The Letters of Junius, Volume 2

John Wheble, in Pater Noster Row, 1771 - 247 pagina's

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Pagina 128 - ... This, sir, is the detail. In one view, behold a nation overwhelmed with debt ; her revenues wasted, her trade declining ; the affections of her colonies alienated; the duty of the magistrate transferred to the soldiery ; a gallant army, which never fought unwillingly but against their fellow-subjects, mouldering away for want of the direction of a man of common abilities and spirit...
Pagina 2 - ... be determined, you have fondly introduced your own unsettled notions of equity and substantial justice. Decisions given upon such principles do not alarm the, public so much as they ought, because the consequence and tendency of each particular instance is not observed or regarded.
Pagina 128 - ... see what sort of merit he derives from the remainder of his character. If it be generosity to accumulate in his own person and family a number of lucrative employments; to provide, at the public...
Pagina iii - If you reflect that in the changes of administration which have marked and disgraced the present reign, although your warmest patriots have in their turn been invested with the lawful and unlawful authority of the crown, and though other reliefs or improvements have been held forth to the people, yet that no one man in office has ever promoted or encouraged a bill for shortening the duration of parliaments...
Pagina 128 - It is not the disorder, but the physician — it is not a casual concurrence of calamitous circumstances, it is the pernicious hand of government — which alone can make a whole people desperate.
Pagina 128 - Providence, it were possible for us to escape a crisis so full of terror and despair, posterity will not believe the history of the present times. They will either conclude that our distresses were imaginary, or that we had the good fortune to be governed by men of acknowledged integrity and wisdom : they will not believe it possible that their ancestors could have survived...
Pagina 125 - ... the obedience of the subject will be voluntary, cheerful, and I might almost say unlimited. A generous nation is grateful even for the preservation of its rights, and willingly extends the respect due to the office of a good prince into an affection for his person.
Pagina 126 - The situation of this country is alarming enough to rouse the attention of every man who pretends to a concern for the public welfare.
Pagina 26 - A clear, unblemished character, comprehends not only the integrity that will not offer, but the spirit that will not submit to, an injury; and whether it belongs to an individual or to a community, it is the foundation of peace, of independence, and of safety. Private credit is wealth ; public honour is security. The feather that adorns the royal bird supports his flight. Strip him of his plumage, and you fix him to the earth.
Pagina 128 - Under one administration the stamp act is made; under the second it is repealed; under the third, in spite of all experience, a new mode of taxing the colonies is invented, and a question revived, which ought to have been buried in oblivion.

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