finition of, 424.

tioned, ancient and' modern, Music, by what degrees it ar403-407.

rived at perfection, su. MuMILTON, copies of his particu fic at Aleppo described, 144.

lar writings faid to be purchas- Musk, remarkable instance of ed for the pleasure of burning

its medical efficacy, 390, seq. them, 192 MINISTERS of State, portrait of

a good one, 104-106. Uti- NARDUS Indica, account of, lity of truffing a Minister up, 378. every fifty or hundred years, Nature, whether more power, 415

ful than fancy, enquiry conMINISTRY, late, vindication of cerning, 65. A mystical de

294–298. Supposed plan of at the commencement of the NAVAL Force, the advantage war, 408. Justified in their of maintaining, 658, Note. choice of Adm. Byng to com- Navy, some animadversions on mand in the Mediterranean, the present state of, 299, seq. . 410. More compliments to, Negros, wild, in Jamaica, re418-feq.

duction of and treaty with, 31, Monasteries, what they ori

Notes Number of annnually ginally were in England, 581. imported thither, 37, Note. MONKERY, its golden reign, 584. Nereis, destructive to thips,

Sanctity of, called in question, 340. How to prevent its misibid.

chievous qualities, ibid. MONOCHROMATA, the ancient Nile, festival of opening, how

way of painting, 168. In. celebrated, 354. Overflowing stanced in the practice of Zeux of, not sufficient to fertilize is, ib. Examples of this kind

the earth without labour, 357. of painting, discovered at Her- Nitre, how p:oduced, 378. culaneum, ib. Still frequent. Noel, Miss, a learned young ly practised, ib. Instanced in

Lady, account of, 504-509. the stair-case of the British NORDEN, Mr. not expert in Musæum, ib.

Arabic characters, 488. Did MONUMENTS, ancient in Egypt, not understand Greek, 489.

proper time for visiting, 257. NORTHUMBERLAND, kingdom Moon, parallaxes of, how com

of, converted to Christianity, puted, 385.

577 MORADI, an Arabian poet tak- Nuns, characterised, 582. en for a sorcerer, and drowned

O in the Nile, 356, Note. OBELISKS, Egyptian, descriptiMORTALITY, Bills of, in Lon

on of several, 250-253. don, why defective, 365. None Officers, a proper choice of, kept among the Turks, 280. necessary to the attainment of Motion, of the earth, illustrat military success, 414 Ad.

vantage of now and then makMOUNTAINS, no hypothefis fuf ing public examples of, 415. ficient to account for, 275. Operas, good ones may


proMOUNTAIN of the Chain, in E duced in the English langugypt, whence so called, and

age, 153 tradition concerning, 491. Y y 2


ed, 237

ORONTES, the only river in Sy Some account of that ingeniria, 140.

ous art, ibid. Orton, John, his hermitage PETRARCH, his high ideas of

and skeleton discovered, in the the magnificence of ancient wilds of Stanmore, 601. His

Rome, 615 kull kept by Mr. Buncle, for PHILOSOPHY, vain, St. Paul's a Memento Mori, ibid.

caution against being seduced

by, explained, 81. P

PHYSIC, its present state in the PAINTING, its origin, 112. Re East, 281. quifites necessary for excel. PILGRIMAGEs to Rome, what ling in that art, 163-164. the consequences of, 582. Causes of its degeneracy ridi. Pisų, description of a whimsical culously afligned, 165,

diversion at, 462-465. PANTOMIMES, whence derived, Pitt, Christopher, some poems 110.

of his, published without his PAPERs found in Herculaneum, name, commended, 532.

method of unfolding, 361. PLAGIARISM, an indictment a. PAPISTS, more consistent than gainst, 621. Evidence in sup

the Hutchinsonians, 474. port of the indictment, 622 PARALLAX Es of the Moon, an 627 easy method of computing, PĻAnets, those of Jupiter and 385.

Saturn, have stronger attracPARLIAMENTS, annual, long tive powers than the earth, ago contended for, 522.

237, 238. Parties, courting the admini. Plato and Aristotle bad guides

Aration, a union of, recom in divinity, 80, 81. mended as a Panacæa for all PLAYS performed in England diftempers of the state, 293, near fix hundred years ago, 73. feq.

