; “for he's one she asked. whose face I'd rather see than his back! • Yes, very much. Why do you want any day, though I can't say so much for to know ?". that Jackanapes he brought to tend on “Because I am very sure he likes you 'im," meaning his man, whose contempt very much indeed. Hero, I believe he of Mallett and its inhabitants had given has fallen in love with you." considerable offence. “Mrs. Tucker'll “ Alice ! you always think that of every shake off the dust as comes from his feet body. Sir Stephen is not likely to give with a light heart, anyhow," continued me a thought, and if he did, it would be of Betsey, “poor miserable toad, with his no use, you know that.” brass and his brag, as if anybody couldn't “ Then you have quite made up your see the lies runnin' out of 'im like ile." I mind to accept Leo?" said Alice sadly.

“Come, Betsey," said Hero, “ I didn't “ Quite made up my mind !" repeated notice so very much amiss with him." I | Hero. “Why, Alice, you surely have for

“I dessay not; he was mealy-mouthed gotten him. I never have seen any one enuf before his betters, but his stomachky with whom I could compare Leo." ways in the kitchen was past bidin'. 1 “I know he is very handsome and only wish I could ha' got'n to chapel with nice," said Alice, with a sigh ; “but oh, me'; wouldn't he ha' had a slap in the Hero ! he is not half as nice as you are ; face from Mr. Pethwick to the text of everybody says so.” *All flesh is grass.' He did just speak “Then I am very angry with everybody, his mind to a few who needed it, and no and as for you, if you were not so weak, mistake ; but la ! no, my lord must go to you horrid little thing, I'd shake you until church like the gentry. “I don't hold I made you confess that the very handwith chapels and meetin's,' he says. “ No,' somest, sweetest, most lovable man you says I, they tell'ee the truth there, and ever saw is Leopold Despard ; and when that dont suit your complaint, maister.' I am his wife, I shall think myself the

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