PLEONASM, abuse of that figure, PATRIARCHS, their laborious 130. Mr. Pope a great eneway of living, 322.

my to it, ibid, PATTEN, Dr. his fermon severe- PLINY, see Monochromata.

ly censured, 79, feq. Confut Mistaken with respect to the ed from his own writings, 470, entrance of the Nile into the {eq. His doctrines tend to first pyramid, 262.

lead us back to Popery, 472. Poem, Heroi-Comic, unknown PEACE, at Aix la Chapelle' cena to the ancients, 63. By whom sured, 298.

introduced into Italy, France, Peat, method of preparing to and England, ib. Distinguish

make it useful in smelting, ed performances in this species 388. To what other good of poetry, 64. Epic, the first purposes it may be applied,

in France, 72. 389.

POLYGAMY does not contribute PELAGIANISM, how introduced to the increase of a people,

and suppressed in Britain, 572. 280. PERCEPTION, what, 44. Pope, of Rome, his temporal PERSPECTIVE. that of Brook

power, vast revenues, military Taylor praised, 164 - 287. forces, &c. 616-619. His


of, 273

prerogative over angels, 616, PYRAMIDS in Egypt, smaller Note.

see Obelisk. Larger, where Pope, Mr. said to have planned situated, 253, feq. Absurdly

an Epic poem, 71. Some rea accounted for by the inhabisons for believing him unequal tants, 254. Description of, to the task of compleating it, 253–256. Superftition the ibid.

first cause of building, 259. PORCUPINE Man, an account Whether erected before the

use of pillars was known, 261, Power Executive, what, and Note.

how far it extends, 219-224. PYRITÆ, alledged to give mePREROGATIVE, what, 225. dicated waters their falutary PRICE, a farmer, and his learn qualities, 108. The same hy

ed wife, their hospitable enter pothesis denied, ibid.
tainment of Mr. John Buncle,

QUICK-Lime, experiments on, Priests enjoined to learn some 376. trade, 584.

QUINTILIAN, his method not PRINCIPIA, Newton's, difficul his only excellence, 59.

ties in the ftudy of, 246, PRINTING, by whom introduced

R into Constantinople, 281. Rea. READING, no improper amusesons why not permitted among ment for a soldier, 456. of the Turks, 282.

Sermons, when and how inPROBLEM of Kepler, what, 386. troduced into the English

folved by Mr. Stewart, 387. church, 584, seq. PROGNOSTICS, a caution to phy. Reason, can come to no com

ficians not to be too hafty in position with Authority, in making. 398.

matters of religion, 115. Her PROLOGUE, Pope's to Cato, rights vindicated, 116. Its

preferable to any of Dryden's, ufe and importance in defend. 65.

ing Christianity, 78. ParticuPROmisses, in what manner af larly necessary for the support fected by Civil Law, 225.

of Protestantism, 79. Rejec. PROPERTY, its just influence in tion of, introductory of many society, 217, seq.

absurdities, 247, feq. Further PROPHECIES, (secondary ones)

considered, 475. defects in the Bishop of Lon REMINISCENCE, what, 45. don's reasoning upon them, RESTITUTION of stolen goods,

how to be obtained in Eng. PRUSSIA, court of, its allega land, 15, 16.

tions for invading Saxony, and REVELATION, how to judge of, breaking with the court of 80. The necessity of appeal. Vienna, 6294635

ing to Reason to determine PRUSSIA, King of, his answer the merits of, 474, feq. to the imperial thunder, 638 REVIEWERS, Monthly, stiled In.

fidels and Scorpians, by an anPUNCH, various prescriptions for gry Hutchinsonian, 516. making, 625, feq.

RICHMAN, Profeffor, an ac


I 22.


ed, 224

count of the death of, 277– SCOTLAND, number of inhabi279

tants in, 378. If duly cultiRight of Defence, how limit vated capable of maintaining

a fourth more people than it Rops, pointed, their use in pre now maintains, ibid.

venting the stroke of Light- SCRIPTURE, facred, advantages ning, 380.

of studying, 500. Highly preROMAN Senate, as well as their ferable to the philosophy and

Generals, instrumental to the morality of Greece and Rome, loss of the battle of Cannæ, ibid. 666-668.

Sea, the air of, more salutary ROMANS, fatal remisness and to fome conftitutions than that

misconduct in oppofing the on shore, 204. progress of Annibal, 667– Seamen, a scheme for a more 669.

ready raising of, 309. Rome, Church of, governed by SEASONS, what occasions their

Harlots, 583. Čity of, its variety, 478. present state, extent, number Sea-WATER, contents of, 205.

of inhabitants, &c. 608--620. Security of Civil Governors, Rota, at Rome, its functions, wherein placed, 229, seq. 618.

SEPULCHR AL Caves, or GrotRowe, Nicholas, observations tos in Egypt, some account

on his writings, 70, feq. of, 256. Rundle, Dr. vindicated from Sharp, Dr. (Archdeacon of Dr. Patten's aspersion, 249.

Northumberland) grossly aRUPTURES, fallacy of empirical bused by an Hutchinsonian,

pretences to the cure of, 512. 516. Persons afflicted with, apt to Sheep, account of a remarkbe credulous, 512.

able one, 373: S

Ship.WO see Nereis. SAILING, a medicine among the SIENNA, Atrange executions at,

ancient physicians, 204. Re description of, 459--461, vival of, recommended, ibid. Sight, not absolutely necessary

Instances of its utility, ibid. in acquiring mathematical SAINT, a Turkish, metamor learning, 245,

phosed to a serpent, 487. SOLDIERS, the use reading might Wonderful effects ascribed to, be of, to them, 406. ibid.

SOLITUDE, a song, by Mr.BunSALVIATI, form of his initiati

on to the Cardinalship, 618, SPEAKING by action, what, 108. seq.

SPIRIT, igneous, produced from SAPPHO, remarks on her writ volatile alcaline salts and ings, 73, feq.

quick-lime, what, 379. SASAUGE-MAKER, refuses to be SPIRITUOUS Liquors, useful

candidate for Prime-Minister, premonitions against the use 668.

of, 395, seq. SCIENCE, moral and political, SPRING, abfurdity of a British

wherein superior to natural, Poet's celebrating that season


cle, 507

very, ibid.


of the year in our cold cli

T mate, 201.

TAYLOR, Brook, account of his SQUARE, military, ought to Treatise on Perspective, 287. be abolished, 405.

TERAPHIM, its derivation, 516. STANMOR 2, in Westmoreland, TERTULLIAN, doctrines of,

its romantic wildness describ frought with enthufiasm, 81. ed, 585---590, feq.

Testament, what the essential STATE (future) the belief of it part of it is, according to the

not a popular doctrine among law and practice of England,

the ancient Jews, 117-122, 13. STRABO, his account of the Thermometer, one fo adjustTumuli Merculiales contro

ed as to determine pretty preverted, 259

cisely how much one climate STRANGERS, inquisitive, taken differs from another in heat,

by the Turks for Magicians, 478-482. 491.

THIGH, complete luxation of, SUBTANGENT, how found by method of reducing, 393-395; common Algebra

, 603. By ToX.CODENDRON juices, of;

, SUCCESSION to estates, real or dye 368. Not a new disco

personal, how limited and de-
termined by the law of Eng- TRANSUBSTANTIATION,
land, 14, 15.

guments against, properly deSULLY, Duke of how his Me ducible from reason, 78, seq:

moirs were collected, 97. Re- TRAVELLERS through Egypt, gulates the finances, and the necessary cautions to, 353. necessity of so doing, 104. Young, proper qualifications His portrait of a good Mini of, 452. Through France, fter of State, 104-106. Ar

directions for, 455. rives in England, and is well Travelling, the use and abuse received by Queen Elizabeth, of, considered, 451–453. 210, seq. Sent Ambassador TREASURE TROVE, what, and to King James I. 214.

the laws respecting it in differSun's Motion between the Tro ent countries, 12. pics, described, 480.

TRINITY, Athanasian doctrine SUPERSTITION. pernicious to of, the primary fundamental arts and sciences, 59, seq.

article of Christianity, 430. Swallows, or openings in the Turks, in what their learning

earth, conjecture relating to, confifts, 231. 597, 598.

TYRANNY, destructive of arts SYMPSON, Thomas, his account and sciences, 59, feq.

of the advantages resulting from taking the mean in a VAPOURS, cause of their af. number of astronomical ob cent, according to Des Cartes, fervations, 279.

363. According to DelaguSYNOD, the first National one, liers, ibid. According to Mr.

of the English Church, 579. Eeles, 364. How electrified, SYRIA, but one river in, 140. 565. How proved to be elec. No metals in, 142,

trified, 367.

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